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EDC carry on and off duty for cops

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by jegrundh, Dec 8, 2009.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    hey guys, i am going to be a part time police officer in a few months and was wondering what you LEO's carry on and off duty!

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    My police officer friends and enemies, I am defense lawyer, carry an extendable baton, most carry a nice-ish light (a Surefire P6 LED seems like a common choice), a good pen, and a 3 inch or larger folding one hand open pocket knife. I was especially good friends with a guy on the SWAT team (we bonded over pleas and discussions of Surefire lights) and he really liked some of the 2 cell multimode Surefires ones that preserved night vision or ones with red output (an Aviator looks pretty sweet in that role). I'd search for the Nutnfancy Project on You Tube for better advice, I am a gadget guy and the closest I get to real danger is an unruly client swearing at me in the courthouse. I believe he is an officer and he definitely has a lot of information and insight on what to carry. Good luck with the job.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    thanks, i already have in the mail a crkt m16-14sf and will definitely be carrying an expandable baton along with mace on and off duty :)

    can't tell you how many times i've wanted something more than a simple SAK this year, just last weekend i found myself riding across from a non-too happy convict... needless to say the entire ride i was on edge, and i had pretty much :censored: to defend myself... needless to say i will feel safer with the crkt and mace in my bag :)

    Ajax Loaded Pockets

    My wife didn't carry anything but a sidearm until I set her up with a switchblade and some flashies.

    Her EDC is a MaxPed Jumbo filled with all her usual purse :censored:, a Glock 21, a S&W Extreme Ops switchblade, a Fenix TK10, and a CountyComm SOLED.

    If I had my druthers she'd be even better equipped but I'll pick my battles.

    My other LEO in-laws don't appear to carry anything save for a backup sidearm occasionally.

    Living in a city in modern times has made people very complacent....even cops.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    good call with the jumbo, i currently rock one, but am considering purchasing the maxped LEO Jumbo as an onduty bag. And yeah, might want her to carry spare mace and expandable baton? won't take up a lot of space in the jumbo and would be very handy if faced with someone who is less than lethal. that being said, your wife is a police officer and im pretty sure she can handle herself very well haha. Also she DOES have the element of surprise on her side, which can be key in a situation.

    and thanks for the info about the other LEO in-laws, i come from a family w/o any cops and will be the first.

    and i live in a smallish city, and still get nervous about sections of town that are on the sketchier side (occasionally have to go get a very drunk friend after a night on the city, and definetly would prefer alternative forms of discouraging trouble other than my fists, especially since im a scrawny 140lbs and 5'9" haha)

    That being said i still can't wait for training, i feel like i will recieve great training now, also learning akido and BJJ soon, and staying in physical shape. Also will hopefully give me the tools to spot trouble before an incident can occur.

    As for the flashlight, Fenix keeps being mentioned as a good brand and definetly going to have to pick one of those up, although kind of want to get a nasty surefire that can cause night blindness :)
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    Soulriot EDCF Rule Enforcer

    I'm a LEO from south Florida and my usual off-duty EDC is a Glock 27 ina fobus itw, back-up mag in leather cobra case, handcuffs from the American Handcuff Co. model A105 in a leather bikini case, SOG Trident support side front pocket, iPhone 3GS, wallet w/badge, keys with a coast mini LED flashlight, a swiss tech utili-key, and a res-q-me. I do have a leather fanny pack that I wll some times use.

    Our policy mandates while in the county we are required to carry our gun, one back-up mag, cuffs, and badge & ID.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    i have the swiss tech utilikey but am retiring it for a Leatherman Squirt P4.

    I hear though that a dude carrying a fannypack and a cop haircut stands out as a cop easily, so i think i am going to go with my jumbo or a fatboy or some kind of quickdraw bag that hopefully won't set me apart from everyone as a cop.

    As it seems just about every LEO carries a sidearm, did you find it weird to be always carrying at first? and what is the best setup for a CCW?

    thanks for the answers! I can't wait to join the force and am looking foreward to hopefully cleaning up my section of the neighborhood :)

    oh, and any additional tips/tricks or knowledge i should know about? any advice would be invaluable i'm sure!

