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Extra, Extra Special EDCF Supporter Badge Giveaway

Discussion in 'The Breakroom' started by scríbhneoir, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. scríbhneoir
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    scríbhneoir Uber Prepared
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    Apr 13, 2006
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    See what you won here!

    Read what you won below!

    Congratulations to all the winners, and again, thank you to the awesome members of EDCForums who initiated the giveaway and contributed prizes, as well as those who provided badges for other members. EDCF truly has some of the most generous members of any forum. Thanks also to all the staff for all their help, and to xbanker for his diligence and attention to detail!
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  2. scríbhneoir
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    scríbhneoir Uber Prepared
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    Apr 13, 2006
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    And here's a list of winners and contributers. Please see xbanker's post in the Winners Posted thread for shipping arrangements!

    1. Titanium carabiner (Karlito) 39- amacman

    2. SAK ALOX GREEN Pioneer (jph0200) 145- LivingUpNorth

    3. 4Sevens Mini MA XP-G 1xAA flashlight (Roger) 78-IMWILSON

    4. Paracord starter set: two lanyards, one bracelet and a keychain (colors TBD by winner) (O.J., formerly Anaszi) 142 - ParSve

    5. Maxped H1 Waistpack, Khaki, *and* maybe some other goodies (ac7ss) 29- Shur

    6. Mora Bushcraft Survival knife w/sheath (incl. firesteel and diamond sharpener) (Heed) 97 - Echo2

    7. Mini-kit containing Gerber Shortcut MT, Streamlight Nano, Maratac small Ti split-pea lighter, Exotac nanoSTRIKER, 3" Ti micro Widgy bar, all in Jabra padded headphone pouch (Heed) 107 - cougar337

    8. Houdini Wrist Stash Band (Heed) 63 - billybogota

    9. Skinth pouch (style to be announced) (Metropolicity) 159 - XeroTheHero

    10. 1950s classic: Kissing Crane 3-1/2" folder, 1095 steel, rosewood scales (AK Adventurer) 87 - zeppo

    11. Custom handmade knife, 1095 steel, wood or bone handle, 6-7" length; will be 3" flat/convex ground blade, 6.5" overall, 3/32" 1095, handle material to be chosen by the recipient from what I have on hand at the time (AK Adventurer) 121 - jrandom

    12. One brand-new Preon with a titanium clip (catfishdan) 102 - Belush2

    13. CamelBak Delta-5 Accessory Pouch Kit BNIB, one Pistol Mag pouch, one M4 mag pouch, one Tactical Light Pouch and one Radio Pouch, all items Foliage Grey in color (Gnarly) 52 - Fabregas485

    14. Leatherman Freestyle CX multi-tool (zebedee) 70 - automaticjack

    15. Sipik 3-mode flashlight, with a custom copper-like finish (Cornholio2188) 128 - freddy russo

    16. Villain bead, wood/acrylic (willydigger) 105 - sbakker

    17. ITP A1 EOS, 3-level, 1xCR123, NIB (Mighty Max) 130 - heck333

    18. $25 gift certificate to the forum store (xbanker) 99 - grids7

    19. Maxped Ratpack, NWT (zeppo) 106 - mbakes

    20. Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban Wayfarer 5024 sunglasses (MangeD700) 116 - Knightrock

