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EDC Vehicle

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by Mudinyeri, Nov 27, 2012.

    blt2drg Loaded Pockets

    2001 Suburban 2500. I mounted a large Rubbermaid container in the back to keep stuff in. Everything pictured fits in it except the blue water container. I know, its a lot to carry but i dont use the 3rd row seat so i have plenty of room. Up until about 3 and a half years ago i didn't carry much in my vehicles and then after being stranded in the middle of the desert i learned my lesson. The only other thing i did was mount a Serpa holster inside the center console for my G17.


    Contents of the backpack. I've made a bunch of changes since this picture: I no longer carry the cliff bars, i found they didnt keep well in the Arizona heat! I replaced them with Mainstay bars. I also sold my 2 Condor backpacks and replaced this one with a Maxpedition Vulture II. I have also added a change of clothes for my wife and i plus lots of baby items since having our first child.
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    6_String_Jams Loaded Pockets

    I remember you from some of the xterra forums....I recently sold my X....I was on most of them as XRockerX.
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    Bklyn.X Empty Pockets

    Cool, did we wheel together?
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    vegassprky Loaded Circuits

    ^^^^^^^^^^^Look at all that stuff just waiting to be stolen.:eek:
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    Kripto Evil Sid

    No pics of the inside yet, but here is the outside,


    Radios : Icom 706mk2g (80m, 40, 20, 15, 10), Kenwood TM-D710 (2m,440)/APRS, and Kenwood TM-742 (2m,440, 1.2G)

    Laptop/GPS/high power wifi card (ABGN) with high-gain 2.4G omni

    Power : 12v 18AH battery in the trunk with UPS style switch (car battery -> 12v 18AH -> radios)
    24inx24in solar panel with solar charge controller.

    12V battery charger, tire inflation, tire patch kit, jack etc.

    Schuey2002 Loaded Pockets

    Have you got enough antennas on that Passat? :p
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    Kripto Evil Sid

    Never can have too many antennas! :) I'm actually down one, I removed the original GPS from the dashboard (that had an external antenna) because the TM-D710 has it's own GPS and I use my iPhone for navigation. :)
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    6_String_Jams Loaded Pockets

    No, we never got the chance. I never was able to make it to any of the meets up your way.

    Now my EDC vehicle is a 1978 Honda CB750.
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Were you single when you got all of that!? And hows the baby?
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    Kripto Evil Sid

    Actually, I got most of that when I first started dating my now wife.. (So you can say she knew what she was getting into when she married me.) ;)

    The baby is now 10 months old and doing beautifully! :)
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    EDCRVa Loaded Pockets

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    evolutionglitch Loaded Pockets

    Man these vehicles are awesome! I need to get my act (car) together :)
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    Kripto Evil Sid

    I've never been accused of being subtle. ;)
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    echo63 Loaded Pockets

    Here is the contents of the other box (that lives within arms reach)
    Tow Rope (with shackles)
    equaliser strap (rope without shackles - goes between both front tow loops, and runs through an eye on the tow rope)
    i do need to add another shackle to this kit too (really i need another 3, my wife doesnt have a towrope - yet)
    jumper leads
    Eflare strobe and base
    Reflective vest.
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    Blackheart Loaded Pockets

    I know that meter well, don't knock it. I've had it for years and use it often for the job when I'm out in the field. It's smaller and lighter than my Fluke and thus easier to pack in the tool bag. I glued a piece of flexible sheet magnet to the back so I can stick it to any handy metal surface. Got the first one on sale at Harbor Freight for $3, since got 2 more for free (with coupon and purchase of something else) for the vehicles. The one at work gets alkaline batteries (changed once a year, it takes a 9V) and the ones in the vehicles get lithiums (free meter, expensive battery).
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    Gretsch308 Loaded Pockets

    Here's my EDC vehicle. Also escape vehicle!

    It has a few modifications!


    echo63 Loaded Pockets

    I think i paid $12 for it - at the only auto store open in a large country town a couple of hundred kms from home, and it was the only multimeter they had
    we had some battery issues with the wife's car, so i grabbed a cheap multimeter to see if i could trace the issue - turns out the battery was toast and she hadnt noticed any issues.
    still, it was cheap, it works, and is nice and compact - the lithium cell is a great idea (if i can find one)

    Nice Beast ! - now walk us through the modz !

    i see a set of Silver Supertones, and a primitive/subtle/gorilla lightbar with a little set of hellas, different rims and a set of rallyarmor/roxblokz/gorilla/homemade mudflaps

    what else has been done ?
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    Gretsch308 Loaded Pockets

    Here is the list! I am sure I will miss something...

    2011 WRX Limited Silver Spark Metallic

    Custom Open source Bren tune 285 AWHP 310 AWTQ
    AEM CAI Wrinkle Red

    Drive Train:
    TWM Short Throw Shifter
    TWM M1 Abrams Satin Stainless Steel Shift Knob(No Pattern)

    TWM poly front shifter bushings

    RA UR Mud Flaps

    Silver Hella Supertones
    Perrin shorty antenna
    Rally Innovations light bar

    Show car detail and paint correction by me!(I do detailing on the side!!!!)
    Ultima Paint Guard Plus
    Collinite 845
    Ultima Trim and Tire Guard

    JPM Coach Works shift boot
    JPM Coach Works e brake boot
    Pioneer AVH 4400
    OEM under seat sub woofer

    CCFL Angel Eyes
    Silver Hella Supertones
    Hella 500 FF driving lights
    5000k HID high beams
    LED license plate lights

    Summer Mode:18x7.5 Prodrive GT1 with Potenza RE760's
    Winter Mode:06/07 OEM WRX with Hankook iPikes Custom painted!
    Black Mcgard Lugs
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    ModrnDayMcGyver Loaded Pockets

    I had to give up my 2008 Jeep Commander Limited Hemi 4x4 when I started driving 35 miles each way to work. I purchased a 2012 Focus Hatchback and have loved the gas station ever since. Average 38 on the HW and 32 in the city. I haven't modded it out yet but here are the pics of what I keep in the trunk.

    -Pelican EMS FAK
    -Old pair of shoes
    -Maxpedition Falcon II Get Home Bag
    -Fire extinguisher (Mounted behind the Falcon II)

    WeebleWobble Loaded Pockets

    Here's my 2012 F150 with canopy and custom liner/drawer system. Still a work in progress.



    I have a Smittybilt light bar and Hella 500 fogs and 700FF on order. Should be installed by the end of the week.