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EDC Holster or Carry Other Method for the Shirt & Tie/Suit Crowd

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by Rfd62106, Jan 2, 2013.

    Rfd62106 Loaded Pockets

    Hi there,

    So as i have been reviewing the forums for the last couple months, and trying to decide on how to carry all my "stuff" with me, it dawned on me that your average EDC organizer (i.e. a Maxpedition or Skinth) or other belt mounted generic holster like a Nite Ize or random multitool pouch just wont work for me because i spend the bulk of my time in a suit or at least in a shirt and tie. Your typical canvas type holster with pens, lighters, multitools, and knives in it just wont work in the professional office environment (atleast not at my job) as it/I would stick out like a sore thumb.

    The best thought i had was to find a generic leather cellphone holder and fill that up. If it closes completely, and you can't see much of the contents, that would be a home run. And since it is a cell phone holster it wont really stand out if people notice it since they are common place and the leather rounds out the look of keeping it "office appropriate".

    I would rather not just keep it all on a keychain in a big lump in my pocket. I sit in a lot of meetings so a suspension clip wont really fix that either.

    Anyone else in my situation? Anyone else have any other ideas on a good "Professional" looking carry method?

    Thanks in advance!
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    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    If you have the money, leather holsters and pouches are definitely acceptable for suit-and-tie attire, in my opinion. Although that will vary somewhat - in the US West and South-West, leather accessories are more likely to be better received than, say, in the North/North East. The Western cultural theme with cowboy roots is more accepting of an elegantly tooled leather belt pouch(es).

    I don't know that I'd go Batman in leather, mind you. Discrete dark black nylon works reasonably well also, considering how many people sport smartphone belt carriers.

    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I wear a suit to work everyday. Since I can't carry a bag at work do to the rules I actually am glad for the full suit. Instead of just the shirt and tie. The first reason is that anything I carry on my belt is mostly hiden. The second reason is that it adds a lot of pockets. So if wearing a full suit is an option you might go that route. Personally I think that using a skinth as a smart phone holder is a good idea. In dark colors the smaller ones look just as professional as any other phone case. Lucky leather, available through the forum store makes a "wallet" that looks awesome and seems like it would hold a lot of stuff. The problem I see with it is bulk. It seems better for bag carry then pocket carry but maybe someone who has handled one can give you a better review.
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    sungame Loaded Pockets

    IMHO, you already own a classy, stylish and useful EDC organizer. It's called a suit! Again, in my experience, everything you will realistically need in a suit and tie type of environment (keys, wallet, phone, notebook, pen, light, knife and perhaps even a micro FAK) can be comfortably and covertly carried in the pockets of a good suit.
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    wildborego EDC Junkie!!!!!

    What are you planning on carrying?

    How much weight?

    JP5 Loaded Pockets

    Exactly.... I carry my wallet, folding knife, phone, .380 and extra mag, and keys all in my pockets... My leatherman,flashlight, and headphones go in my messenger bag or backpack.
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    ac7ss Loaded Pockets

    There was a post recently on IWB EDC carry. For most folks this would work fine for a light EDC load. My pockets could easily fit mostly IWB. (Spidy, and skeletool are the biggest items I carry.) Most folks carry a bulkier keyring than mine, and mine has a Fenix AAA light, Lighter, P38 and dog tag on it (plus my car keys with a MicroSD reader). My wallet is similarly small, and will be smaller with the HuMn mini I should be receiving this week. The only other thing I carry is a business card holder and blackberry.

    There are a few In The Pocket organizers available to flatten out the MT and Flashlight keeping them smaller than the average wallet.

    If you have the opportunity, a kit can be made to fit in your Briefcase for stuff you don't need ready access to. Tom Bihn makes a bag that is the same size as a laptop bag that is basically an admin panel. There is another one called "Grid-It" IIRC that is similar but in more sizes.

    Redman1982 Loaded Pockets

    Get a Smartcarry holster. I have the one with the pocket behind the holster so I can carry a pistol, extra mag and other stuff behind the gun. I carry my knife in my pocket with the clip. Not the fastest draw, but better than nothing. Pleated dress trousers work really well. Another idea for deep concealment is a cell pal holster. I use a Nite Ize case with that for my droid.

    reppans Loaded Pockets

    Yeah IWB made all the difference for me. My Stage 1 and Stage 2 EDC carry.... works fine in a suit too.

    rickboone Loaded Pockets

    IWB your larger items using a Remora single magazine pouch....

    [IMG] You can put a knife, or MT in there instead of a magazine. Even a flashlight.

