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EDC handgun sagas.. how did you get where you did?

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Jpoe0108, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Jpoe0108

    Jpoe0108 Empty Pockets

    Jan 26, 2016
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    First post here!

    For the past 4 years, I have made every excuse to not buy the right one. Lets start with Taurus 24/7 G2 9mm. It was cheap and fit the hand, and who wants to spend more right? Sold it. Next was a FEG P9r-k. Too old, not tacticool. Then came a Glock Gen 3 G22. Too big. Springfield XD9. Many many feed issues. Severe distrust. Glock 41, too big. Sd40VE, wasnt cool enough. So that takes me to this past December. Glock 27 Gen 4. Loved it. However, with a pinky extension, it took me by surprise, I compared it to another Glock. After all of this, I ended up with a Gen 4 G19. I absolutely made every excuse with all of the listed guns of why not to go get a G19. Well, today I picked it up and its here to stay.

    How did you pick what you carry daily?
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  2. MedusaOblongata

    MedusaOblongata Loaded Pockets

    Jul 24, 2007
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    I did a lot of research beforehand, reading reviews and forums, watching videos, studying specs, narrowed it down to a handful of guns. Then I went to a range where I could rent those guns and shot them all. I found out what fit my hand, what pointed naturally, and what shot accurately for me. I picked an XD subcompact 9mm. That was 5 1/2 years ago and I still love that gun and it is my EDC. I did supplement it with a PPS 9mm which hides better on those days when it's too hot for anything but a light tee shirt, but I don't shoot it as well, so it gets carried rarely.

    I keep thinking of "upgrading" the XD to a XDM 3.8 compact or a Walther PPQ M2 in 9mm, but I don't feel that either would be enough of a functional upgrade to justify the cost.
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  3. AlleyKat

    AlleyKat Loaded Pockets

    Mar 10, 2014
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    I started with a Beretta 9mm subcompact. Initially intended for EDC, I soon learned it was a little too bulky for me. I shoot it well, but couldn't carry comfortably so I tried the Sig Sauer P238. LOVE IT. Yeah, I don't get as many rounds, but it fits my hand better, I shoot it better, and more importantly, I carry it comfortably. After all, what's the point of having a carry gun you don't carry because it's uncomfortable?

    I also have a tiny NAA 22LR pistol that goes with me everywhere. Easy to hide, easy to shoot. Limited to 5 rounds of course, but I also keep it in my running belt when I'm out on the trails alone. [​IMG]

    Being a woman with smaller hands, it's important for me to have a gun that fits me so I have as much control as possible. I tried out several guns at my local range before deciding. Just holding one doesn't cut it - I made the rookie mistake of buying a Ruger LC9 because I liked how it felt in my hand, but I absolutely hated shooting it. I sold it and got the Sig, couldn't be happier.

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  4. les snyder

    les snyder Loaded Pockets

    Mar 26, 2013
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    I'm one of the original 5000 Florida permit holders... I was a classroom teacher, so my carry was restricted to non working hours... first was a small Wilkinson Sherry .22lr in a IWB...bag carry became convenient so went with the fanny pack... G19, and SW640 (later SW442)... upgraded to a shoulder bag... SW457, 1911, Browning P35... downsized to pocket carry...P3AT, LCP, and currently G42.... lots of little guns along the way... Colt Pocketlite, Beretta 21A and 950, NAA .22mag/.22lr, SP101

    currently a G17 in the car bag and G42 for pocket carry
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  5. steviesterno

    steviesterno Loaded Pockets

    Mar 1, 2015
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    I think it's an evolution, not a saga. when I started carrying i was 22 and in Florida, so I tried a bunch of stuff. my first carry adventure was a Walther p22 because I had it. eventually I tried a steel 1911 with no holster (stupid and didn't work) a Walther p99 (too big then) and some others. I eventually settled on a ruger LCP since I could hide it anywhere.

    then moved to PA and it's colder, and open carry is OK and I stopped caring if people saw it, so started carrying a springfield LWCO 45. that and sometimes a full size 1911, but in a real holster.

