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First Look: Victorinox Pioneer & Cadet Berryred Limited Edition 2018

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Thehunt, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Thehunt

    Thehunt Loaded Pockets

    Dec 16, 2007
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    What colour comes to mind, if you think about Victorinox? It surely would be „red“, right?
    So its only natural, that this years Alox Limited Edition comes in a new shade of red.

    On top an old Popular, in classic red, maybe a little faded over time. Thats how we know our Victorinox-red.
    The second from the right is the new Pioneer. The Berryred, thats the new colours name, is more radiant, more jucy so to speak, berrys, juice, you get the point :)

    Actually, its difficult ti describe, but a beauty to watch:

    The 93mm Pioneer series is a classic in the purest sense of the word. They have their own special appeal. The tactile feeling, handling the alox surface… Form follows function, at its best. Think of the Pioneer X, which, after years of wait, brought us the scissors.

    You can´t go more classic in tool selection than this:

    Famous in its own right, the beefy awl and the sturdy large screwdriver.

    The awl´s possibilities are sheer endless.
    Scrape, drill, plane, throwing sparks, saving the main blade from from harm...[​IMG]

    The main blade is thicker and has more belly, compared to his 91mm brethern. A remnant from its military heritage. Grunt-proof :)

    And it´s elegant. Alox scales look and feel more substantial and emanate quality. Celidor scales have their place as well though (Straight pin, tweezers, toothpick, ligghtweight, just to name a few)

    The Pioneer comes packed in the cardboard box, we came to love. The colour of the print matches the scale colour, a nice touch!

    And that´s what a basic EDC can look like:

    Set for the day´s little challenges, I´d say.
    Add a leather pouch, ready for business:


    Ready for adventure:

    Outstanding, Daddy likes!
    Life is colourfull and adding a touch of it into ones grey everyday, all the better!
    I´m really looking forward to next years colour!!! How about a smashing blue?

    Well, that´s all fine and dandy Thehunt, but didn´t you something about a new Cadet?
    :censored: right I did!

    With the Cadet there is indeed a little surprise!

    Around 2005 Victorinox started implementing a new metal file. This new version has a more aggressive texture and from what I cann tell, it lasts longer than the old version.

    The old on top, new on the bottom:

    Whaaat, a Cadet with a metal file???

    Not quite!
    It´s the nail file, which got an update:
    The Berryred Cadet comes with a redone file, as can be seen here:

    A little comparison, an older Wenger, the new Berryred Cadet and the 2016th Cadet:

    I love this update! The new nail file is simply amazing.
    It Victorinox uses the Limited Editions to phase in procut improvements, I´m all for it.

    We´ll have to wait and see…
    Different to other manufacturs Victorinox takes it´s time with updates. But anything they come up with, is thought through, tested long time and simply works. I ike this approach more, than come up with something „new“ and let the consumers be the beta testers and have all the grief.

    The Cadet is very slim, being a two layered knife.
    A one layer Waiter for comparison:

    Walker, Waiter and Tourist:
    The Cadet is decisevelyslimmer.

    Walker, what Walker???
    More on this later :)
    ...let´s just say, Bushcraft minimalism done right.

    Bacj to the Cadet:

    It´s basically a smaller Pioneer with a nail file, instead of an awl. Makes more sense in an office setting, I guess. Or a Tourist without backtools, or...

    Being that flat and slim, the Cadet is a perfect Gentleman´s EDC. Even with lightweigt suit pants it just works and doesn´t pulls your pants down.

    Two Cadets have found their way to Australia, 11 years ago. My sister and her husband moved there and the Cadets have been my farewell gift.
    They helped renovate their first flat overseas and more than adequately replaced a whole tool box, which was in holding by the Australian customs by the time.

    So, if you think the Cadet is a lightweigt, think again.

    A lovely tool and a Berryred beauty to watch:


    Actually, there is a third knife in Berryred, the Alox Classic. I opted to let that one pass and get the Limited Edition Classics this year.
    Thanks for reading, if you have any question, shoot!
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