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Gettin' in shape... (not round)

Discussion in 'The Breakroom' started by jda, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Black Helmet Loaded Pockets

    I have picked up some speed for races and trained for pack tests on stair mills and by running hills........ It all depends on how much monotony your brain can take whether you can do it in the gym or outside!
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    In college they had us run carrying another team mate on our back. At Dan Gables training camp in high school that had some former Olympic gold medalist following us in a truck when we were running carrying someone our weight, we did foot strikes doing this.

    sungame Loaded Pockets


    That was actually somewhat faster than I expected, but I see how it is easier on the knees, feet and hips than "regular" running.

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    Keep in mind that I do quite a bit of running and, as a minimalist runner, this is very similar to my usual foot strike. The stride is just different. I lift my feet farther off the ground and use a longer stride. Someone who doesn't log 20-25 miles of forefoot strike running a week might be considerably slower.

    Makahbay Banned

    Here's the advice of an enthusiastic amateur ;)

    1. Sprints of various forms (stairs, hills, flats) -- 30-45 minutes per day, 3 days per week. If you need to, work up to this asap.
    2. Weight training (2 whole body routines per week + 1 dedicated leg day i.e. squats, press, deads). Rest day after legs.
    3. Repeat. Increase intensity, not necessarily duration.
    4. Repeat. Increase intensity, not necessarily duration.
    5. Keep repeating the above :)
    6. Everyday: eat right, and get your sleep. Eating right is critical imho. Skip that step, and you just won't get maximum benefit of the above suggestions.
    In other words, use resistance training, cardio and food intake as part of a total program of physical fitness. Cardio alone will not lead to overall physical fitness.

    Good luck.

    Oh yeah, when you get bored of steps 1-5, then mix everything up. Try new stuff that uses similar muscles at similar intensity levels. But give it a couple months.

    Makahbay Banned

    I assume you're referencing the BMI when you say he is close to the maximum weight for his height. I'd suggest that if he ignore the BMI and focus on body composition, then he'd end up going further in his journey toward physical fitness than just watching his BMI.

    This is not a new idea (random links from google):

    The OP might want to get a DEXA scan to accurately determine lean muscle mass and body fat percentage. Then start training. Then take another DEXA scan in 6 months or so and compare to see how much progress was made.

    In other words, don't focus on losing weight instead focus on gaining muscle.

    viix Loaded Pockets

    This looks familiar! I remember during my airborne course in the army, we were made to jog from one point to another with our full delivery load throughout the entire course. We were not allowed to run nor walk but maintain a certain pace! The movement always ended up looking like the airborne shuffle video.. Even when stationary we would keep doing it until the command was given to stop!

    We don't have a term for it though, but thanks to your video, I can finally put a term to it!

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    viix, it sounds like some might call it the Airborne Shuffle and others might not. Don't take my information as definitive.

    Makahbay, the BMI is a decent guide for someone who isn't overly fit. A relatively small number of people will have so much lean muscle mass that they're at the upper end of their BMI. It's not the be-all, end-all measurement, but it's quick and convenient and gives the average person an idea of where they stand.
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    wabash Loaded Pockets

    I looked at the Marine height/weight chart.

    jda Loaded Pockets


    Had to re-adjust some gear for a match yesterday. Made me smile.

    jda Loaded Pockets

    Update - 155 even, lowest was 150 but started gaining muscle.

    3 mile time -18.33
    Max pullup - 17
    situp in 2min - 79

    I've been running 4 miles a day. (stopped driving to school, started running)
    Pull ups every time I walk past the bar.
    situps 3x a day

    I leave in September. (pushing for an earlier ship date)
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    sungame Loaded Pockets

    That's pretty good!

    My personal record is 16. I'm no superman, but I don't weigh all that much, and have a pretty good strength/weight ratio.