    moved to Texas and it's hot and I went back to the LCP, since it hid easily. But since then, I got married and had a baby. now the need of the carry gun isn't just to get me home, it's to keep my family safe. so with that it's an upgrade to 9mm and size. Currently carrying the LCP all the time, added a springfield ROC custom build 9mm with really nice leather when my wife was pregnant. Now working in a Walther PPS 9mm to hopefully replace the 380 completely.

    as your circumstances change, so does your carry.
  6. John Moore

    John Moore Loaded Pockets

    Jul 12, 2015
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    I'm still getting wherever it is that I'm going. I carry a variety of handguns. The M&P Shield 9 with no safety is the most common one. Comfortable, good capacity and I shoot it well. But I will switch depending on a whim. On Easter Sunday I'll be OWB-ing a 4" N Frame S&W mdl 22-4. My BBQ gun.
  7. Gary Lee Duncan

    Gary Lee Duncan Loaded Pockets

    Feb 27, 2016
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    Years ago, I started carrying a Ruger Security-six .357 Magnum in a shoulder rig.
    I then carried a Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum IWB.
    When I decided to go hi-cap SA, I carried a S&W 915 in a shoulder rig as well as IWB.
    After shopping around a bit, I bought an FNP-9 to carry in a shoulder rig as well as IWB.
    Last year, I decided to go with Glock, and purchased a G23/GEN 4 that I carry IWB, or OTW, depending on my attire... I also converted my G23 to .357 SIG.
    I also carry a Kel-Tec PF-9 inside a front pocket holster behind my wallet. ;)
  8. JoshTF

    JoshTF Loaded Pockets

    Mar 16, 2016
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    I actually started with a Taurus knock off of the M9 I was used to using in the military. At that point in time price was a factor for me, and I figured it would give me the opportunity to practice in my free time with a weapon I would use at work. Carried it for about a year but being a smaller guy it wasn't easy.

    Picked up a Glock 17 and really liked it, big improvement over the Taurus. Short time later I picked up a 26 so I could conceal even easier, but ended up not liking how wide it was. Then I found the magic that is the G19, I've been using that ever since and am super comfortable with it. The combo of crossbreed holster and a raven systems vanguard holster more or less covered all my needs.

    Recently I picked up a Glock 43 and am really enjoying having a single stack option. It's become my go to gun for light weight gym style clothing or just going on an evening walk. It's honestly so convenient that it is becoming my go to gun. Later this year I'm thinking about adding a 1911 style full size to the rotation just to see what a full size single stack firearm is like and because I thing it's just an awesome classic gun that I should own.

    I've also had a number of revolvers but being left handed while I could run them well with practice it wasn't ideal and they still tend to be bulky when compared to other auto loaders. That being said I'll always have a soft spot for a good wheel gun I really want to find a good used colt detective special. Just something about wood and blued steel that has always made me happy, I also like that they're very politically correct looking guns, after all it looks like something Barney Fife would have used and he never hurt a fly.
  9. quietconundrum
    • In Omnia Paratus

    quietconundrum EDC Junkie

    Sep 20, 2012
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    I too did all of my research early (prior to getting my CHCL), primarily through shooting all of my friends' handguns, renting various makes & models at indoor ranges, etc. I eventually settled on the Sig P250 Compact because it was the best natural fit w/ my hands, has impeccable balance, and I am reliably accurate with it. For all those same reasons, I have never looked back. The only possible change I might realize is upgrading to the P320 Carry, which is essentially the same frame with a striker-fire slide, subtle contour upgrades to the beavertail and a better trigger. It has received much acclaim recently, which only serves to feed my motivations.
  10. Blitzwing
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Blitzwing Loaded Pockets

    Apr 2, 2011
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    I had a crazy ride.. Started with my grail

    Sig Sauer 1911 ultra compact two tone. 45 (which I still have) and a ruger lc9

    Dumped the ruger (didn't fit my hand well) got a. Sig p938 scorpion

    Next to help out a friend with $ issues bought his glock 26

    Decent gun just not my thing, sold the g26, then sold the scorpion (didn't like the ambi safety)

