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EDC Wallet

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by sloopy70, Dec 20, 2009.

    dewaddict Empty Pockets

    The Spec-ops THE wallet jr is gonna be my next wallet

    CF Loaded Pockets

    Bill's Urban Wallet has really worked for me. It's like a pocket holster with 2 zippered pouches and 2 "holster" slots. I wish I had more slots, though, but then I'd probably need a bag or pocket organizer. So I have the wallet for my essential "on my person" stuff (knife/blade, 1 pen, small section/sheet of paper, light, cash, credit cards, ID).

    straightpuke Loaded Pockets

    My friend is the owner of this streetwear company called IMKING. When I found out he was coming out with a 'short change' pouch, I decided to take a look. It fits all my cards and dollar bills (folded as a tri-fold) perfectly! This is such a simple wallet and it also comes with a carabiner. I wear it on my right back pocket and I can't even tell it's there sometimes. It's easily accessible with the carabiner attached to your belt loop. I have mine in black.


    marsos52 Loaded Pockets

    the longer i have my :sparten" the more i like it ...and only 20 bucks

    tglassburner Loaded Pockets

    I love my Maxpedition Spartan wallet.

    Fortigurn Empty Pockets

    bondi Loaded Pockets

    Wow that is a nice wallet!! Thanks for the heads up!!

    sveqs Loaded Pockets

    Force Attuned Loaded Pockets

    I'm thinking about buying two of these (one for me and one for my brother).

    They aren't too big are they??

    Fortigurn Empty Pockets

    Yeah, it's nice. The steel cable is a particularly good touch. The wallet itself holds everything I need (including ten cards), and is very flat.

    CF Loaded Pockets

    I also carry a Kavu Wallet, which is for my cash/credit. The good thing about this wallet is that it has a built in change pocket, so I don't have to carry a separate change holder (I have one of those rubber slit oval shaped things that used to be very popular). Also has a loop that can be used as a Lanyard attachment if you want to wear around the neck





    Close out price $9.99

    CF Loaded Pockets

    Just ordered a Max Urban Wallet (MUW)). I'm of interest because it appears to be like a mini pouch. I'm playing around with the configurations of the two wallets I currently have (Kavu and Bill's Urban Wallet). I'm thinking the MUW will replace the Kavu because I do need space for change carrying and the MUW seems to fit the bill. I'm currently/experimenting using Bill's Urban Wall as a sorta "tool wallet" (vs a cash/credit/ID wallet with the Kavu).

    When I buy lunch, pay at store registers, etc., I find it convenient to just retrieve the "money wallet" vs having to pull out EVERYTHING in one wallet .... I used to carry the Bill's Urban Wallet with EVERYTHING plus a second rubber change purse/holder (both of which I had to retrieve when paying). I found myself having to retrieve my cash while hiding my blade (using sleight of hand palming techniques LOL) as it protruded from the outer pocket of the wallet. With two separate wallets, my tools stay secured/concealed (they're not retrieved as much as my cash) in their own wallet.

    I'm trying to carry "minimalist" on my person ..... have a loaded Maxped Pocket Organizer as my "bag". I think the the two wallet configuration (cash vs tools grouping) will address my [obsessive compulsive] concerns. I'm looking forward to the experimentation .... hope I don't just decide to carry THREE wallets !!! Then I'll have to resort to infinite IWB carry of my S&W (currently pocket carried) ..... then I'll be back to full time BAG carry using my Maxped Fatboy!!!

    sveqs Loaded Pockets

    just grabbed an Urban Wallet (Bill's Custom ~) here at BST this morning :)
    (and there's another one up, incidentally)

    mtwarden Loaded Pockets

    another Spartan here

    besides the usual cash/credit cards/ID's mine carries a hacksaw knife (cuts and used a striker for the firesteel), 6' Gorilla tape (in the last fold are three safety pins), heavy needle w/ 20' of spectra fishing line wrapped around it, small firesteel w/ two tinder tabs, 4X Fresnel lens, 10 sheets of rite in the rain pages cut down, Zebra mini pen, mini fak- couple of bandaids, pack of steristrips, two small tubes (sealed coffee stirrers) of triple antibiotic, small tweezers from a SAK



    bwperdue Loaded Pockets

    Sent you a PM... ETA: Never mind...item is sold.

    Sealegs Loaded Pockets


    Recon AB [Swedish military contractor] "Wallet RE007"
    Coin, ID, 3 plastic cards, 3 "discretionary use" (memory cards or hacksaw knife etc), pencil pocket and room for bills.

    Made from the Cordura, sets you back $20 and is slim and trim.

    I have a few negative things to say about it after using it for 10 odd years. But I would be hard pressed to find any piece of kit I didn't have an opinion on after using it.

    The weak points are:
    The Velcro, I hate Velcro as a rule. Makes noise and wears out. So does this. Don't buy if you are embarrassed with everyone hearing you open up your wallet.
    The seams, this wallet is hardly put together using SPECTRE sewing thread. It falls apart after a few years of hard use. I put my service one through the laundry regularly though, might have something to do with it.

    I want my wallets to be thin and flat. So maybe this is more of a wallet and less of clutch when compared to the THE and such. But I will have to say I am currently feeling an urge to try out the THE .jr or a Spartan.
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    iacchus Loaded Pockets

    Another Maxped Spartan here. Great wallet (as long as you can live with velcro closure). Roomy, built tough. Love the mesh I.D. window on the back. Much better than the clear plastic things that crack, break, and steal ink off of driver's licenses.
    Not a bad price either.
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    Gryffin Loaded Pockets

    I've been looking at that one. Might I ask what you don't like about it?

    Mugsy90/10 Empty Pockets

    Check out Waterfield


    Really nice stuff, the leather with fabric trim is not nearly as loud as it appears in the picture.


    W-D Loaded Pockets

    [IMG] timberland wallet and contents , pretty slim so still have room for a few more things if needed.

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