    Ajax Loaded Pockets

    How are you going to carry a bag on duty?

    My wife is smaller than you but a GAGE (Ground Avoidance, Ground Escape) instructor and soon to be DT (Defensive Tactics) certified, she also sports a nasty disposition when crossed.
    I'd have to say attitude and confidence can be the greatest deterrence to conflict no matter your size.....lift your chin, shoulders back, speak up.
    Weapons will help you end a situation, body language can help you avoid one altogether.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    i'd leave the maxped in the car unless a situation is involved requiring it, will probs contain ammo and a good FAK. It would mainly be used for if there is a situation requiring more force or a slight injury situation. Not looking to carry it with me for a traffic stop or w/e, just to have in case :censored: goes south. Nothing better than a quick stash of ammo, extra sets of cuffs, etc. at the ready in case you need to bail, or in case you come upon a nasty situation and backup is a ways out. I am also going to put together a BOB and a Big FAK over the next couple of years as i am only doing the part time cop thing for a year, going back to school, getting certified as EMT-I and then after i graduate going to the fulltime academy. However hoping to keep up with part time and stay certified and work summers and breaks maybe, have to check with the station to see if they'll allow that :/

    I def. agree with that, and im working on building muscle mass and being physically in shape to help with the deterance. Ik i have avoided a few fights by talking the other person down or employing other means. However sometimes having said weapon also gives you confidence, and mace would be something wonderful to have on hand, especially with how many drunks there are around certain parts of town (i live in a college town, so theres a plenty). But definitely thanks for the advice

    Ajax Loaded Pockets

    You're going to want something alot bigger than a MaxPed Versipack, check out the duty bags at Galls or LAPG.
    You'll have to carry a ticket book and some kind of clipboard, spare lights, batteries, extra mags, rain gear, aforementioned FAK, etc..

    A jumbo is going to get quickly overrun.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    true but wouldn't i keep those in the trunk? or maybe beside jumbo? Ik i will need a duty bag for a bunch of things like what you mentioned, along with a few other doodads and whatnot but the LEO Jumbo would be for a possible tactical situation in which i needed extra pistol mags and either extra m4 mags or extra shells for the shotgun... (DEFINITELY would not want to get into a firefight and find out i have less ammo...) could also throw in spare taser cartridges, etc. The point of the Jumbo would be to have something that i could easily grab and bring with me as extra in a situation that would require it, or to load it up with a quick EMT crash kit with basics and have that on hand incase someone goes down. I have run with my current jumbo and know as long as you attach the belt loop part and swing it around to the back it stays in place pretty well and doesn't really throw you off balance.

    Spydermonkey Loaded Pockets

    My off-duty carry

    G27 in a CompTac CTAC holster
    G22 mag
    Kershaw Tactical Blur
    Leatherman Kick w/ pocket clip
    Ripp Restraint velcro handcuffs <-------- way better than carrying a regular set, saves room and doesn't make noises bouncing around
    Surefire E2DL
    KelTec P3AT in a pocket holster carried weakside front pocket
    Maratac AAA countycom light

    Sometimes a can of OC and/or a Monadnock Autolock Jr.

    On-duty - too much junk to list between on my person and in the car or duty bag. My best suggestion is to carry what you think you'll need. You will constantly be adding gear and paperwork to your gearbag. If you haven't used an item after a few months and you don't consider it critical gear then remove it so you have room forstuff you do need.

    Make sure you always have extra flashlights and batts for them. A Magcharger may be dated but they still work awesome. Streamlight has some great LED rechargeable lights too.

    Put a pair of earplugs is your gear bag, they are invaluable when you have to dispatch a deer hit by a car or a building alarm call.

    I still keep my KelTec in my weakside front pocket and have a KaBar LDK ziptied behind my mag pouch to be used for weapon retention. Some of the bigger guys like the KaBar TDI for the same purpose. A good place to hang and ask questions like this is the coptalk section of the glock forum.

    For a duty bag I recommend either the 5.11 Patrol bag or the Galls brand.