    Next was a sig p226 uspsa (great deal but too big) sold it and got a p229 in 40sw

    Tried sig p938 blackwood, working with sig to get rid of the ambi safety.
  11. 0dBm

    0dBm Loaded Pockets

    Mar 29, 2006
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    I didn't "pick" it.
    It was introduced to me during the time that Eisenhower was in office. It was one of only a few that were available at the time. It was carried in combat by my father. Later, I carried the same model when I served my country and its people. I now carry the same configuration in a highly updated, upgraded, enhanced, tuned, very slightly embellished, accurized, & optimized variant.
  12. Buckeye Jake

    Buckeye Jake Loaded Pockets

    Jan 30, 2014
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    Started with a 1911 ,then a model 60 Smith ,then a 66 Smith . Going into the 14th year a seecamp 32.

  13. Boudreaux

    Boudreaux Loaded Pockets

    Aug 9, 2013
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    Started with a Springfield Sub Compact XD in 40, carried it for 2 years and just found it to big and bulky.
    Picked up a Sig 238 SAS used in almost new condition and I love that gun. Thousands of rounds through that gun and NEVER a hiccup.
    Bought a Shield 9 for a former GF and when we split I kept the pistol. My most hate pistol ever, never liked that gun, but it wasn't originally for me. So it didn't stick around long before I parted with it.
    Picked up a Sig 938 SAS used with less than 20rnds through it, It has been my EDC gun for over a year now. It just fills my hand a little better than the 238 which hides out in the go bag ever day.

  14. edcss

    edcss Loaded Pockets

    Dec 27, 2008
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    1977 until present.

    S&W model 60 38 spl.
    S&W model 66 2.5 inch .357 mag
    Walther PPKs 380
    Sig P226 9mm
    Glock 17
    Glock 26
    Seacamp .32
    Glock 26 again
    S&W model 442 38 spl. +P

    Hunting sidearm for CA and Alaska S&W model 629 4 inch barrel pinned and recessed 44 mag
  15. Paulgl26

    Paulgl26 Loaded Pockets

    Nov 14, 2013
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    Started with a Kahr pm9(sold after the mag button rust problem) and a glock 26(realized my 19 is almost same size and 5 rounds more in it)
    Now I have a Walther pps(summer) and a glock 19
  16. woolfam

    woolfam Loaded Pockets

    May 29, 2007
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    Worked through finding an EDC weapon that:

    1) Had enough stopping power - 9mm minimum

    2) Was easy enough to carry / conceal that I would always carry it - had to fit in my pocket

    3) Was reliable, yet not "too expensive" - under $400

    4) Had a good warranty - lifetime if possible

    5) Carried as many rounds as possible - at least 7

    6) I could shoot relatively well - paper plate at 7 yards

    I chose a Kel-Tec PF9. Carried a P11 for a while, but the PF9 is lighter and has a much better trigger.
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  17. Domain

    Domain Loaded Pockets

    Jun 26, 2013
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    I started by putting Glock, more specifically Glock 19 on the bottom of my list. They were trash talked a lot and I believed what I heard. I didn't like the feel of the polymer, or the feeling of the gun in my hand. It felt odd and square.

    After that, I tried to shoot as many guns as humanly possible, went through a phase where I was interested in a specific brand for a while. XD's, Sigs, HKs, S&W, Kahr, FN, CZ, Walther, 1911's. Of course, I was fortunate because I knew a lot of people with large collections. I would have bought and sold dozens of guns had that not been the case.

    I was comparing mostly controls and trigger, caliber, size, and price, and I was having a hard time logically picking a model. Over the course of about 3 years from 18-21 I was making this decision. One day, I got the opportunity to shoot a Glock 26 and I grouped better than any other handgun. It shot so smooth, with low recoil because of the low bore axis. I've shot heavy competition CZ pistols with near hair triggers, but still did better with a Glock. Then I was deciding caliber.

