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EDC self defence?

Discussion in 'Personal Security Devices & Self-Defense' started by chrisfarms, May 9, 2012.

    JPHing Loaded Pockets

    (speaking to all)

    One fun way to train is get a bunch of your buddy's from various martial arts and spar with all of them (1v1 and 1v2) sticking to your style.

    Most important thing about ma and sd, the guy in the street probably wont attack you as per your style (and what you learned to defend against), so its important to be flexible and adaptible.
    Also find weeknesses in your fighting/ma style and overcome
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    JonM1911 Loaded Pockets

    Everyone says that you will default to your level of training, but I heard something by James Yeager that is absolutely true. "You won't default to your level of training, you'll default to the level of training you've MASTERED." Completely true, you lose most thought process and all fine motor skills. Luckily I've never had to use my training, but that's why I often take lower level Krav class in addition to my lvl 3 classes. Refresher and keeps it second nature.
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    Cynt Loaded Pockets

    What wins fights? The willingness to do overwhelming violence.
    That will also leave you in court.

    On the streets I'm nice and smart. You come in my house where my wife and kids are...

    Anyway, get training, pick what fits you. If your not moving forward, your moving back.
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    JonM1911 Loaded Pockets

    Not really. If someone attacks you, you are allowed to defend yourself with enough force to allow you to opportunity to break contact and escape. If that means I break his jaw, arm, leg, ribs, whatever, to make that happen, I'm ok. If he's laying on the ground with a broken ankle and arm and I repeatedly kick him in the head, THEN I'll end up in court, I could have escaped. The only time a force equality is applied is usually when a firearm is involved, eg. I can't shoot someone who punches me, they have to have a deadly weapon, ie gun, knife, pipe, ballbat, or overwhelming numbers.
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    Cynt Loaded Pockets

    I said it'll get you in court, it'll open you to civil case (depending on local too). That's just how this world of lawyers works. Good points on disparity of force.

    But yes be quick and brutal, get away and call cops. Then, talk to your lawyer.

    There's reality and then there's what's right and it does not always connect. My personal opinion is you try to take mine, your forfeit yours. That won't swing so well when you are getting sued, unfortunately, so I train to behave.

    Knew I should avoid this... LOL. There is opinion on what you should be able to do and then there is our legal quagmire, and so much changes from place to place even in one country. Everybody be smart and find out what laws cage you.
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    quietconundrum EDC Junkie

    I've started Krav Maga training... strictly a defensive means of diffusing and getting away from a situation. A stopgap measure between a verbal warning and drawing my CCW. Any means of eliminating the need to draw my CCW is a win in my opinion.
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    EmberMike Loaded Pockets

    If you have to ask this question in an Internet forum, you probably shouldn't be trying to use any EDC tool for self defense.
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    herosemblem Loaded Pockets

    Not sure what you mean, or where you were going with that, Mike. Clarification, please?

    JPHing Loaded Pockets

    I'm with Mike on that.
    Often, asking what weapon to use or is best without any background, shows a lack of experience in what works
    (I'm speaking about all these types of threads by various users, in all forums in general)

    It is possible to defend one's self with a weapon untrained and inexperienced, but extremely risky or more risky.
    If things go wrong (eg the attacker reponds with a weapon and proves to be better) the results can be fatal.

    Even if a person is trained and/or experience (with knives for example), different people have different tastes and preferences
    What works for you and is comfortable for you, might not be the same for another

    Lastly if one decides to use a paticular type of weapon, he/she must be willing to deal the damage the weapon inflics, and live with the results and consequences should usage be legally justified and required
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    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I'm a little curious as to what people would recomend to someone who is untrained if they are attacked? Yes, yes you should be trained and everything ahead of time. But what should I do if someone breaks into my house and attacks my family today? Curl up on the floor and hope they don't kill me? Seriously, training is great, but all this, the attacker might take your weapon, and such and such item is worthless without training stuff gets on my nerves a little bit.
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    JPHing Loaded Pockets

    I wouldn't say worthless. Lets rather say training increases one's chance of being effective, successful and surviving.
    Fact is you never who you face or how good he is.

    If one is trained it's more easy to find what works best for him/her
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    Dok J Loaded Pockets

    I would say passive security, like in making more likely being atacked. Strong doors and windows, alarm, good awareness, training apropiate to realistic situations you may have to face. If break-ins are common in your town/city you might need the training, but then again avoiding the situation (prevention) and escaping if possible seem the best defense.
    Once you're into a fight or die situation... fight dirty, fast and take no mercy. But in this point I'll take any advice too.
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    ac7ss Loaded Pockets

    Situational awareness will prevent many attacks. Don't walk with your head in your phone. Look around when you enter a new space. Make eye contact with people. Stay away from bottlenecks, or at least minimise your time in them.

    Don't be the easy target. I am sure that the lighting, steel security screen door, and cameras watching the front of my house (not to mention the redneck yard) discourage a few would be naerdowells.
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    Sarky Loaded Pockets

    In addition, I always take wide corners when walking through alleys to give me a little more time to react if there's anyone waiting round the corner.
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    JPHing Loaded Pockets

    I can relate to a lot of what you said
    About a year ago, a guy broke into my property by prying the front palisade door, jumping over a short wall on the side then prying open the security gate on the back door.

    Lucky I just happen to be near that door inside (was fetching a ladder).
    I heard a thumping on that door, looked outside and we both saw each other. The guy took off due to a witness (me) seeing him.

    We secured all those doors and built up that short wall higher.

    I fully agree on fighting dirty.
    A valuable lesson my Uncle/former sensei taught is "Do your best to avoid fights and confrontatons. However if a fight unavoidable remember the one rule. There are no rules."

    A guy attacking in the street will not play fair or fight honourably. To protect one needs to fight as dirty (if the fight was un avoidable).

    With the utmost repect, I would be careful on the 'no mercy' part based on your local law.

    In South Africa for example, if it's proven the attacker is disabled (eg: Knocked out cold) and the defender continues to beat the guy or kill him, self defence now becomes assault or murder.

    To quote from Karate Kid 2.
    "Best defense is not be there"
    Mr Miyagi was talking bout being hit. But the saying holds true to avoiding dangerous places and situations
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    Dok J Loaded Pockets

    Sorry I didn't explain myself properly.
    I know quite some people that land a nice hit (mainly punches to the face) that, in the last moment, hit softer because they're afraid of hurting the other one. Know some that are so afraid of getting hit they close their eyes before blocking or dodging... therefore get hit.
    If you can't avoid the fight, you're going to get hit, several times.
    I meant no mercy like in doing whatever you have to do to end the attack, but once the attacker isn't willing to fight any more we go back to escape and avoid. Ive been attacked a couple times (worked in a rough neighborhood), one backed when he saw I was going to stand my ground, the other didn't and got hurt... Unless guns are involved, you'll only need to hurt the attacker to a certain extent when he won't want to (or won't be able to) keep with the attack.
    If guns are involved... bad outcome.

    Just for the record: in Spain SD isn't encouraged. It's assault with the mitigating factor of defending yourself... weapons, fighting if you can run or first blow make things worse... with the addedd bonus of being guilty until proven not. :nah_disagree:

    JPHing Loaded Pockets

    Sorry, my Bad. Fully agree with that ^

    It works like that in SA as well.