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Electronics vs Water

Discussion in 'Electronic Devices' started by BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel, Jan 4, 2013.

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    Hi all,

    Last year during vacation trip I experienced some of the heaviest rain I have ever seen. It resulted in me being completely drenched after walking running through it for a few minutes. My phone remained intact (it was packed in an Otterbox Defender), but the camera was toast after a my backpack took on water. I had just thown it in there when I left the house and pulled it out of a puddle in my bag when I had dried myself off.

    Replacing the camera was not a big deal, but I would have liked to avoid it getting wet and losing it in the first place. To prevent things like this I picked up an Otterbox 8000 dry case that I throw my camera into when heading out.

    I have an Otterbox 3000 case on the way for my backup battery pack.
    It is certainly more bulky and I had considered plastic bags, but Murphy's Law has it they fail at the worst possible moment - and I don't want to take any chances.

    So how do you guys keep your electronics dry?
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    Except for my "outdoor camera" (a Panasonic P&S), carried in small Pelican 1010 with foam insert, other electronics go in aLOKSAK. Never an issue in wet environments for me.

    P1100688.JPG P1100692.JPG P1100698.JPG

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    Having taken a look at aLOKSAK pouches I might give them a try - I've read some reviews though which state that the zipper closure wears out relatively quickly and the material is prone to leaks over time.

    What's your experience with that?

    On a sidenote: my Otterbox 3000 dry case arrived today. Quite bulky, but built like a tank...it fits my battery pack plus some cables.

    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    I'm all about pouches vs hard shell for space saving but if you have it in a bag other stuff may "crunch it".

    I just switched my small binoculars to a plano case (like a small pelican) now I'm not so worried about it :)

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    Valerian Tea-powered admin

    I just use ziplock bags. I'm sure those boxes are better, but they are usually the wrong size and more bulk than I care for. Plus I have a rain cover for my bacpack, which alrealy takes care of keeping the contents dry.

    Btw, electronics are not as susceptible to moisture as many people think, especially if they are not powered on when they get wet. If water gets inside, disassemble if possible and let it dry completely. Then reassemble, and often it works just fine.

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    I partially agree. Had that happen with a mobile phone a couple of years ago and it worked fine after drying. The camera however was lost, although I immediately removed the batteries and the camera's case, letting it dry on the radiator.A raincover would habe been good to have, but the 5.11 RUSH packs don't come with one and I did not bring my big hiking pack (a Deuter AirContact) which has a rain cover.

    When it comes to the battery pack I will definitely take no chances. I do not want a 12000 mAh battery to short out while it's sitting in my bag. :frantic:
    So you basically use hardcases, aLOKSAKs and Ziplocs to waterproof your gadgets, right? Any other options?

    By the way, thanks for your replies - I really appreciate it. :happy:
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    Gryffin Loaded Pockets

    That's why I prefer a silnylon poncho for rain gear, it covers a small pack as well as it covers me. Plus the open bottom breathes well, and it can double as an emergency shelter with just a few stakes and some paracord.

    I don't bring much electronic into the woods. My GPS is an older Garmin ETREX which is plenty waterproof on it's own; I use my iPhone for a camera, and keep it in an AlokSak or double quart freezer bags if there's any chance of rain, and only take it out to take pics.

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    Yep - a poncho is now also part of my kit, at least when I am riding heavy (ie taking my 5.11 pack).
    That was a lesson learned the hard way on a festival last year.

    Just trying to make extra safe by waterproofing what might be susceptible to moisture. :cool:
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    Gryffin Loaded Pockets

    I carry one in my EDC bag occasionally, if I think there's a risk of getting caught in the heavy stuff. Got it from Eastern Mountain Sports, it was just $30, came with it's own mesh stuff sack, so it's easy to toss in a bag. I keep meaning to grab another one and keep it in my truck...

    Kombi Loaded Pockets

    In the unfortunate case your electronics get wet, power them down immediately or don't power them on.

    Get a bag of white rice (not Uncle Bens) and jam the wet device in there. The rice will remove the moisture, but it will take a few days. In the end you should be able to use your previously wet electronics again. Of course if you get condensation in a lens or get a cell phone wet (you'll trip the tattle-tale sticker) you may still have problems, but I was able to get a phone of mine to work again with that trick.
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    Haven't had any problems like you describe BUT guess I should elaborate ... when I say "Never an issue in wet environments for me" ... several minutes exposure in heavy rains and pretty good drenching while whitewater rafting. Mine are couple of years old, and when not in use, I store so the zip-closures remain flat. Haven't done a recent full-submersion test.

    carrot Loaded Pockets

    The iPhone in the LifeProof case is so waterproof I can take pictures in the rain and read EDCF in the shower.

    Sometimes I will carry the Kindle in a Seattle Sports ziploc-style bag hiking. I still haven't figured out a way to conveniently keep my M4/3 camera dry, but it probably involves silnylon dry sacks.

    brokenbags Loaded Pockets

    ziploc freezer bags(1qt) for me... the freezer bags are thicker than "storage" or sandwich bags.

    silnylon sacks along with the freezer bags if I have any laying around not being used.

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    On a trip to the local outdoor equipment store I found a waterproofing bag which I will give a try tomorrow. I'll keep you posted...

    I would say "pics or it doesn't happen", but that would sound kinda wrong. So I won't.;)

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    So here we go. As I said, I picked up a waterproof bag (Ortlieb A6 Document Case) at the camping store. It's designed originally to hold documents/passports, but it turned out that it also accomodates my backup battery along with some cables (USB Mini / Micro and iPhone - I don't own an iPhone but a lot of the folks around me do, so in case something goes bad I have those covered as well). The bag has a roll-up and velcro closure which seems to be working well....I was not able to push out any trapped air inside the bag.

    Here's the complete ensemble:

    On the label it says that bag is rated IP64 which (thanks Wikipedia) means that no dust and no splashing water can get inside which for EDC I think should be okay - I don't plan on swimming to work any time soon.

    I will keep the Otterbox though, because you never know when it may come in handy.

    @brokenbags: I am no sure whether I have the right thing in mind when you refer to 'silnylon'. I think I may have had something like that in my hand as well yesterday but just to make sure, could you post a picture / an Amazon link?
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    theMingo Loaded Pockets

    I've got a couple outdoor products drybags I keep in the car just in case. I've used them kayaking a few times and they worked out great they have a few different sizes.

    brokenbags Loaded Pockets

    silnylon is normal nylon impregnated with silicone (or something like that), which makes it very water resistant .
    silnylon is normally very thin(15d/30d) and light for backpackers.

    a pic might help, but, it will just look like a normal nylon stuff sack. (it might look a little shinier, and have a more slippery feel to it than uncoated nylon)

    http://www.amazon.com/Sea-Summit-Ul...1618&sr=8-1&keywords=sea to summit stuff sack

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    Yep, then I had the right thing in mind. Thanks for sharing! :)

    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    In the case of electronics and water I prefer Otterbox products over Pelican. Pelican large cases are great for carrying gear but for small stuff Otterbox is the way to go. I have used on for my Android Phone and Nexus 7 which have both taken some major abuse in the field and in case gotten wet. Both have survived very well and still look as if they were brand new when I bring them out of their defender cases. I have had many cases for my equipment but Otterbox is the only one I have not had break on me either. They use to make a great waterproof speaker system for an Ipod called the IGO but they ditched it two years ago...still a cool product if you can find one.


    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    Yeah I hear you on the Defender series they are the best! Try the Otterbox 2000 and 3000 boxes they are outstanding!