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EDC bag for women

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by LauraQ, Apr 1, 2009.

    LauraQ Loaded Pockets

    You would think that women have it easy. After all, we are *expected* to carry a bag every day so we never run into the "man purse" comments so many men get. However, purses are not exactly EDC-friendly. They don't have all those cool pockets for storing stuff, for one thing. Purses are more a fashion statement than a practical necessity these days. My point (and I do have one), is that I'm looking for suggestions for EDC bags for women. I use a Timbuk 2 bag now, but it's a bit small. I just ordered the 5.11 SERE from Quartermaster, but expect that it will be "too tactical" looking. Any suggestions, guys?

    Thanks a million!

    -- LauraQ :)

    Blaker55 Loaded Pockets

    Check out TomBihn.com. I just recieved an EGO bag from ebay and like it. Its sort of a messenger/briefcase cross. Most of thier bags contain many pockets to organize with. They also have a messenger called an IMAGO. They have many more and there seems to be a Tom Bihn cult. Like mine so far, but just getting started. Oh, and they got a bunch of color choices if that trips your trigger. Mines all black so it suits me just fine.
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    Guarddog EDC Junkie !!!!!

    Hello Ms Laura,

    I'm not sure that I can help you with you question but have you checked out EDC-F (EDC-Females)? That might prove to be a good resource for you.

    carise Empty Pockets

    Hi LauraQ, I use a Coach handbag and carry a Pacsafe Citysafe 200 bag. Couldn't decide whether to be more fashionable or practical, so I carry both! ;) I don't think my bags are necessarily tactical but they work for me. I got the Pacsafe because it sounded like it was a pretty durable bag without looking too rugged.

    dixie_amazon Empty Pockets

    Thanks for that link, their Cafe Bag looks promising.

    FeebleOldMan Loaded Pockets

    LauraQ Loaded Pockets

    All I can say is.....Ooooooh!Thanks!

    LauraQ Loaded Pockets

    I never saw that before! Wow. I'll send a request.

    yoyosma Loaded Pockets

    I sent an EDC-F request several months back but didn't get a reply. Does it *really exist...? :D

    I was always curious of the Pac-Safe. Does it have nice pockets and such inside?
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    Guarddog EDC Junkie !!!!!

    Hello Ms Yoyosma,

    I don't know ... I do see members in here with the EDC-F label. I know the instructions state "IF YOU ARE FEMALE and would like an invite into EDC-F, please PM scríbhneoir, but please be aware that potential EDC-F members should be active, posting EDCF members." I'm not sure what their definition of "active" is. Every time I PM scríbhneoir she responds quickly.

    Hmmm maybe it is because the "Gender" field in your profile does not indicate "female". Just a thought.
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    scríbhneoir Uber Prepared

    yoyosma, it does exist! Not sure your PM went to me as I double checked all my PMs from the past two years. :) Shoot me another if you are still interested!


    LauraQ Loaded Pockets

    Oh, yeah, it exists! They just showed me the secret handshake and I'm in. Yay! Send your requests and come join the fun!

    LauraQ Loaded Pockets

    I'm a big fan of Levenger's Circa products, but everything in their catalog is overpriced. Those bags look *awesome*, though.

    yoyosma Loaded Pockets

    Thx Guarddog, Karen and Laura! I'll PM Karen and get on board. (...I'll do it right this time!)

    bltkmt Loaded Pockets

    I have carried the Ego for about a month now and LOVE it. It is neither masculine or feminine (I am male), but very well laid out and built to last. Great bag.

    I too have looked at the Cafe Bags...in fact, if you look at the Tom Bihn forum you will see my inquiry "Do any males carry Cafe Bags?". I really want one, but am concerned that they are a bit feminine.

    dixie_amazon Empty Pockets

    I don't think so, but I guess some of the more colorful ones might. You could always put an EDC patch on it.
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    Guarddog EDC Junkie !!!!!

    No problem! I think EDC-F is an excellent idea and I am glad that you Ladies are interested and have signed up.
    Enjoy, and please contribute to the other forums as well. I really appreciate your perspective.


    LauraQ Loaded Pockets

    I don't think you need to worry of the Cafe bag. If you like it, get one! :)

    Towanda Loaded Pockets

    I alternate between an REI Boarding Bag and an Ampac AM05-1550 shoulder bag for my EDC. They both work just fine for all the EDC stuff I carry. The Ampac bag is even big enough for me to roll up and stuff in an entire change of clothing.