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EDC bags and BOB bags any bags

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by ssmtbracer, Oct 23, 2009.


How many of you carry a bag all time or have one in car or house.

  1. Carry with you at all times

    57 vote(s)
  2. keep in car

    25 vote(s)
  3. keep in house

    10 vote(s)
  4. keep in office

    5 vote(s)
  5. have two one in car one in house

    22 vote(s)
  6. No bags at all

    4 vote(s)
  7. Have multi bags everywhere

    45 vote(s)
  1. ssmtbracer

    ssmtbracer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Jun 25, 2009
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  2. Bamajay73

    Bamajay73 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 10, 2009
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    Keep one in my Jeep as a bob, have a remora as an edc bag & a sitka as my gym bag. Fun goodies in all 3.
  3. MrReady

    MrReady Empty Pockets

    Apr 9, 2009
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    Keep mine in the car. Too bulky and I dont want to draw attention.
  4. gern_blanston

    gern_blanston Loaded Pockets

    Feb 25, 2009
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    carry with you at all times; yes
    keep in car; yes
    keep in house; yes
    keep in office; yes
    If you guessed that I voted 'have multi bags everywhere' you're absolutely correct.
  5. JIM

    JIM Loaded Pockets

    Feb 12, 2009
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    EDC-bag with me at all times.

    Overnight duffel in the car. In duffel there's also my GHB.

    BOB at home.
  6. zenlunatic

    zenlunatic Loaded Pockets

    Oct 4, 2007
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    I have a Pygmy Falcon II for school. It's not big enough to hold all my books, but I only need certain books on certain days, so I just switch off. Other than that everything in my PFII stays in there. Sometimes my laptop goes in there too. It's got its own boonie hat, nalgene, pocket organizer (writing instruments), snacks/candy, keychain.

    I also have my Jumbo S-type, which is currently en-route since I sent it in for a repair. I'll do a review on that eventually.

    Once you've accumulated enough gear it gets easier. For instance my Jumbo is about %80 ready to go out the door at any time. However it doesn't always come with me. I'm in the suburbs so its like I don't have to go far to go to walmart, home depot, grocery store... which I don't take the EDC bag with me to go to those places. Its just nice to know that I can pick it up and go. Case in point I cut my finger bad and had to go to the ER a couple months ago. I didn't have my bag set up all the way and while waitng hours for stiches I just kept thinking about my bag. I have dry mouth and not having just simple chap stick and water was bad enough, especially since I don't like soda and water was like $1.50 (worlds biggest scam IMO). Who needs that plus an ER bill.

    I travel to DC, Baltimore, and NYC. You're almost weird not to have a EDC bag (probably work bags for the :censored:) in those towns, albeit probably not so much tactical bags (but I like tactical so :p ) I get asked all the time, "Are you in the Army or something?" I tell them Navy Seals all the way... no... I'm not one of those idiots who fake. Used to have a boss who said he was a Marine (he wasn't) and it pissed me off.
  7. RazorOrange

    RazorOrange Empty Pockets

    Oct 1, 2009
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    I EDC my Malaga almost everywhere I go, and my wife never leaves the house without her Remora (and I mean NEVER), unless we're out the door for a run/jog. I have another bag I'm setting up for hiking only. I agree with zenlunatic, once you get enough equipment, you can set multiple bags up for different situations. In our line of work, we don't really mind the tactical look and we've never really encountered anyone paying too much extra attention to us or our kit.
  8. yam350

    yam350 Loaded Pockets

    Oct 5, 2008
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    I almost always have my EDC bag with me, that has work related stuff like a note book and calculator, tape measure, camera etc, plus a number of `Get Me Out Of Trouble┬┤items like a mini FAK, mini tools, lighter, cord etc. In my truck is always a survival bag with all the tools for survival and it is shortly to become one of the contents of a new Grab 'n' Go bag that will have a change of clothes and food etc. My last G'n'G died of old age and being thrown around in and out of vehicles and boats.
    The contents change a little according to where I am or what I'm doing but there is a basic core of stuff that stays the same.
  9. MrCoffee

    MrCoffee Loaded Pockets

    Aug 12, 2007
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    For me it is "bags everywhere", and I have a lot of items repeated in a lot of the bags.

    EDC bag that is with me all day, check.
    Office Bag, Check.
    BOB/GHB in truck, check (doubles as my ARES/CERT go kit)
    Bail out bag at home for each family member, check
    GHB in each car, check.

