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Gig/work bag

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by World in Transition, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. World in Transition

    World in Transition Loaded Pockets

    May 31, 2012
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    I've received so much inspiration, guidance and help from the community here and have been wanting to document and share all the various forms and levels of EDC I have developed in the hope that my contributions may help or inspire others as I have been during my time here. I very rarely get any time free but managed to find a day today so here is the first major instalment!

    I had put hyperlinks to reviews or manufactures websites for many of the items but the post wouldn’t work, so if you’d like access to those links just click on the photos and you’ll be able to see them on Flickr.

    My Gig/work Bag:

    I’m a touring musician and also teach music production across Australia, so I’m travelling constantly – This kit is constantly evolving and has already had some recent changes, but here is what it looked like just after my recent mission to perform in the United States:

    Gig/Work Bag by Fred Wobbler, on Flickr

    1. Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight / Watertight .7

    2. Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer Audio Fix :censored: Kit (See load out below)

    3. ATH-M50sProfessional Studio Monitor Headphones

    4. Ragged Edge Carbon Fiber Velcroless Portfolio

    5. Black Fishing Tackle Vest - Laptop and iPad fit in rear zippered pouch, hard drives and other heavy items in pockets – in case I have any problems being overweight when taking bag on a plane as my carry-on ;)

    6. Cables: Belkin Lightning & 30-pin to USB & HDMI cable for the Laptop

    7. Apple85WMagSafe2Power Adapter

    8. Apple12WUSBPowerAdapter

    9. Powermonkey Extreme 9000mAh Battery - Can charge an iPhone four times and an iPad twice when fully charged via a wall outlet or the included solar panel

    10. 1TB LaCie Hard Drive USB 2.0 & FireWire 800 – Installers and Drivers

    11. 2TB WD My Passport Studio Hard Drive – Audio Drive and Backup

    12. Tiger Balm

    13. Gorilla Tape - Handy 1" Roll – Best gaffer on the planet in a super compact roll

    14. Jackson PT2USB 2x 240V Power Outlets 2x USB charging outlets – so useful when travelling to keep everything charged

    15. a-JAYS Four iPhone Headphones – Reasonable audio quality, three-button remote for iPhone and flat tangle-free cables

    16. Boo-boo kit in a waterproof aLOKSAK bag – Bandaids and cotton wool

    17. Ibuprofen – I don’t like to take pharmaceutical drugs often, but this stuff works if myself or someone else really needs it

    18. Tea Tee Oil – Great for removing ticks & disinfecting

    19. Lavender Oil – Great for calming & healing wounds

    20. Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover

    21. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 Soundcard

    22. Portable Adjustable LaptopStandHolder ForiPad + Audio and USB Cables

    23. Apple iPad 3 32gb Wifi running a custom TouchOSC template as my main control surface for performances

    24. 15" Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display – 2.6 Ghz i7, 16Gb RAM, 512Gb SSD – Best laptop on the planet

    25. Tom Bihn Vertical Brain Cell Hard-sided laptop case – Clips into my backpack

    26. Tom Bihn Smart Alec Backpack – I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect backpack for over 15 years, this was pretty pricey once I kitted it out with the Vertical Brain Cell, a bunch of pouches and stuff sacks plus shipping to Australia – but goddam is it a sweet pack – really comfy to wear - fully loaded the whole kit weighs in at about 15kg and the straps don’t even feel like they’re under strain – and when unpacking it feels like Mary Poppin’s bag – where the hell does it all go?

    Audio Fix :censored: Kit

    Audio Fix :censored: Kit by Fred Wobbler, on Flickr

    1. Various audio and computer cables

    2. LCD Screen cleaning kit

    3. Batteries: 2 x Lithium 14500 3.7v for the Torch
    2 x Powerex Imedion 2400mAh AA for the Zoom Recorder

    4. Sharpening stone

    5. Dr Bronners Lip Balm

    6. Bic Lighter

    7. Corsair Survivor USB 3.0 64GB USB Flash Drive – Contains all my important documents, scans of passport, licence etc, a few Gb of my favourite photos all encrypted with password access, a library of over 3000 eBooks covering: Permaculture, Sustainable Living & Building with Natural Materials, Survival, Bushcraft & Bush Tucker, Natural Medicine & First aid & HUGE Esoteric library plus Over 40GB of instructional videos and documents split into 7 categories: Growing Food, Permaculture & Organic Gardening, First Aid, Making Your Own Electricity, Pure Water For Life, Self Defence & Survival Skills – you know, just in case... :unsure:

    8. A bunch of audio adaptors

    9. Spare guitar picks

    10. Thom Bihn Mesh Ballistic Organizer Pouch – for all the adaptors and cables

    11. ThruNiteT10115Lumen Cree XP-G LED (R5)- 350 Lumens when used with Lithium 14500 3.7v batteries – :censored: bright torch!

    12. Tweezerman Folding Nail Clippers

    13. Quantum capsule with spare battery for Veleno Designs Quantum D2 (My keychain torch)

    14. ZoomH1Recorder – for recording gigs and foley etc.

    15. CRKT Eat'N Tool

    16. Flat USB wall charger

    17. Computer screwdrivers

    18. Black Sharpie

    Aside from the music and my studio life I also have a deep appreciation for the outdoors, organic farming and permaculture & bush tucker - I run wilderness survival workshops sporadically through the year and run a small business selling survival kits and all sorts of tools and outdoor gear - next instalment i'll take you through my bush kit!

    Thanks for all the amazing ideas and inspiration EDCF family!

    If you'd like to check out my music you can have a listen here: Lubdub.fm
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  2. aaronlam

    aaronlam Loaded Pockets

    Nov 13, 2007
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    This is pretty sweet kit... great picts and labels.
  3. fresh eddie fresh
    • In Omnia Paratus

    fresh eddie fresh Loaded Pockets

    Feb 10, 2011
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    I play bass, and even though I generally do not use picks, it is always a good idea to have some picks for either when you get a blister on one of your picking fingers, or one of your guitar players forgets to bring some! :)
  4. Mester

    Mester Loaded Pockets

    Feb 4, 2012
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    Cool Picture :)

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  5. Sully021

    Sully021 Loaded Pockets

    Sep 26, 2013
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    Nice! Looks like a well thought out and organised kit. Looking forward to seeing the bush kit.