    21. One blue Case Sodbuster (=Red Fox=) 148 - BigRob

    22. Victorinox ALOX Pioneer Rancher, silver, NIB (Jayphog) 160 - CuChulainn

    23. Wenger messenger bag (SAKplumber) 158 - MedusaOblongata

    24. Kleen Kanteen, stainless, 40 oz (PBJS II) 7 - fortinj1454

    25. Kershaw Vapor folder (Mikey via PBJS II) 10 - able_man

    26. Trust Model – 2 XP-G R5 Flashlight BNIB (Gnarly) 55 - rickboone

    27. Parker 21 fountain pen, vintage (jnsn) 59 - EOD CROSS

    28. 5.11 Sidekick boot knife + 100 ft 550 paracord (ac7ss) 111 - grunch

    29. Packing Cube backpack, utility straps (2) and a Guardian Dual Function light (TOM
    BIHN CREW) 42 - ssmtbracer

    30. Maxp*d Monkey Combat Admin pouch. black (MTFire) 25 - kd7dvd

    31. Grey Ghost Padded 2-Point Sling (TARFU) 86 - mbick

    32. TEC Accessories Centipede w/green trit vial (TECENG) 67 - jericanman

    33. Fenix PD30 R5 flashlight, 2xCR123, black (TECENG) 141 - Here Comes The BOOM

    34. $100 Gift Certificate to the forum store (Syclone1436) 76 - jimbogregs

    35. Pilot Dr Grip 4+1 Multi Pen, Uzi Tactical Pen, Zebra F-701, Zippo Pen (jdub4key) 75 - sungame

    36. Spyderco Delica 4 FFG, gray handle, lightly used (ArnieJB) 73 - Kones

    37. Maxp*d M-1 Waistpack, khaki (xbanker) 43 - gmgalmeida

    38. Knife storage pouch/bag, black nylon/Cordura, zipper closure, 12 storage slots (gear shown for illustration only; not included) (xbanker) 100 - misterS

    39. Two (2) EvolutionGlitch Fire Kits - freshly made this year fire starter kits designed and made by our own Forum member evolutionglitch…complete with instructions.
    These are your best last-ditch fire starter kits you should have in your bags. (Gnarly) 144 - East Koast Kahuna

    40. Maxp*d Larkspur Messenger Bag (SAKplumber) 5 - e2dwml

    41. Spotlight Shifter flashlight, 2xAAA (SAKplumber) 19 - metropolicity

    42. Lansky 3-Stone Knife Sharpening Kit (Gtank) 31 - mud80

    43. Svord Peasant knife (Mighty Max) 12 - Roger

    44. Unique Titanium All Titanium Whistle w/aluminum ball chain (=RedFox=) 34 - AK Adventurer

    45. Higonokami 80mm(=RedFox=) 53 - Myrddraal

    46. Kershaw Echelon folding knife (gbv5501) 14 - TheJeff

    47. Kershaw Cryo folding knife (gbv5501) 36 - 95yjinpa

    48. Kershaw Damascus Skyline (blt2drg) 4 - TECENG

    49. SAK ALOX Pioneer, GREEN(jph0200) 46 - Kevin Piol

    50. Victorinox 125th Anniversary Special Edition SwissCard, NIB (J_C) 72 - customh

    51. Schrade Sodbuster (automaticjack) 156 - Valolammas

    52. Glow In The Dark Kit - (1)UVPaqlite –6”x8”, (1)UVGlostik, (1)Scooblite, (1)UV Necklace, (1)Bag of Assorted Glo-“O”-Rings 10 pcs and (1) Tritium Key Fob (Gnarly) 37 - stax

    53. One NIB Wenger EvoGrip S16 Patagonian Expedition Race model (stax) 1 - Cornholio2188

    54. One brass colored Premium Club Zippo (sungame) 9 - Narcosynthesis

    55. Danish SAK Cadet black with red shield (Soulriot) 82 - GrayMouser

    56. First edition willydigger villain in premium koa (Soulriot) 62 - bulltoadie

    57. A new and in-box Spyderco Resilience (zeppo) 26 - =RedFox=

    58. A Swiss-Tech pocket tool 5-pack (Black Helmet) 68 - k.o.milo

    59. A County Comm EOD bag with some new pulls, extra cord and a few other EDC-related items (jujigatame) 137 - NettyNett911

    60. One Navy Skinth Jotter (Sympa) 27 - catfishdan

    61. A Bark River Knife & Tool Golok in Antique Ivory Micarta with Red Liners (forum members) 69 - Tixx

    62. Green pouch and Linder mini Bowie with cocobolo handles and handmade sheath (SharpStrings) 135 - sirwillet

    63. An EDCF anodized PickPocket and a Gecko SHARK (thwippa) 16 - chas353

    64. A notebook cover, rite in the rain notebook and a travel tidy (Si_K) 113 - MTFire

    65. A goodie box consisting of at minimum: a slightly used Karakustoms Render K aluminum pen with Parker medium black ballpoint; an Exotac Freekey System; TEC Accessories Python clip, 28mm; TEC Accessories Snap Ring, 1/2" (mbick) 114 - keeper

