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Five actions, make your Batteries’ lifespan longer.

Discussion in 'XTAR (flashlights, battery chargers, batteries)' started by XTAR, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    Five actions, make your Batteries’ lifespan longer.

    Take the current mainstream ternary lithium 18650 battery as an example, people often use 18650 batteries in their daily life, but few people know how to maintain their batteries.
    Today, XTAR will show you detailed instructions to help you to solve these problems.

    1、Appropriate temperature makes batteries healthier.
    Battery usage environment determines battery performance.
    The mobility of lithium ions in the electrolyte and electrode pad is closely related to the temperature. Overheating and cold can hurt lithium batteries.
    Operating temperature should be -20℃~55℃, but in fact, optimal temperature is 5℃~35℃.
    ①When it’s cold outside, the batteries should be stored or kept indoors.
    ②When the temperature is too high, the batteries need to avoid direct sunlight.

    2、Never charge your batteries too long.
    Many people are used to charging the battery for a long time, when they buy a new battery. However, it’s not necessary to do that actually. On the contrary, this method will reduce battery’s lifespan. If you continue to charge the battery after it is fully charged, it will cause the battery to overcharge.
    The correct way is: choosing a charger with overcharge protection or unplugging the power immediately when the battery is fully charged.

    3、Charge before your batteries entirely used up
    Many people like to charge the batteries when they run out, on the purpose of prolonging the battery’s lifespan. But it’s still incorrect.
    500 charge cycles marked on the manual means means 500 times full charge cycles. Lithium battery has no memory function, accumulated charge and discharge capacity exceeds 80-90% means one time full charge cycle.
    If the battery is entirely run out, and then recharge it, when you repeat this method for many times, the activity of the chemical substances inside the battery will be reduced, and the lifespan of batteries will be shortened.

    4、Choose high quality and professional battery chargers.
    The requirements for the battery charger are extremely high due to the chemical activity of lithium batteries. Battery charger with 3C、CE、ROHS、FCC certifications can be professional charger.
    The charger with smart charging mode can extend the battery life as well.

    5、50% capacity will be the best condition when you want to store your batteries.
    The state of lithium battery storage is: the voltage is approximately 3.7V, and the capacity is between 40% and 60%.
    So when you don't use the battery for the moment, charge and discharge the battery to 50% capacity.
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