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Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by Bloodnut, Nov 10, 2009.



    Dec 7, 2009
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    No joke here ..
    I do suffer from mental illness and have for many years and I'm also on medication and under psychotherapy ..
    My statements were ; 1) A play on abbreviation and 2) Based on fact , BOTH not intentionality meant to offend anyone ..
    So therefore this will be my last post on this thread .

    BE WELL .. GH
  2. xxecatxx

    xxecatxx Empty Pockets

    Oct 3, 2009
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    Been diagnosed with ADD and depression. ADD is a bi... er....a pain. Mostly cause I'm still in school. I'm on medication for both. Some things I'm obsessive compulsive about, like that picture of the pencils perfect excet for that one. Uugh. But not everything.
  3. jegrundh

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    Dec 6, 2009
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    never been to a shrink to be formally diagnosed (yet, planning on changing that, after all, the best EDC is a sharp mind :) ) but pretty sure i have minor OCD and ADD. OCD shows up in organization and only in certain things (as a kid symmetry when building legos was the only way to build for me, anything less, even in color, was unacceptable) and still certain things will bug me. All I can say about it is that i like everything to have its own specific place, otherwise i get disorganized. But once i get to organizing something I can't stop until its done. However ADD wise i can rarely finish a project :( because i will get bored with it, etc. And after talking with my mom and sister (both of which have diagnosed ADD) I believe that i might be in the same boat. I know some of you have posted theories about ADD being a pharmaceutical conspiracy, etc. etc. But i can honestly say that having experienced the before and after, it's a legit condition. I also start my first semester of psych next semester which will be AWESOME i'm hoping (especially since its an 8:30 class..) but i've always been fascinated with the human brain and how it works and how to explain things. But yeah, good post :)

    Stay Frosty.