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Finally applied for my CPL

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Scrub, Jan 3, 2013.

    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    I've been putting it off for no reason but I decided that now is probably a good time to stand up for my gun rights by actually exercising one of them. So in a couple of weeks I should be able to carry my CZ concealed if I so choose.

    The fingerprint lady was pretty chatty asking why I was applying since she'd been fingerprinting alot of people lately. Pretty interesting non judgmental questions too.
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    2die4 Loaded Pockets

    Good for you. Now only if the states would recognize our concealed licenses across the country. My drivers and marriage license are recognized in any state but not my Concealed license? madness!!
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    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    I only have about 8 states of reciprocity but not Oregon or Idaho which border us. Madness.
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    JP5 Loaded Pockets

    Good for you! What kind of holster do you plan on using? Do you have a good gun belt? The belt makes all the difference, trust me!

    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    CZ82 so a bit more limited in choices for holsters. I'm actually going to start out with an outside the waistband from Homestead Holsters, since it is winter and I generally wear plaid snapfront shirts out of my pants anyway and all my pants fit really well so no room for IWB;)
    Looking for an instructor type belt, I used to carry my Beretta years ago in a nice holster and crap belt so I won't make that mistake again.

    If the OWB is a big issue and I find myself carrying more I could see myself picking up a .38 and a pocket holster.

    I am also very limited in where I can carry because of my lifestyle (pick kids up from school/work/don't leave the house much after that!).
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    J_C Loaded Pockets

    Good idea to go ahead and get a permit now if your state allows it. This applies to anyone who is eligible and who can afford it, especially these days with so much change in the air. Much better to have the permit well in advance of actually needing it. And if laws change in the future, best to be in a position to be grandfathered in if they allow that.

    Idaho Gunslinger Loaded Pockets

    Where are you? Cause as I remember, Idaho accepts ALL CWP/CHP's from other states... I do live here...

    JP5 Loaded Pockets

    Scrub, visit http://sideguardholsters.com/. Perhaps he can help, he is local here in MN and is very well respected for excellent craftsmanship and reasonable prices.

    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    Washington, maybe I need to re read the law. Not like I go anywhere anyway!

    JP5 Loaded Pockets

    http://handgunlaw.us/ is your new best friend. It is a great resource for quick reference on reciprocity, etc....

    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets


    Idaho recognizes permits from all other states, yours is one of them. :p Oregon recognizes none but does offer non-resident permits to those in bordering states.
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    Jayphog Loaded Pockets

    I just received my permit after a 3 month wait. So many people are signing up in Kansas that the Attorney General is that far behind. I say exercise your rights while you have them.
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    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    Well my permit finally arrived today, right around 1 month. Not bad especially considering my NY permit took 9 months and cost more when I applied 10+ years ago.

    Also I actually saw someone OC at the pet store today only the second or third time I've seen it. Looked like a nice 1911 too.