    9mm has always been my favorite, but there is one 45 pistol in my future. After buying a lot of ammo, and seeing many police forces, and other various groups move back to 9mm it seemed like the logical decision. HST has always been my hollowpoint of choice. So Then I was deciding between a G17, G19 and G26. For a full size gun, the G17 always felt odd to me, and as a new carrier, it would be more difficult to conceal. But the Midsize G19 hits a good compromise between CCW and Range gun. My preference is still for the Gen 2 grip, without the finger grooves, but they are tough to find. The G26 is very close in size in my opinion to the 19, especially with any added mag extension. After playing with the G26 a lot, I found that I would pinch my skin on my hand frequently, even with the standard magazines upon insertion, so the G19 is what I went with.

    Been carrying 3 years with the same G19 Gen 4, and no other guns have even remotely made me reconsider. Giving purchasing advice isn't exactly easy. I feel like with enough training, one should be able to shoot any quality gun well. At the same time I have around 1,000 rounds through the same XD and I thought I was doing okay, but the first time I shot a Glock, I did significantly better than with the XD. Groupings were always 25-50% smaller, and follow up shots were quicker. Not trying to bash Springfield, but I guess different strokes.
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  18. Packeagle

    Packeagle Loaded Pockets

    Dec 19, 2015
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    Glock 22 - Too big for EDC but got a good deal. Carried it for about a year.
    Glock 27 - Logical progression smaller, took Glock 22 mags. Carried for 3 years daily.
    S&W Bodyguard 38 - Small revolver for pocket carry. Infrequent specific use. Mostly in dress cloths. Carried an extra speed strip.
    Glock 43 - Had to get one when they came out, haven't carried the 27 or the Smith since. Fills both rolls for me. The single stack and weight savings is just too convinent. I carry an extra mag with this, but the SS mags are so easy to carry as well.
  19. charlie fox

    charlie fox Loaded Pockets

    Jun 4, 2006
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    Hmm, a little wander down the memory path...

    1984 - Star PD, Rossi 88 (Just got my CWP and was working armed security)
    1985 - Colt Python 6" :eek:(first police job, sold the Snake after child #2 was born and left PD)
    1986 - Ruger Speed 6 4" (still a wheelgun guy, but wanted something smaller, working armed security)
    1987 - Taurus PT92 (couldn't afford a Beretta but want a 9mm)
    1990 - Beretta 92 (second police job, wanted a name brand)
    1992 - S&W 4506 (still on the job, wanted a bigger round), Charter Arms Bulldog .44
    1999 - Glock 22 (department mandated switch), Keltec P40
    2001 - Glock 19 (left the job, loved Glock but not the .40. Working Executive Protection)
    2003 - Glock 19, Keltec P32 (carried together or separately, still working EP)
    2010 - Glock 19, Keltec P32, Kahr CM9 (out of the game, needed a smaller 9mm)
    2013 - Kahr CM9, Keltec P32 (moved to the hot, humid South where big guns and less clothes don't work together)
    2016 - Glock 26, Keltec P32

    There have been more, but these are the main players for my everyday carry.
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  20. ThreeWulfMoon

    ThreeWulfMoon Loaded Pockets

    Mar 23, 2011
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    I started out with a M&P 9 fullsize. I loved the way the gun shot and felt in my hand, but it wasn't very comfortable to carry. I thought it might have been the length, so I sold it. Purchased a Beretta Nano. It is so comfortable to carry it the Desnatis Pocket-Tuk that I have almost walked into "hard" no gun zones (Post Office, Hospital) with it because I honestly forgot it was there. However, I wanted something with a little more firepower, so I got an M&P 9C paired with a Desantis Sof-tuk. Again, love the gun, but it jabs me in the love handle just like the full size did. I noticed that the sights are even with the back of the slide on the M&P where as on the Beretta there is a little bit of slide behind the sights. I ordered an OWB holster (Bianchi 82 Carrylok) for it, and if it don't work, I'm gonna sell it and maybe go with a P938 (That SAS Bordeaux posted is sooo sweet!). I also have a Colt 1991, but I only carry it every once in a while--usually at the range--In an el cheapo holster.