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dry film rust inhibitor vs dry film lubricant vs what you use to oil your knife

Discussion in 'Knives' started by jehan60188, Jan 26, 2010.

    jehan60188 Loaded Pockets

    Valerian Tea-powered admin

    Any oil on the blade will be removed by usage, so it's mostly a storage precaution, I think. If you plan to use it frequently, just keep it dry and it should be fine.

    I've never needed or used any rust-inhibitors, but I've read of mineral oils and even food oils (olive oils etc.) being used. The latter is not good for long term storage, as it will go rancid. I think some have also used mustard or such to quickly develop a patina on the blade that will also help prevent corrosion. And, of course, there are products for this sort of thing as well.

    p moore Loaded Pockets

    I have found that Renaissance Wax works very well. I have heard that pure carnauba car wax works well also.


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    Re: dry film rust inhibitor vs dry film lubricant vs what you use to oil your kn

    :iagree: Sentry Solutions products really work well, you can buy direct
    Sentry Solutions

    chavez Loaded Pockets

    Cutting greasy sausage, fajitas, t-bone steaks, beef ribs all help add to protecting the blade naturally and putting on a nice patina. Plus it sure is way tastier than rubbing it with oil. ;)

    freedoom Loaded Pockets

    You taste your knives?

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    somber Banned

    I'll use anything from Tri-Flow to olive oil (if I'm at work, in a pinch) to store my high carbon blade. The other day I cut an apple and I thought I would be fine with just wiping the blade off, instead of applying some oil, few hours later the blade had a bit of oxidization. Regrettable, but not the end of the world, either. Murray Carter a food-safe oil as well. cartercutlery.com

    cutter17 Empty Pockets

    Renaissance Wax is what I use also. It has done a great job of protecting some carbon steel blades I have.

    jehan60188 Loaded Pockets

    picked up some hoppes 9 wipes (not the oil, but like lubricating/protecting wipes), since Academy didn't carry the Tuff cloth

    deusexaethera Loaded Pockets

    I use Tri-Flow to lube the pivot point on my folders. Never owned a knife that would rust, except my grandfather's old WWII machete, but I use Tri-Flow to oil the blade on that too.

    I use Tri-Flow to oil just about everything except my pots & pans, actually.

    somber Banned

    Tri-Flow is where it's at. It's all I'll use for my bike as well, it silences up every little squeek! Simply the best.