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edc swiss champ

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by scottandrews6, Nov 23, 2012.

    scottandrews6 Loaded Pockets

    anyone ever edc one for an extended amount of time? just want one to add to my small collection (the hard wood one of course). sometimes i have my cadet and a ps4 with me but that looks like both them put together on steriods and more stuff to play with lol. any suggestions on carry aswel? getting a skinth milky way so dont really want another belt pouch so is pocket carry ok with it? mostly wear jeans but alreay have alot in my pockets. but if i get that it would also get rid of some things . BAAHHAHAHAHAAA edc is taking over my life lttle by little
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    ^One of us. :rolleyes:
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    stax Loaded Pockets

    The four layer Explorer is my limit for pocket carry SAKs. Anything larger is Skinth bait.
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    tomsk Loaded Pockets

    I'd say yes I'd pocket carry that . I've carried round a lot more with out bother
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    Aleister Loaded Pockets

    I could fill a sheet about carrying one for 20+ years, how much I love the little(ish) thing, in how many cases it saved the day e.t.c. e.t.c. but I will just say this:

    Get a Swisschamp ;)

    My last - and best - method of carrying it is hanged - very high in front right jeans pocket - on a coupler which is hanged by a carabiner with my belt passing through it. Carried so high, I don't even notice it.
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    metropolicity Loaded Pockets

    The best way of course is a Skinth S-shield. But yah, two belt pouches and you're batman.

    Nothing wrong with batman.

    scottandrews6 Loaded Pockets

    No def. nothing wrong with batman but my line of work I can't have alot on my belt. Short order cook at my families diner meens alot of bumping
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    Grateful Loaded Pockets

    I have been doing so more or less full time for several months now. Mine spends alot of time on my belt in a black nylon Victorinox sheath. It is alot more comfortable than the leather one I have. Times when I don't want to carry it in a belt sheath I just drop it in my front pocket. I carry it by it's self in the pocket and after doing so from time to time over a few months, I have gotten pretty comfortable doing so.

    nuphoria Loaded Pockets

    I have carried one, but mostly find I needed less in my pocketses.

    Throwing one in a bag doesn't hurt though ;)
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    jimmiewalker Loaded Pockets

    i did it every day.for my last birthday my wife gave me a black swisschamp. it's a quite heavy, or, maybe, the wrongest, is not possible to apply a good pochet clip.now i'm usin a suspension clip, but when i use the phil screwdriver, the noising clip make me bad!
    for example, the leatherman charge'spocket clip works very well, for me.

    bubbaj Loaded Pockets

    I only have 1 SAK from when i was a kid, decent knife. But you should get the Swiss Champ XAVT. Now that is a tool!

    znapschatz Loaded Pockets

    And the same can be said for its owner :D .

    TonyL Loaded Pockets

    You carry an xhvt in your pocket ONLY when stolling in gale force winds!
    The Champ is perfect for pouch or sheath carry, ant the thickness is almost at the maximum limit for small handywork.
    I have one myself, almost 15 years old, and the only replaced acessory was the tweezer!!!!!

    Redman1982 Loaded Pockets

    When I was in the service, most of the guys in my platoon carried 3 knives with them to the field. This was before Leatherman multi tools came out, or at least before they became popular. The SAK Champ was very popular. It was carried on the trouser belt in the leather sheath. I bought one while I was deployed and gave it to my Dad when I returned in 1985. He used it a lot since it was so handy for fixing things around the house. He has since passed on and I now have it. This is a special tool that embodied quality and precision.
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    DragonLord Empty Pockets

    I've been carrying a Victorinox SwissChamp since January 2012, and all those tools really come in handy. I've used it for tasks ranging from slicing a pizza to opening my computer for upgrading. I mostly keep it in my handbag, and I can't imagine being without it.

    The XAVT is waaay too large to carry, and it's too expensive for most.

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    drb328 Loaded Pockets

    I've been carrying my swisschamp in my front right on a suspension clip for a couple months and could tell stories about saving the day with it, but long story short...it's worth having

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    scottandrews6 Loaded Pockets

    So I've been edcing my leatherman wave and stream light micro stream c4 for my work edc but I rarely use the pliers and its alot weight on my belt and gets in the way of my coworkers( I'm a short order cook lots of bumping behind the counter) so I think I'm going to give the champ a try for a week or two . I just baby it to much cuz it's my grail. I know it's no sebenza but I just love the thing and I use all my other knives as knives and not trophies so might as well do it with this little guy keep u guys posted

    scottandrews6 Loaded Pockets

    If this works metro might have a new order coming in
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    CSM-101 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I've looked at the Swisschamp for years, thought it might be too large for pocket carry, but always wanted one. Played with one at Smokey Mountain Knife Works last Sept and heck, they are only $74 there, think I'm gonna have to cave and get it.

    scottandrews6 Loaded Pockets

    I suggest you do i think it's one of the best out there more classy than a plier based tool i think if u don't use them often