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Gerber Dime vs Leatherman Squirt (pics)

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by Thechansen, Feb 27, 2012.

    Thechansen Loaded Pockets

    So I saw that Gerber put out a new keychain multitool. My first impression from seeing the Dime online was that I was impressed with the design and the tools provided. I own a leatherman squirt e4 which I damaged the blade on cutting into a card board box. The blade it self is fine but I bent the metal behind it so now the blade opens about 10 degrees wider and makes cutting anything a pain in the butt. I am sending the leatherman out for repair but before I do that I picked up the Gerber Dime to see how it compares. Very close in size and build quality seems alright for a Gerber (flame bait? Maybe but their tool quality IMHO is shoddy at best). There is definitely some play in the body when fully closed that my old leatherman doesn't have. The tools have zero play on the Dime.

    The Gerber lacks a Phillips head screwdriver but the only thing I'm concerned with is using it on is the occasional PC case. The flat head on the file tool serves fine for that but the actual file itself is useless. I'll sometimes use the file on the squirt to chisel off my dirty smoking stains (gross, I know) but there isn't a reasonable way to use the file on the Dime. The larger flat head is fine I guess, used it on a paint can with no issues. The squirt combines the bottle opener with the flat head and I can't say I've used either too much (as I've always thought it was terrible). The gerber has an awesome bottle opener, its the clear winner in that department. Leatherman has tweezers (that I lost) and the Gerber has scissors. The scissors are small but decent but I really miss the squirt's tweezers. The blades on both are about equal in sharpness, I like the design of blade on the Dime. Will there be a difference in how it performs? Doubtful. But it's different, like a reverse tanto. I use the wire cutter/stripper on the squirt a bunch but the Dime is more a P4 competitor. The pliers on the Dime are a lot more "springy" than the wire stripper on the E4. The package opener on the Dime is pure awesome.

    The tools on the Dime are real tough to open straight out of the box and it was drenched in oil. I may loosen up the hardware a bit more so I don't rip my finger nail off when I try to get the blade out. Despite the little complaints I think I'll move the Squirt to my laptop bag and keep the Dime as my new edc keychain tool.[IMG]

    At the very least, it was cheap and looks cool.

    DM11 Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the comparision. I got a Gerber Dime ordered and am looking forward to giving it a go. It looks to be a descent little tool for the money.

    Thechansen Loaded Pockets

    On further inspection there is a small tweezer right near the bottle opener. Didn't even notice it there.
  1. looks like its closer to a PS4
    thanks for the write up though

    Max Archer Loaded Pockets

    I'm looking forward to trying one of these as an alternative to my Micra. It's clearly a PS4 competitor.

    If nothing else, the bottle opener should be great, as it's the same as the one on the Curve, which was actually the only good thing about that tool.

    Porkchop82 Loaded Pockets

    I liked your review so much that I had to buy one in black. I liked the tool so much, I bought another in green. I also alternate a leatherman ps4 and love it but the part of this tool I like most is the package opener. Freakin great! Have used it about 50 times already and it will save the edge of your blades when opening that crappy plastic crap everything seems to come in these days.

    Made a lanyard for it and carry it daily.

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    tower Loaded Pockets

    I just got my all black dime. Pretty impressive for the size. BTW, it DOES have a Phillips screwdriver. It has only 2 splines and is located at the tip of the file.