    66. Used but in good shape Endura (jeepsrjason) 134 - voxelpete

    67. A new without package Kershaw Cryo (6_String_Jams) 81 - Enkidu

    68. Spyderco Resiliance, with custom scale work by Mister S (Soulriot and Mister S) 140 - xnyne

    69. Key chain capsule, UZI flex cuffs, wrist watch compass, waterproof FAK -- and maybe more, all as a package prize (Echo2) 149 - Fucifino

    70. The Bark River Donation Thread has pulled together another Bark River Knife & Tool, thanks to the donations of our generous Members. The Black Necker! 32 - KeyeEl

    71. KFU Orange EDC knife (Belush2) 118 - hawkeye180

    72. One Huntsman, custom scales done by none other than our very own MWDP (jacobwilson99) 21 - zebedee

    73. One Kershaw Random Task II plain edge knife (GrayMouser) 83 - MWDP

    74. One NIB limited edition, serialized, 115-year anniversary Victorinox Spartan (stax) 65 - Syclone

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  3. voxelpete

    voxelpete Banned

    Mar 14, 2013
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    Congrats to the winners!

    Thanks to those that made this possible!
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  4. Coupe_gxp

    Coupe_gxp Uber Prepared

    Nov 23, 2012
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    Congrats to the winners!
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  5. Blitzwing
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    Blitzwing Loaded Pockets

    Apr 2, 2011
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    Congrats to all!
  6. Segarshm
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    Segarshm Loaded Pockets

    Aug 19, 2012
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    Congrats to the winners!! This was pretty awesome!
  7. xnyne

    xnyne Loaded Pockets

    May 27, 2013
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    Sooooooooooo stoked! I won I won :) :) :)

    A massive thanks to Soulriot and mister s and all the mods that made this give away possible. What am amazing group of incredible people!
  8. forestgrump
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    forestgrump Loaded Pockets

    Aug 7, 2012
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    Congrats to all the winners :)

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  9. XeroTheHero

    XeroTheHero Loaded Pockets

    Nov 12, 2008
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    Congrats to everyone!
  10. Mighty Max
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    Mighty Max Loaded Pockets

    Oct 4, 2012
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    Congrats to the winners! Whos Roger? Haha he won my prize.
  11. Fabregas485
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    Fabregas485 Loaded Pockets

    Jun 28, 2012
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    Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success, and a huge shout out to the kind members of EDCforums who scrapped together some money for that barkie from the forum shop.
  12. TheJeff

    TheJeff Loaded Pockets

    Jun 7, 2012
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    Awesome! Congrats to all the winners and a massive thanks to all the donors and the folks behind the scenes!
  13. Belush2
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    Belush2 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Mar 28, 2009
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    A Very Big and Special "Thank You" to all the Members with Supporter Badge(s)!!

    Without your help, with every single purchase of Supporter Badges...well...The Forum just may not be around for everyone to enjoy!!

    "Thank You" to all those who went above and beyond to donate such an awesome bonanza of great items as prizes!!

    "Congratulations to all the winners!"

    "Thank You to all the Administrators and Moderators who helped make this happen!"

    "Thank You tower" for initiating this GAW startup!!...Don't know if anyone has told you before....But you're such an Evil Troublemaker!!;)
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  14. Varmitslayer

    Varmitslayer Loaded Pockets

    Apr 10, 2013
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    Congrats to all the winners!
  15. zebedee
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    zebedee Loaded Pockets

    Aug 27, 2011
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    Thanks to everyone for making this such a success and a great forum to be part of. To those those behind the scenes, the winners and unfortunately those that did not, you all made this giveaway happen.

    So once again, thanks. :)
  16. e2dwml

    e2dwml Loaded Pockets

    Jun 25, 2012
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    Congrats to everyone!!
  17. mbick

    mbick Loaded Pockets

    Nov 3, 2010
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    Yes, indeed, congratulations to everyone!
  18. deepsea

    deepsea Loaded Pockets

    May 28, 2009
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    Very cool, congratulations to all the winners.
  19. O.J.

    O.J. Loaded Pockets

    Jan 12, 2013
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  20. fortinj1354

    fortinj1354 Loaded Pockets

    Jan 9, 2013
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    So... I see a fortinj1454 in the prize list. Should I assume you meant me, or do we have a fortinj1454 on the forums that I don't know about?