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EDC Items Where Do You Carry them

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by MR24927, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. MR24927
    • In Omnia Paratus

    MR24927 Loaded Pockets

    Sep 5, 2011
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    for me my keys are on a carrybeaner and tucketed into my back right pocket wallet back left knife and pen front right and phone in the front left
  2. AB.AlexB

    AB.AlexB Loaded Pockets

    Jan 30, 2012
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    Front right - Fairall Designs Model 3, Moleskin Pocket notebook
    Front left - Emerson SOFCK-BW, iPhone 4
    Right cargo- Sunwayman V10r Ti2, Lamy Safari
    Back right - Wallet
    Right welt pocket - Munroe DTS Dangler with keys
    Left welt pocket - Munroe Mega Dangler with remote and tools
    Left wrist - Seiko SKX013
  3. NuShroom

    NuShroom Loaded Pockets

    Aug 5, 2012
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    Front Right- Iphone, Keys keychain, gum or mints, mini bic
    Front left- EDC Keychain, Main Blade, Main Light,
    Back left- Wallet
  4. Mortke

    Mortke Loaded Pockets

    Oct 27, 2011
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    Front Right - Knife (always changing) and Zippo
    Left front - Knife (always changing)
    Right Cargo - Phone, pen, and sharpie
    Left Cargo - SAK explorer, and PSK
    Right Back - Wallet, and duct tape
    Left Back - Homemade denim strop
    Left Side on Belt - Flashlight
    Right Side on Belt - Flashlight
    Front Left Belt Loop - S-biner with keys, p38, 2 small screwdrivers, and a 32GB flash drive
  5. Gryffin
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    Gryffin Loaded Pockets

    May 21, 2010
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    Where do I carry them? I carry them wherever I go! :D

    (I know, just what this board needs, another class clown...)

    Left Front: Wallet (CountyComm Traveler), keychain tools (varies; today, Vic Executive, Maratac AAA, 4GB flash drive, tritium glow fob)
    Right Front: Flashlight and knife in Bill's Urban Wallet (today: Sunwayman V11R and Zero Tolerance ZT0560)
    Left Rear, Right Rear: not a blessed thing, I sit all day at work!
    Cargo Pocket: iPhone
    Belt: Multitool (today: Leatherman PST-II)
    "Suburban Assault Bag" (Maxped Malaga): tool kit, charging kit, boo-boo kit, file folders, notepad & scribbling instruments, coffee thermos, lunch, meds, headlamp, assorted doohickery; Janus on the strap with sunglasses, microfiber glass cloth, hand sanitizer, backup flashlight, Bluetooth headset, Fisher Cap-O-Matic M&P pen, etc.
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  6. goosefacer
    • In Omnia Paratus

    goosefacer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Feb 18, 2010
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    Right front: small Sebbie 21, IlluminaTi AAA, Oakley glasses pouch/cloth
    Watch pocket: Ronson JetLite
    Right rear: iPhone 4 in Lifeproof case
    Left rear: Kyono slim slimmy wallet (sometimes), FourSevens Ti pen, mini Moleskin notebook
    Left front: LM Juice Cs4 on Munroe Ti dangler, wallet (sometimes)

    Keys clipped to Maxpedition Keyper on belt between LF & LR pockets
  7. Jack_Wood

    Jack_Wood Loaded Pockets

    Sep 9, 2008
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    My EDC is not even complete to the point where I consider myself to be “refining” it, but I'm getting happy with it.

    The only pants I currently own are LAPG Operator pants, which have these nice front of the thigh utility pockets and calf cargo pockets. You'll note that I can't stand having anything in my rear pockets.