    ALWAYS carry a bottle of handsanitizer and a pair of latex/nitrile gloves with you. People have a habit of bleeding, puking, and deficating on you so be prepared and protect yourself. Get the 3 round hepatitis injections too if your Dept will pay for it. Pay for it yourself if you have too because its worth it.
    Stay safe out there and watch your 6

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the suggestions Spydermonkey, looks like you have a real nice setup for on and off duty. and i will be sure to make a note to have extra flashlights and batts. right now i generally don't carry backup batts, but lord knows i should, however i've been fortunate enough that my solitare keeps its battery life pretty well (yes ik, it also doesn't illuminate much greater than the size of a frisbee if that, but hey, its better than nothing :) )

    but definetly good call with the ear plugs, living in vt we get a lot of roadkill and whatnot so that'll definetly make sense to carry those.

    and definetly interesting that you carry two firearms in that ease of reach, i was debating going with an ankle holster also for on-duty but ik my gf would kill me if i always had 2 guns on me (she's going to be peeved at me having one, but peeved i can take if it means living :) ) and thanks for the heads up on the glock forum, will definetly have to check that out!

    yeah, 5.11 has looked really solid, have you purchased any other gear from them? i hear their velcro holster that can fit inside their cargo pants and whatnot is a much better holder for inside a ccw compartment on a maxped. Also looking at possible purchasing footwear or clothes from them, any suggestions?

    and definetly on the handsanitizer and latex/nitrile gloves, already have those in my edc. And i believe i already got the 3 hepatitis injections because i went to nicaragua a few years back so i think im good in that department, but any other immunizations you would recomend? also do you edc concealed body armor when you are on duty? i've been thinking that might be a good idea, seems like a super simple edc and perhaps one of the most important!

    thanks so much for the input,
    stay frosty

    Spydermonkey Loaded Pockets

    Whew, ok, for starters get rid of that solitare. Keep it on your keyring or whatever, this will be USELESS if you main light poops out in the middle of a building search while on a burglary in progress or some other call with a potential to go south. Get a Surefire with LED or a Solarforce since they're cheap and some rechargeable CR123 batts and keep it on your duty belt for your backup. Get a good rechargeable light for you primary light.

    Next, back to earplugs. I prefer the Surefire Earpros and they can be found in the firearms section of Gandr Mtn for $10 right now. They're comfy, fit your ear, and come with a carrying case. Even cheap foam onese are better than nothing but why not have both? One is none, 2 is one. Things get lost, misplaced, broken, or ruined so have backups for everything.

    Firearms - Again, the One is none theory. If your Dept allows it always have a backup gun. Your duty weapon could have a catastrophic failure, you could lose it in a struggle or have it taken away from you. You may choose not to carry a 2nd off-duty but thats preference and is less important than while you are a target with a uniform on.

    Body armor / ballistic vest - I don't want to sound harsh here but ahhhh..... If you are on the clock and have a uniform on you are a target so WEAR YOUR VEST!!!!!! There may still be some Depts out there that only require you to have it in the vehicle with you and I find that nuts. You never know what call you'll be sent on next or what will find you. The 4 Lakewood Wa officers were drinking coffee and :censored:'n it when they were gunned down. I bet they weren't expecting anything like that. I know in the summer when its 98* and humid I curse it, but I still wear it. After awhile you won't even notice its on until you have an itch. That would bring me to - buy a back scratcher from the dollar store because your ASP is not a very good back scratcher. It sounds silly but you'll thank me.

    If you have to buy your own vest then look at Galls brand ultralite series. They are made for Galls by Second Chance or other major manufaturers and are quality for less $. I currently use their IIIA Ultralite because thats what I'm issued but I would recommend it.

    5.11 stuff is quality but you best bet for the clothing like pants and coats is to get it from LAPolicegear when they have it on closeout. I loooove the original tactical pants and you can get them for $20 when they are on closeout. IIRC they have some cheap right now.

    Boots - Go to a uniform supply store and try some different brands on and see what you like and what fits. I wear Bates brand out of necessity because I have a very narrow foot. Most brands are way too wide for me so see what works for you. Bates, 5.11, Magnum are all good brands.

