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Firearms ID cards and carrying them?

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by DisrupTer911, Nov 15, 2012.

    DisrupTer911 Loaded Pockets

    I have a question, do you guys EDC your firearms ID cards?

    My NJ one is larger then your typical credit card/drivers license size and thus doesn't fit in my wallet nicely.

    I've laminated it to protect it and now it's even taller and wider. making it even more cumbersome to carry in my wallet as it sticks way out.

    What do you guys do?

    batteryguru Loaded Pockets

    Here in Illinois, they changed to a standard sized plastic ID card roughly seven years ago. I normally just keep mine in my wallet, and that normally resides in a faux leather business organizer. Do you carry anything like an organizer or bag?

    Also, do you carry the card everywhere or just when transporting? I know one guy that uses a luggage tag holder to secure it inside his range bag, although he once forgot to grab it on an ammo run and was denied a sale.

    GFL1905 Loaded Pockets

    I'm in NJ and I always carry mine. It is a "4 point" ID, and you never know when you're gonna buy something like ammo or a firearm on a whim. I had mine laminated and trimmed the edges of the laminate until it fit.

    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    How are you laminating it? Using two sheets of laminating film? If so that generally required leaving space on all 4 sides for the adhesive.

    Depending on the size of the card, you should be able to find a lamination pouch that will fit it. These are already heat sealed on 3 sides. You slide the card in, fold the flap over and heat seal it. Because 3 sides are already sealed at the factory, they tend to be smaller that if you try to use sheet.

    It's also easier to remove/replace the lamination if you need to. I have cards that have been sealed for 10-15 years and they are still going strong.

    You can use a lamination machine or an iron with a piece of cloth/paper to keep the plastic from melting onto it. Using a less than thermonuclear heat setting also helps.

    Various size lamination pouches on Amazon (from card size to legal)


    DisrupTer911 Loaded Pockets


    I try to always carry mine but it hangs out of my wallet and the edge, even laminated is starting to get messed up.
    I've been looking for a larger wallet to hold it but I can't find any nice leather ones of appropriate size.

    Yeah I used the large adhesive laminating sheet roller at work to do it.
    it left a small amount of film around the edge that I couldn't trim off entirely otherwise it would fray.

    JonM1911 Loaded Pockets

    Ohio is like another driver's license. I carry mine behind my driver's license.
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    Farchyld Loaded Pockets

    I'm in PA. My card is about the same size as my license, so it sits behind my license in my wallet. *shrug*

    I'd think the best way to go about it, if legal, is to trim it to standard size then laminate it.

    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    Ours in MS is exactly like a drivers license so you cannot laminate it (it already is pretty much)

    Plus you HAVE to carry it if you are carrying. My dilemma is that I typically don't carry my wallet especially when I'm carrying on a job so I have been toying with different ways to carry mine. I just located one of my old leather ID + couple of other cards slim slip type wallet so that is probably what I will be using.

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    shmook Loaded Pockets

    This may sound silly, but if it won't fit in your wallet, is there a way to maybe carry it on your holster? Maybe a fabric pouch to slide it into?

    DisrupTer911 Loaded Pockets

    I don't have a carry permit, it's just my NJ Firearms Purchasers ID card. Which I need to have on my person when transporting the firearms or purchasing ammo/firearms.
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    kd7dvd EDC Junkie!!!!!

    You oughta write your personal legislator and explain how much more "secure" the thing would be if it were made just like a drivers license. (Downside: the fee would probably go up)

    EDIT: I do EDC my permit, but it's pretty small
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    DisrupTer911 Loaded Pockets

    Yeah I wish it was like a drivers license. NY's is and it easily fits into a wallet lol

    vinniec5 Loaded Pockets

    I lamanated mine in an heavy duty ID card holder (the one with the slot at the end) and use a badge wallet when carrying it. Techically in Jersey you also need to carry your pistol permit copy if you carry/transport your pistols but usually just the FOID car will be accepted as proof. other times if needed I will just fold it in my cash with a cpl elastic bands and IDs when i dont carry a wallet ( which is often)
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    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    Hmm here you can buy guns & ammo without card. The CCL is not even "required" to carry a gun cause legally anyone can take their gun from car>house>work.

    I wasn't aware some states were like that where you had to have a permit to even purchase ammo. :(

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    Urban Hermit EDC Junkie!!!

    We don't get a card for each firearm. I keep my reciepts in my gun safe. In Mo. we have a ccw card that's similar to drivers license. I carry mine right behind my drivers license.

    chrischoi Loaded Pockets

    PA is the same. We just have a LTCF Card.
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Several posts have been removed.

    Reminder: This thread is about how to carry a firearm card where required, an 'every day carry' scenario. It is not about gun rights advocation, a hotly-debated, politically-charged issue. If you want to discuss that, start another thread and leave this one alone.
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    GFL1905 Loaded Pockets

    the point system for renewing your DL. I'd find a way to carry it. Like I said, You never know when the urge to purchase something will hit you. Like yesterday I spent a lot of money at a gun store...unplanned that is.
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    ac7ss Loaded Pockets

    The Washington one is a little larger than 2x a standard card. I have mine folded twice so that the important information is on the outside and the fine print is inside. I finish off the job with clear packing tape to laminate it. (Remains flexible, mine is almost 5 years old and still in decent condition.)

    I carry it and my AZ card all the time. (Rarely carry concealed, job is picky about that.)

    kursac Loaded Pockets

    My Massachusetts LTC is like a credit card, I carry it right behind my drivers license. I conceal carry all the time, the only time I don't carry is when I'm going to cross a state line.