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Flying with following items

Discussion in 'Travel' started by goolsbymd, Apr 7, 2013.

    goolsbymd Empty Pockets

    Long story short I am new to EDC and also carry a get home bag frequently. My blade will be checked in bag. I am going on a long hunting/camping trip in Colorado and was wondering if I'm allowed to fly with the following items in my GHB or if I should empty her into my checked bag.
    Two carabiners
    200 feet paracord
    Fire steel (thinking checked)
    Cotton balls with Vaseline (checked)
    Pill bottle with mixed OTC pills and prescription pain killers (active RX due to recent ACL surgery)
    Klean Kanteen 18oz (thinking checked)
    My FAK will be checked due to all the ointments/shears etc
    Light my fire Ti spork ( checking due to serrated edge)

    Think that's all the items in question. Thanks.

    lnytunes Loaded Pockets

    I flew recently with a couple carbiners hooked onto the outside of my bag, an empty water bottle, a basic first aid kit (Neosporin spray, tube of super glue, advil/tylenol small pill bottle), and some paracord. I also had a mini-bic lighter. TSA didn't even give me a second look. I didn't have the other items on your list, so I couldn't tell you about those. Hope this helps.

    Ted Andkilde Loaded Pockets

    You're a brave lad going camping on a freshly rebuilt ACL -- if you can, wean yourself off the narcotics within a couple of weeks or so, they made me sick and 'dull'. I may have been lucky but did not experience much pain, stiffness and swelling (Aleve/ice is your friend) aplenty though. When your physio guy tells you it's OK, do tons of stretching. Also, the "oh crap where's the ground, crap, crap, omygod, oh there it is" feeling with every step on uneven ground goes away after a year or so :)

    The TSA publishes a list of banned items.

    Cheers, Ted

    goolsbymd Empty Pockets

    Should be more clear on recently. My surgery was late Dec, I'm off the meds 100% wouldn't touch a gun while on them unless absolutely had to. I'm running 3 miles twice a week now and back to working out with my division (Mil). But I have left overs in case something bad happens. Thanks for the link.
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    chaosmagnet Loaded Pockets

    I've never had any trouble with carabiners, including one big enough to serve as a set of aluminum knuckles. Have it connected to something.

    Paracord won't be a problem. Firesteel could be an issue as a "tool" if it's long enough, probably smarter to check it. The Vaseline needs to be checked as a liquid or gel. Do NOT carry a prescription, particularly one for painkillers, except in a container that has the prescription label on it. That could get you into trouble. The Klean Kanteen can be carried onboard if it's empty when you go through the TSA checkpoint. The Ti Spork will need to be checked.

    barlow666 Loaded Pockets

    I always am leery of carrying meds when traveling – prescription or not – in anything but the container they came in. I know your question concerned TSA, but this is potentially a problem should you have to deal with any law enforcement officer. Yeah, I know, “small amount,‘personal use, etc…..” but in a worse case scenario you could find yourself detained and put through some unpleasant ‘stuff.’
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    Tegan's Dad Loaded Pockets

    I recently departed from MN to Hong Kong (connecting through Tokyo), and a return trip that included a stay in Incheon, South Korea for 2 nights before returning to MSP via NRT airports. The following items weren't even glanced at by any security personnel and were in carry on luggage:
    Prescription and OTC medications in a multi-compartment pill case (Folca case)
    Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper
    Thin Clips nail clippers
    Thrunite Ti

    I did bring the prescription papers with, but never needed them. Might be different with narcotic pain relievers though.

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