    Carrying a firearm in the cargo pocket of your pants. Again, personal preference. I hate it banging around against my leg/knee. I wouldn't want to have to run like that. If it works for you then all the better. I personally do not like having a firearm in a murse/man bag or whatever you wanna call it. One, it is not as easily accessable and two, it is very easy to set it down and have it get stolen on you. Imagine how happy that crook will be when he thinks hes getting a camera or a few bucks from that bag or purse he just nabbed and he ends up with a new gun, knife, and whatever other neato stuff you have crammed in there. Merry Xmas to him. If you carry, keep it on you and keep it hidden.

    Holsters - Keep trying them until you find something you like. I don't know of too many gun guys that don't end up with a giant box of holsters during their lifetime. I would suggest that after you know what gun you are going to use you go on that brand of guns dedicated chat forums and cruise the classified section for deals.

    Due to importance I will again say to WEAR YOUR VEST!!! Remember that your first priorty when you strap that gun and badge on everyday is not to save the world, its to go home everyday at the end of your shift to the ones that love you. If you save the world along the way then all the better. You can't help others when your dead and no one wants to go to another cops funeral, theres too much of that as it is.

    Ask away if you have any more questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. Remember that I am only making suggestions and different gear and methods work for different folks.

    RockyNomad Loaded Pockets

    Spydermonkey has been very thorough in his replies and you should read them several times.

    Continue to train on your own. The stuff you will be taught in the academy will not keep you safe unless you continue to train and keep it fresh. Also, find a martial art/fighting system you enjoy and stick with it. Many non LEO people think cops are a whirlwind of kung fu. Not so, many are complacent, lazy, out of shape and a danger my safety.

    I can't emphasize enough about wearing a vest and carrying a second gun. If you get a chance to attend a cop funeral I suggest you do so. You don't even have to know the officer to experience the impact. There is nothing like it and it will hopefully put you in a different mindset which brings me to the topic of mindset.

    Mindset is as crucial as training and having the proper equipment. I suggest reading"
    "On Killing" as well as "On Combat" both written by Lt. Col. David Grossman. He has an excellent audio series called "The Bulletproof Mind" which talks about violent encounters and the predator mindset.

    I also suggest "Deadly Force Encounters: What Cops Need To Know To Mentally And Physically Prepare For And Survive A Gunfight" by Alexis Artwohl.

    Lastly, "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker. This is most definitely not a complete list. Just ones I have read and found to be beneficial.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    Thank you so much spydermonkey, you have been very very thorough and i feel like it'll be much better for me to go into the academy knowing these things and being prepared rather than hitting the streets without a clue and learning truly by the hard way.

    The solitare is simply on my keychain and is only there until i get a better light. I got it for $5 because i didn't have any flashlight that was even close to EDC. But i definetly do intend to at least get a surefire g2 soon to replace it. And i will definetly look to replace that with a better one once i can scrounge up my money. Would it end up being smart to invest in a really nice surefire, with a high lumen output so as to use nightblind a suspect? also ik a lot of cops carry the bigger maglights (i believe the 4 c battery ones are prefered? ) because they also use them as batons. any advice on a main flashlight vs. backup and your experience with them?

    Alright, will def. make sure to pick some of those up. And i def. agree wtih the one is none, two is one. Reminds me of something semi-similar one of my teachers used to say: "to early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is unacceptable" and i follow that religiously, and i think i shall adopt that other motto also now.

    and def. true about the secondary. I was already planning on carrying a secondary regardless on duty for the exact reasons you stated. And good point about it being lose for the ankle holster. Although i was hoping that they had ones that would hug your ankle and not wobble about. But thats a good idea to keep it in a cargo pocket if they have duty pants for my dept. that i can wear. along with a secondary firearm what type of knife do you carry? Currently in the mail is a crkt m16-14sf which has a 3.85 inch blade with veff serations, also planning on carrying a leatherman supertool. any advice on a knife and supertool?