    • Casio Super Illuminator on Maratac Bond Zulu band.
    Right front:
    • THE Wallet (I know, I know, it is ridiculously huge)
    • Black Scallion pocket knife
    Left front:
    • Keychain - keys, light, Inka pen, tweezers, Gerber shard
    • Lumapower EDC LM32 (sometimes)
    Left utility/thigh:
    • Cellphone - Xperia X10, in Otterbox Commuter
    Right Cargo:
    • pocket tissue pack
    • Pentalic pocket notebook - orange cover, grid-paper
    Left Cargo:
    • Flashlight (alternate location)
    • “MacGyver” pouch - a Diplomat pocket organizer containing repair and jury rigging supplies (not tools, but, eg, safety pins, paracord, sewing kit, etc. sometimes this feels too bulky and I'll put it in my bag instead)
    Left calf:
    • headphones - Meelectronics in-ear monitors, in a clamshell case (left cargo pocket if MacGyver pouch is in bag)
    Right calf:
    • collapsible grocery bag
    • mission specific flex space
    • Water bottle
    • multi-tool
    • small towel
    • small first aid kit
    • school/office supply things - pens, pencils, erasers, ruler, compass, etc
    • electronics (usb drive, charger, cables, sometimes netbook)
    • A few other bits and bobs
    Last edited by Jack_Wood, Aug 18, 2012
  8. critterfixer
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    critterfixer Loaded Pockets

    Sep 15, 2010
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    Front right pocket - Ruger LCP w/ Crinson Trace laser in pocket holster

    Front left pocket - car keys with Wenger nail clipper SAK and PocketToolX Brewzer keychains, Fisher Space Pen, Chapstick

    Back Right Pocket - iPhone 4 and whatever knife I'm carrying that day clipped to the far right side of the pocket

    Back left pocket - wallet and Streamlight Stylus Pro clipped to the far left side of the pocket

    Leatherman Juice cs4 in nylon belt pouch carried horizontal on belt at 8 o'clock

    Self made paracord bracelet on right wrist

    Timex on left wrist
  9. reppans

    reppans Loaded Pockets

    Jan 31, 2011
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    Pocketed Items:

    Clipped Items:

    Still leaves one pocket empty for variable items depending upon what I'm doing for the day.
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  10. whoozle

    whoozle Loaded Pockets

    Feb 27, 2012
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    Breast pocket of jacket - cellphone, chapstick, Zebra F-701, Moleskine
    Right pocket of jacket - carabiner w/ keys and two pocket tools

    Front right zippered coin pocket - multi-tool and flashlight
    Left cargo pants pocket - wallet

    Backpack - boo-boo kit, moist wipes, water bottle, and other stationary items
  11. blazeops

    blazeops Loaded Pockets

    Jul 9, 2012
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    5.11 Taclite Shorts

    Front Left Slim Pouch - Extra Glock Mag
    Left Bottom Cargo Pocket - Work Cellphone
    Left Front Pocket - Cellphone
    Left Back Pocket - Shield w/ ID Card

    Front Right Drop In Pocket - LM Charge Alx
    Right Bottom Cargo - Keys
    Right Front Pocket - Pen
    Right Back Pocket - Wallet

    4-5 o'clock on belt - Glock 19 in a owb pancake
  12. KAMM
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    Jun 10, 2012
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    When I pocket carry
    Front left: Wallet, Chapstick, flashlight
    Front right: Lighter, pen, sharpie
    Back left: Keys
    Back right: Phone

    When I carry my Skinth everything is the same except

    Skinth: flashlight, pen, sharpie and wave.

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  13. xtrajack

    xtrajack Loaded Pockets

    Feb 9, 2011
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    Would love to play along, but I am too tired to type it all out, now. I just got off a 12hr. overnight shift. I know that I have answered this question in/on other threads.
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  14. TitanEDC

    TitanEDC Loaded Pockets

    Aug 15, 2012
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    I put mine a large pocket or bag.
  15. xtrajack

    xtrajack Loaded Pockets

    Feb 9, 2011
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    Nice pen!!
  16. Hartigan
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Hartigan EDC Junkie!!!

    May 25, 2012
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    FR: Knife and wallet or knife and phone. Wallet is then in my bag or jacket.
    FL: Keys with dangler and light,cigs and lighter: Zippo or Imco.
    BL: Handkerchief or bandana.
    BR: Nothing or sometimes a second knife.

