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EDC on plane

Discussion in 'Travel' started by The7thNazgul, Jun 11, 2010.

    The7thNazgul Loaded Pockets

    Can I carry a Gerber shard and a Schrade tactical pen on a plane without losing them?



    jeeves3443 Loaded Pockets

    I would think twice about the pen.

    TSA is wise to the tactics of the Mall ninja's and seem to confiscate any pens/tools that seem inappropriate or overtly dangerous. The SureFire I pens should be fine. But anything with a 'gouger' end or a glass breaker or (DNA sampler)other 'tool' will at least raise a flag or two. Is the shard the thing with the fold out exacto blade? I've heard of people flying with those, after they've removed the blade of course.

    Good luck.


    Don't take the chance . Check them in your baggage .

    BE WELL .. GH

    Wes_Siler Loaded Pockets

    I've flown with a Shard probably 15 times now, they're fine. I'd think twice about the tactical pen, just get a generic metal-bodied pen, more or less the same thing.

    Getahl Loaded Pockets

    I've flown with an Artifact about a dozen times or so, no problems. Without the exacto blade, of course.

    The7thNazgul Loaded Pockets

    I was just wondering about the pen because it doesn't really look "tactical". I do plan on picking up a stainless steel sharpie if I can find one.

    The7thNazgul Loaded Pockets

    Never Mind the pen. Just lost it yesterday. AGGHH.

    Small Shiny Objects Loaded Pockets

    What does this mean? You really lost it (as in misplaced it), or the TSA confiscated it?

    The7thNazgul Loaded Pockets

    Really lost it. Apoligies. Dropped out of my pocket.
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    I have flown with my Smith & Wesson pen, no problem. If you want to play it safe safe a self addressed atamped tyvek envelope with you. Any trouble and no time to get it checked, just mail it home.

    H2O Loaded Pockets

    Good Advice Amacman
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    TheBoyScout22 Loaded Pockets

    Where would one find a stainless steel sharpie?

    Cobra 6 Actual Loaded Pockets

    ModrnDayMcGyver Loaded Pockets

    Just for future reference for anyone who is wondering. I have flown from DFW to LAX and Newark Int. with a Smith and Wesson M&P pen with no problems multiple times.

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    I used to fly a LOT. I've lost a few items to the TSA over the years. It really seems to hinge upon the agent(s) at the gate. If you carry anything that's "borderline", be prepared to leave it at the gate or get out of line and mail it to yourself.

    biomike Loaded Pockets

    I recently flew with my CRKT Elishewitz pen on an international flight. TSA searched my bag to look at it and when they picked it up, said it was the most sturdy pen he had seen. I explained to him that I was on a business trip and had too many incidents where cheap pens broke and were rendered unusable so I got a more sturdy one. He gave it back and said that it seemed like this one wouldn't break. I realize that I am at risk of losing it on a future trip, but I have traveled with this pen and others like it for quite a while and have not had a problem. For those trips when I am not checking bags, my pen and Surefire E2D are all I can carry without much difficulty from TSA. If I wind up losing it eventually, it is the cost of doing business and I will replace it with another.

    Sparkey Loaded Pockets

    I've got a zebra F-701 that I really like. It's just a really sturdy pen that could do some damage in a pinch.

    barlow666 Loaded Pockets

    I once tried to mail something from a major US airport (sorry, don't remember which) and discovered that there were no mailboxes! Seems soemone (TSA?) decided that they were potential places for nasty folks to leave bombs. Same thought eliminated self check lockers years ago.

    So it goes.

    joeyontz Loaded Pockets

    I've only flown once, to Vegas from Baltimore. Getting ready to fly again to Texas from Baltimore. I'm going to do the same thing I did he first time. Guaranteed no problems. I'll take a blank CD or two, bandana, and some electrical tape. Along with other TSA approved edc items. I figure if I need to improvise, I'll snap the disk in half, wrap my bandana around for a handle and secure with electrical tape. It's sharp, easy, quick and TSA safe (prior to making). I'm only going for a day so no checked luggage.