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EDC related place in NY Manhattan ?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by sbillard, Jan 16, 2012.

    sbillard Loaded Pockets


    I will be visiting New-York in february. Have you some places to recommend around Manhattan that are related to EDC (knives, tactical gear and stuff) ? Also I would like to buy some silver bullions and bars likes Apmex bars or American Silver Eagles, are there some shops to buy these at à honest price ? (only a few ounces)
  1. might be hard finding a place in NY for knives. I have a friend who lives there and we were just talking about how knives and such were illegal to carry.

    Getahl Loaded Pockets

    From what I gather, knives aren't strictly against the law, but LEOs enforce it that way. Gravity knives are illegal, and anything with a lock that can be flicked open by either grasping the blade or handle and flicking your wrist, is considered a gravity knife. Slipjoints are your friend :)

    qip Loaded Pockets

    atlantic tactical .... queens blvd in woodside queens , they got 5.11 clothing bags pouches, some leathermans and sogs , some knives but not much , rest is police, patrol like clothing ....the store they show on the site is not the one in ny fyi http://www.atlantictactical.com/index.asp?url=IND

    Jetsrb32 Loaded Pockets

    Paragon Sports (Camping gear & knives - production and a few custom)
    Located at Broadway and 18th

    Eastern Mountain Sports
    Located in SOHO and Upper West Side

    Located in Soho

    Tent & Trails (knives and camp gear)
    Located on Park Place downtown
    • In Omnia Paratus

    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    Kaufman Surplus at 319 West 42nd Street

    Cosmo7809 Loaded Pockets

    Big plus 1

    sbillard Loaded Pockets

    Wow thanks for those suggestions, I will enter all of them in my GPS for easy access :)

    Now for buying some ounces of silver, where can I go ? 47th street ?

    sbillard Loaded Pockets

    Hi, back from NYC !

    We had nice time there, visiting the Statue of Liberty, Timesquare, The Empire State, the Brooklyn Bridge, Financial district, Rockfeller Center, Tudor City, Roosevelt Island, Chinatown, Central Park and many small parks with squirrels. Some emotions too when visiting Ground Zero and the WTC museum...

    EDC-wise, NY was not that exciting for me. Paragon sports and REI have some knives and multitools but choice is limited and price not that competitive compared to Ebay even when ordering from France. Surplus stores such like army navy are textile mainly, not much gear. NYC is very european in that aspect.

    Anyway I found nice spy (pill) capsule in RX in pharmacies, and bought 3 ounces of silver at FH coins and collectibles (very nice shop), including an American Silver Eagle :)

    Am eager to visit other places in USA (more rural and "manly" :)

    Fink Empty Pockets


    A buddy of mine got in trouble for having a legal folding knife in his pocket on the subway in Manhattan. It wasn't an automatic, or even assisted, but because it was loose enough to be flicked open they consider it a gravity knife - which is a BIG no-no. Stick to a SAK or leatherman and you should be fine.

    I've been to a sweet Victorinox store in SoHo. Didn't buy anything but it is a super nice place to check out all of their models and play with 'em. I just checked it out online to find the exact address and pparently they're moving locations and will re-open this fall.

    reppans Loaded Pockets

    What happened to him? Arrested... with a record?

    I can understand if they confiscate, but to give someone a [criminal?] record for carrying a folding knife, which is perfectly legal in the rest of 99.999% America is nuts.

    How about knives with thumbstuds, or holes, that allow one-handed operation?

    2die4 Loaded Pockets

    did he get a ticket or did he get arrested?

    Fink Empty Pockets

    He got arrested. I think he eventually got the charges lessened but had to pay a lawyer thousands to do it for him.

    He was getting off of the subway around 2am and was the only guy in a large group with his girlfriend and her friends. A cop in the subway spotted his pocket clip and stopped him, put him up against a wall, searched him, and arrested him. He didn't know he wasn't allowed to have a blade and wasn't trying to conceal it.

    I don't think all loose folders should be considered gravity knives but apparently the NYPD does.