    Other items like a multitool,second light,spare batteries ,FAK ....... are in my bag.
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  17. SAKplumber
    • In Omnia Paratus

    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Nov 26, 2011
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    I think you'll need a dedicated thread...maybe a sticky! And a day off;)
  18. musicman13

    musicman13 Loaded Pockets

    Jun 15, 2012
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    FL: iPhone 4
    FR: knife and keys
    BL: Usually nothing
    BR: Wallet and sometimes a flashlight (need to get a penlight to start carrying one more)
    330 IWB: Small secondary foldder
    Left Wrist: Watch
  19. AK Adventurer

    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    Apr 14, 2010
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    99% of the time I'm in Wrangers, or Cabelas 5 pocket jeans.
    Front left pocket -
    Phone, loose.
    Pen(G2) clipped along rear seam/leg seam.
    Flashlight(Teralux 80lm 2xAAA) clipped in front of pen.

    Front right pocket -
    Muli-tool clipped along rear seam--
    Otherwise empty pocket for anything I might pick up in the course of a day.

    If I have a big multi on me, like my current Surge, I keep is as stated. But with a smaller multi, like Wingman, or Wave, I put the phone in the right pocket with the multi and keep the left pocket open to options. The phone is more comfortable in the right pocket... but too hard to get out past the bigger multi.

    Watch pocket-
    Zippo and Case peanut.
    Sometimes a loose house key.

    Back Right Pocket -
    Wallet- simple leather bi-fold.

    Back left pocket -
    Empty, again, for anything I might pick up in the course of a day. I tend to drop mechanics tools here while at work, instead of laying them down somewhere, more handy than trying to go find it again.

    If I carry a keychain(rare) its clipped to the keeper loop on my belt next to the buckle, which I wear over my left hip. If I carry a bigger light, then its caribinered here, and the keys move to right side belt loop.

    If i carry my bit kit/tool accessory pouch I put it on my belt between right side belt loop, and back belt loop, just over front edge of back right pocket. Or, caribiner it to right side belt loop, or the next one back.

  20. Jaiofspam

    Jaiofspam Loaded Pockets

    Nov 14, 2011
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    lol oh man, this thread brings back some memories. i got tired of friends, family and coworkers commenting on my "bat belt" :p when i first started to fervently edc several years ago. my carry methods have evolved since then and i no longer carry any items on my belt besides my leatherman (rarely ever leave the house without this thing) and work security access card. i also wear a watch everyday (extends battery life of your cellphone by 30-60%) and have polychromatic glasses so i never need shades. it may seem like i carry a lot while cataloging all the items but i wear 5.11 cargos on the job and its an overall discreet system without any excessive/noticeable bulging, rattling etc.

    i carry m-f/90% of the time in the following manner.
    right front: primary edc knife clipped to pocket (holes and shredding have developed here on most of my pants), matchbook & loose change/cash
    left front and/or 5.11 phone/mag pocket: these pockets are dedicated solely for my cellphone
    right rear: pen clipped to pocket and wallet
    left rear: primary edc flashlight clipped to pocket (holes and shredding have developed here on my of pants too lol), bandana & rite in rain notepad
    right bellow: light work gloves, chapstick/bic lighter and house keys (the gloves keeps the key chain items from rattling)
    left bellow: uncle bills urban wallet with secondary "for fun" knife/flashlight and pepper spray/houdini tool

    now for the weekend or days when im not wearing cargo shorts/pants i carry the following:
    right front: primary edc knife clipped and house/car keys
    left front cellphone
    right rear: wallet
    left rear: primary edc flashlight (something small, single AAA/AA) and bandanna

    for business/formal occassions i'll modify some of the items i carry:
    right front: small edc knife such as a spyderco caly 3 or alox pioneer
    left front: cellphone
    right rear: wallet (i'll swap the core items out of my specops wallet into my gucci wallet lol)
    left rear pocket: empty
    coat: car keys, space pen and maybe a flashlight (AAA size)

    my edc thread and old video:

    Last edited by Jaiofspam, Aug 19, 2012
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