    Get something like a Bill's Custom wallet for the other stuff and that can carry in your pocket.

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    deerbnb Loaded Pockets


    Suit, jeans, whatever. Always there. Always discreet.
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    MedusaOblongata Loaded Pockets

    My coat has six pockets, and the overcoat I wear in the winter can carry even more. If you like your coat, but it doesn't have many pockets, a tailor can sew in additional inside pockets.
    If you carry a bag, no one has to know what's in it.
    If you wear a coat and don't take it off then you can carry things IWB or OWB as well.
    Even in slacks, I carry this pouch in my back left pocket without a problem (I refuse to buy pants that don't have a back left pocket). I'm thinking of something similar for my back right pocket, since my wallet there takes up so little space.
    I've also seen back pocket holsters for small pistols.
    Some slacks have a handy coin pocket sewn inside the right front pocket, and using it reduces perceived bulk (holds my knife against my leg, rather than pushing out against the visible fabric). You could have something similar sewn in the left front pocket as well.
    Your pants and coat pockets would have to bulge quite a bit before anyone would notice or say anything.
    I heard of someone who got a belt pouch made to hold a pair of glasses - no one gave it a second glance, and no one ever knew it held a knife.
    And the leather belt pouch that looks like a cell phone holster won't draw any attention.

    If you list the items you carry we can offer more specific solutions.

    Rfd62106 Loaded Pockets

    I'm not looking to carry anything huge or even too much quantity. In fact, the nature of my carry was intended to be made up of only stuff i could attach to a keychain and resulted in what i would consider to be minimalist in nature. A general list of the items to be included are a Gerber Ripstop II (clipped to the inside of my belt and hidden behind my existing cell holster), Gerber Dime (multitool), Zippo Lighter (currently in the coin pocket of jeans or in that little coin pocket built into dress slacks as mentioned above), Chap Stick, Gerber Artifact, Collapsible Pen (3 1/8" when closed), A Streamlight Keymate or similar size and type of light (smaller than the average AAA), Small whistle (3/8" diameter and 2 1/4" long), and lastly...a typical pharmacy style pill fob (i actually carry 2 pill fobs but could bail on one and use a small flat pill case if that fits better). I also have a few feet of paracord tied up in a square knot on my keychain but could do without if i had to since I usually wear a black paracord braclet anyway (Black doesn't draw much attention and it is generally hidden under the cuff of my shirt). Most people think its a watch band they see anyway. And of course my wallet, my actual watch, truck key, other keys (separate from truck keys) and cell in a leather cell holster.

    Again, its all stuff i can and have hooked to a small U/Bow shackle and attached to a wierd carabiner thing (but not actually a carabiner) i found in a clearance bin at a oddities store years ago. I've never seen another one until i saw another memeber on here post a pic with one in it.

    Everyones help and thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!

    Rfd62106 Loaded Pockets

    I wish i could figure out how to post pics. I see something about flickr.

    Bullivant Loaded Pockets

    I wear a suit to lecture; EDC supplies but nothing more dangerous than a knife. The Kershaw goes inside the belt/pant in the back, by the kidney. Suit jacket pockets contain thumb drive, pen/pencil, notebook, leather jotter, minimal wallet, flashlight (Preon01) and laser pointer/wireless presenter. And sometimes lip balm. Front breast pocket has silk kerchief, to look good and cuz you always need a cloth. Suit pants pocket has two danglers, one with office keys (incl. micro light and Gerber minitool) and other with car/house keys. IPhone on the belt in Otterbox, but I frequently take that off in front of the class to remind them that the phones are off for lecture out of courtesy. (Mine's on cuz the school might call about the kids getting sick). The brief case has a separate kit, but that's another post.

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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Might I recommend an elastic band organizer (or two)? They work very well for objects that are roughly cylindrical in shape.

    Since you wear a suit, you could make one for each suit coat breast pocket!
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    • In Omnia Paratus

    TARFU EDC!!!!! Junkie

    You should checkout the Spartan and Pocket Skinths from EDCF B'rer Metropolicity. He can also make you something custom. I've heard nothing but rave reviews on his products here.

    Idaho Gunslinger Loaded Pockets

    Trust me, Eric (Metroplicity), can make something that will make your suit look shabby. As for leather, in my state nothing other than a nice pair of cowboy boots is considered proper formal attire. Gotta love Idaho.
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    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Idk, I've heard what good boots cost. I'll stick with my cheap suit :p
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    Chopper Loaded Pockets

    I have been using this for a number of years, it works well and does not look out of place at all.