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First Look: Victorinox Jetsetter@work und Victorinox@work

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Thehunt, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Thehunt

    Thehunt Loaded Pockets

    Dec 16, 2007
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    We all love our big fat tools, right?
    Big knife, large multitool, heavy duty flashlight, the tactical pen can smash concrete.

    Yeah, same here.
    Well, most of the time:


    If you travel with carryon only, or have to take the train to far away places, sometimes less is more.
    Size and weightwise.

    So some downsizing is in order and more often than not called for.
    My mini-EDC looks like this:


    Victorinox Mini-Champ, AAA-Olight, Fisher Spacepen, mini-prybar.
    All bases covered, I´m happy with the setup.


    But indeed:

    You see the vicious double edged attack tool?
    (Just kidding of course)
    Some of the TSA-goons get a heart attack and the metal detector goes nuts if you bring a knife, as small as it might be.

    There is in fact a 6cm rule at german airports, smaller than 6cm and you are good to go, technically.
    But you still are at the mercy of some underpaid, grumpy screening official.
    Can´t stand that anymore.

    I travel a lot lately, businesswise, and my wife doesn´t like that one bit, me beeing far from home. Can´t blame her...

    So, what does the tired business traveler do?
    He gives Victorinox a call, or visits the online shop, in this case.

    Here comes the Jetsetter@work and his bladed brother the Victorinox@work:
    Classic-sized and with USB-storage. Top!

    The Jetsetter doesn´t have a blade, the Victorinox@work on the other hand has:

    In your face, TSA!

    The tip of the mini-Phillips is magnetic, an often overlooked feature:

    All of the „Classics“ in the 58mm-range, which come with the Phillips do have that ability.

    What´s special with the Jetsetter and the Victorinox@work you ask?
    Well, they come with the new(ish) 3.0 and 3.1. USB-standard, which is way faster than the older 2.0.
    And they come with BOTH variants, male and female. One turn and you have the appropriate plug:

    You can take the stick off if you like, and them the swiss ingenuity comes to shine.

    When plugged between your mobile and, let´s say a laptop, the storage stick doubles as a charging cable.
    Couldn´t find that feature in the manual, but it works like a charm.


    If TSA has a day off:

    ...then the Victorinox@work comes along :)

    Christmas spirit:

    The bigger brothers, Spartan PS:


    The 58mm-range is an extensive one, there is one for everyone. The Jesetter as well as the Victorinox (this is so cool, a Victorinox, which is named Victorinox…) are a perfect addition to the line up, in my opinion.

    My pants and their pockets say „Thank you!“ and the rest of my mini-EDC is glad to have them with them.

    I´m very happy with both, everything I need, nothing I don´t.

    Sometimes, less is indeed more...

    Thanks for indulging me, if you have any questions, shoot!
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