    and yeah, i was considering getting a vest before i go on patrol but didn't want to be the paranoid newbie that went all out. I think its crazy that there are some cops out on patrol not wearing one, because surely a uniform must be a bullet magnet. Where i would be working doesn't get terribly hot in the summer but freaking cold in the winter, but as you said, definetly better for it to be cold than hot. And im guessing you wear a concealed which makes way more sense to me than wearing an over the uniform one, because then they won't shoot at your chest" and thanks for the tip about the back scratcher.

    and i will be keeping a sharp eye out on lapolicegear.com for good deals, i've checked through there before when i sent in my application to the dept. to see what was available and what i could have for on duty (i am somewhat of a gear junkie and wanted to see my choices).

    and again a question about secondary firearms, any suggestions? something caliber compatable would be nice with my standard issue would be ideal i believe.

    and in regards to holster definetly a good call, will be looking once i am issued my weapon.

    and again thanks soooo much for all the help and suggestions, i feel like the more i learn the better prepared i will be. And after all, our mind and body is one of the most dangers weapons we posses.

    now, in response to RockyNomad - it looks like i have a lot of reading a head of me! thanks for the list of future books to purchase (although i am sure i'll get some raised eyebrows reading those either on campus or in a coffee shop somewhere haha)

    and i am working on private training by joining the MMA site close to home, along with starting to learn aikido and perhaps some BJJ. Also right now working on whipping myself into shape and will definitely be keeping up with that once i start duty.

    Manatakui Loaded Pockets

    If you do happen to go for a Maglite as a primary baton-esque light, I'd recommend tossing the incandescent bulb and going for any one of (hah, probably thousands now?) LED drop in modules. :)

    Beyond that, however, the iTP Polestar A6 looks to be a nice option (just as good as the Fenix TK40, however running off of only six AA batteries compared to eight AAs with the TK40, also, because of that shorter, with the side effect of being about $30 less than one source I have for semi-inexpensive Fenix lights. ^^;

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    btw, im guessing i want to go with rechargable batteries for everything so i don't end up basically burning my money?

    Manatakui Loaded Pockets

    It depends; on certain lights, such as the TK40, alkalines are the only batteries factory recommended, I'm uncertain about the A6, however, a flashaholic would be better off answering that question. :)

    Spydermonkey Loaded Pockets

    I will try to answer some of your other questions when I get a bit more time but I just wanted to suggest that during the academy

    Keep your mouth shut and ears and eyes open
    You open your mouth to say "Yes Sir" and "No Sir"
    Don't poop talk your classmates or instructors, gossip gets around to EVERYONE and you will become instantly unpopular. Dont participate when others do it either.
    Consider yourself a sponge with eyes until you are outta the academy, off FTO and off probation. ie about 2yrs after you're hired. Until then you know nothing unless you're told and you have absolutely no opinions about anything.

    One of the buggest things that most overlook, running, pushups, and situps are to be done NOW. These are not things done during PT everyday during the academy. You need to be in shape before your first day. You dont wanna get tossed out because you were outta shape and hurt yourself during the first week of PT.

    Just remember that is all a mental game and they wanna see who can hack it. There will be days that you wanna say screw it and quit. You will get peeved off at instructors, classmates, and family and friends. Remeber that its only 6mos and will be over before you know it. Whats 6mos compared to the rest of you life/career till you can collect your pension.

    Remember too that the academy is fantasy land, no one will shoot or stab you while you're sitting in that chair. In fact that chair will probably be the safest place that you will EVER be in for your entire life. Everyday you sit in that chair is one more day that you didnt have to dodge a bullet or get puked or bled on and its one more day towards collecting that pension. Plus, you're getting paid to be there.

    While all your current friends will slowly fade out of your life, all the people you meet in the academy will be you brother/sister/friend for the rest of your life even if you can't stand the sight of them by the time the academy is over.

    Always ask questions and even if you know the answer keep your trap shut. You will be considered a rookie until around year 3-5. You also wont be fully confident in yourself or your abilities until that time.

    We can cover things such as ASK, TELL, MAKE at a later date.

    Oh, and if you don't like to be punished or singled out then don't stick out so your noticed. Start practicing keeping your hands outta your pockets now. You will be punished for it in the academy and you will get pounded or get dead for it on the street.

    Thats enough for tonight grasshopper, where'd my beer go?