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Gloves for thin fingers/hands

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by Shadowex3, Jan 7, 2013.

    Shadowex3 Loaded Pockets

    Having recently picked up a couple more physical hobbies I'm really finding myself needing gloves now, and settling for a "close enough" fit is a great way to drop important things or hurt yourself. My problem is I'm a thin guy with, for a guy, surprisingly thin hands... Well, let me rephrase that. I'm a short jack skellington at 5'7-8", 120lbs on a good day, and part of that means having really skinny hands and wrists. As an example I've got about a ~6.5 inch circumference on my wrist at the widest point

    Until now I've had a set of Hatch Defender II's in Medium that are so baggy it bunches up whenever I try to do anything and leaves me almost but not quite enough room for two fingers in each finger of the glove. If I try to actually tighten the wrist strap all the way I'll basically run out of velcro and pull half the palm out of place. Alright when I'm mostly just keeping the wind off my hands and as a backup measure while I wait for the bus, but when you can "launch" a glove at someone by swinging your arm that's not a fit you can rely on.

    Unfortunately everything I've looked at seems to be built completely wrong for me. Either too large overall, or far too tight and restrictive (especially between the thumb and the rest of the hand) when I try to spread out my hand for grasping/manipulating things.

    Does anyone here know any makes/models of gloves that are tough enough for rough use, not too crazy hot and insulated to be worn in Florida, and can fit small hands like mine? I'm completely willing to give up the weighted knuckles in favor of some other protection against getting whacked sparring, shot on the airsoft field, or if I find a new pothole and bail off my bike.

    Syclone Loaded Pockets

    Have you tried a insulated mechanic glove?

    thekapow EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Mechanix original, vent or fast fit.. One if those three depending on your situation.. Sometimes people tell me that i have the hand of a woman.. And mechanix fits me perfect.. But you need to let them soften up and get wet and dirty.. They will adapt to your hand when used over some time.
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    I've got really long skinny fingers. The whole family does. My mom was a hand model. Gloves just don't fit me. When I need to do work in gloves, I find baseball/golf gloves work well. Stretchable gloves fit me best but don't work well for tiling. I can find gloves at the pro shop that have long enough fingers.

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    Shadowex3 Loaded Pockets

    I hadn't actually considered mechanic gloves for this, I've mostly been looking at tactical/law enforcement gloves. I'll have to see about finding some Mechanix's to try on, the Vent actually looks like it'd be about the coolest a glove could get without giving up too much durability, it's a shame they don't make an impact protection version of it.

    I'm more or less fine with the length of most gloves, the real problem is bagginess. My fingers are skinny enough that even the final join is wider than the rest of my finger. So when I wear something like the Defenders I reach the end of the glove more or less, but the whole thing's so baggy in all directions that it's like putting your hand in a leather purse.

    I've tried wearing something inside as a liner before but you lose a lot of dexterity that way. Great for just keeping my hands warm in the winter, not so good when you need to reload or keep a solid grip on the handlebars/glaive.
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    kirbysdl Loaded Pockets

    I totally feel your pain. My wrist is 6" around but my hand is 7.75" from tip to heel. My 4" ring finger fits a 7.25-size ring.

    As I've posted before, I love my Franklin UniForce gloves, model 17770. The one-piece thin leather palm provides some basic protection and great dexterity, while the lycra back wraps around your fingers and holds snug but not uncomfortably tight. Great flexibility, comfort, and dexterity. They won't help if you're getting whacked on the back of the hand with something though, but other models such as the 17760 offer more protection at the expense of fit and dexterity. If you're handy you could always stitch some extra padding to the back of the 17770s where it's needed. I use mine as shooting gloves, EDC gloves, and for mild cold weather. I liked these so much that I got a couple backup pairs as a hedge against their discontinuation. :cloud9:

    While I didn't much like the Mechanix gloves (much less dexterity, comfort, flexibility, etc.), their bulk makes them a lot more protective. Try to find the Franklins in a store where you can try them on, but also give the Mechanix a try since you need the impact protection. They might both have a place in your life. =)

    Bobbradley Loaded Pockets

    hatch shooting gloves.

    Bauzen Loaded Pockets

    I'm going to agree with the others who have already suggested Mechanix originals. I too have small hands and wrists, and they fit perfectly with the adjustable wrist strap. I used them throughout the Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Effort and they cleaned up great after heavy use. Very little signs of wear after giving them a serious workout. When I'm not using them for heavy work, I use them for working on my motorbike and even as summertime riding gloves. They're comfortable for all purposes.

    Shadowex3 Loaded Pockets

    Looks like Mechanix got bumped to the top of my to-try list then. I'm pretty sure I saw them at Sears and Home Depot recently as well, which should make finding some to try on easy.

    That's what I started with.

    baja820 Loaded Pockets

    Anyone know where I can buy these in bulk online?