    There are a number of items I like to have with me at all time, a decent folder, a multi-tool, my journal, PDA, iPod, pens, flashdrives, SD cards, CF cards etc. Those all go into my check canvas EDC bag. Office bag stays at my office, Monday thru friday. Has my notebook (I have a second one at home), plus a bunch of smaller foodstuffs, snacks, etc. (I also have a desk draw with food stashed in it). Where I live, if there is a bad winter storm or other like hazard, the state can shutdown the roads and effctively tell you to stay put for up to 48 hours. Having had a co-worker or two stuck here over a weekend, I thought it might be a good idea to have some stuff here, on hand. My BOB is in my truck for ARES/CERT response and for all the reasons people have a BOB, same with the ones in my wife's car, except those kits are based on also having kids in the car with us. The ones at home are true evac bags for each family member, A large BOB for me, two Alice packs for my wife and older son, my youngest has a monostrap daypack. They contain clothing for the time of year, food, important docs, and the normal bail out/72 hour kit tiems.

    All this is likely to change over time, but today, thats what it is. :)
  10. Kardolf

    Kardolf Loaded Pockets

    Mar 30, 2009
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    Put me in the multiple bags category.

    Laptop backpack - Work bag, with some tools, my laptop (duh), Extra Leatherman Wave, couple of lights, and various other work-related items

    CERT Go-Bag - in the Jeep. Just getting started, so this is the least-complete bag. Hard hat, gloves, goggles, etc.

    Carpenters bag - Jeep. general tools, some more work-related tools (network testing gear, meter, etc)

    generic backpack - Jeep. Blanket, water, food, batteries, light

    Maxped Falcon - try to keep it close to me. Yaesu FT-270R, lights, food, other goodies

    Small duffel in my truck - various goodies. If the garage collapses in "the big one" and traps the Jeep, I can still get to the truck.

    Small bag on my desk with water, food, other essentials
  11. panzer

    panzer Loaded Pockets

    Apr 3, 2008
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    Kelty day pack for Search and Rescue Missions (loaded and ready to go)
    Briefcase for work (who cares, it's cheap and has nothing in it but my work laptop and some receipts)
    Mission Go Bag (the do it all bag of tricks that travels with me when I am on the road)

    I have a couple larger backpacks that I use for camping trips.

    Don't need much more.
  12. Tripp Hazzard

    Tripp Hazzard Loaded Pockets

    Aug 25, 2009
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    EDC shoulder bag

    GHB in trunk

    GO bag for me and one for my cat at home
  13. AcesQ

    AcesQ Loaded Pockets

    Oct 14, 2009
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    'keep in house'

    I don't really have a bag 'readily' with of the Survival equipments inside, but i do have the necessary stuffs around my house, and i packed them nicely so that when something happens, i can grabbed em' and throw it in my bag. Examples, i always have my spare batteries kept inside a metal box, and place the box inside my drawer ; i have my Matches, lighters & candles inside a Zip-lock bag, and i place it too, inside my drawer. =)
  14. frankinaug

    frankinaug Loaded Pockets

    Jan 23, 2008
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    I guess I fall into the multiple bags and the have a bag with me all the time. There is a Get home/BOB in each car, a bag set up for my reserve LEO job, my normal everyday bag and end of the world bug out from home bag. Each bag has a unique purpose and its contents while almost the same are tailored to it's individual use.
  15. burnd4life

    burnd4life Loaded Pockets

    Jan 21, 2010
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    I have an EDC that is always with me, a get home bag in my trunk with stuff that does fit in my EDC and water, etc and I have 2 BOBs at the house one for me and one for my girlfriend.
  16. J4C3

    J4C3 Guest

    Always on meWallet is Maxped 3x5 pouch so carrys Main Pocket = Cards,FAK,cr123 Torch,notes,paperclip large,zebar folding pen,list of most used telephone numbers on a card in case my phone dies,keys and Iphone
    Front pocket= pins,stitch cutter,box knife(mini) multi tool,nail clippers,mini shaprie,mini multi tool non brand,can opener,USB key.

    All fits snuggly in ,attached to belt via mailce clips ,leaves a hand free when at the ATM for security and speed,never falls out my pocket,never gets in the way when sitting. works perfect for me.

    A Remora goes with me everywhere packed to the gills still has room for stuff i pick up while out
  17. swissgnr

    swissgnr Loaded Pockets

    Mar 1, 2010
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    Usually keep my EDC in the car, unless I'm going to be walking outside for awhile.
  18. JHB69

    JHB69 Empty Pockets

    Mar 30, 2010
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    EDC a Jumbo S-type has most of the essentials
    Cars - Swiss Army Backpacks - the mini-van has a few more "kid friendly items".
    House - basement holds all the bags Hiking/Cyclying/Fishing bags other than water being in them they are ready to go.
    Basement is stocked with tools,batteries, water and food for sheltering in place.
  19. 3fgburner

    3fgburner Loaded Pockets

    Sep 14, 2006
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    Fanny-pack / BatBelt and multi-pocket vest, EDC. BOB in car, to be donned when I'm going to be away from it. For example, if I have to take public transportation, I'll have the BOB. That's got wherewithal to walk back to the car.
  20. Blades

    Blades Loaded Pockets

    Jul 12, 2006
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    I have small bags in my vehicles. I have a bag in my house, and I do carry a bag with me. So I picked "muliti-bags".