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Does anyone EDC a Dummy Wallet?

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by Urban Hermit, Jul 29, 2010.

    LOW96HB Loaded Pockets

    I carry a glock...with 1 in the chamber.
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    coyote Loaded Pockets

    my father carried one and i remember him once throwing it down to a group of punks, back in NYC in the early 1960's, instead of engaging in a fight with his wife/kids present.

    when i lived a city life i carried one also. since i rarely travel to populated areas anymore, i no longer carry one, but can & do put a dummy wallet together when the possible need arrives. i then carry my real wallet in my sock and some spending cash in a different pocket.

    i figure this sort of "eat :censored:" diversion is better than having to shoot some bad guy and the hassles that entails.

    SecretMember Loaded Pockets

    Not enough pocket space for a dummy wallet, especially when all I have to do is give them some positive reinforcement to go away.

    KOKUSHI MUSOU Loaded Pockets

    I'd just like to note that around where I live(Los Angeles), they don't just extort your wallet and phone from you. They either empty your pockets completely or knock you out and take your clothes and shoes(except your underwear and socks of course). They also don't come alone. I actually have a friend around my age(20) whose parents won't allow him to carry more than $20 in cash or carry a working cell phone because he gets mugged on a regular basis.
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    vinniec5 Loaded Pockets

    when i do carry a wallet I keep a wide elastic band around it to slow down the "bump" as it creates drag. I never carry money in it though just a cpl cards that can be canceled with just a phone call and business cards, my main cash and Ids are elasticed together in my pocket along with a drop roll just heavy enough and wrapped to throw far enough to distract to enable exfil. This tactic is handy when you are not alone (family/GF/kids) as you have to protect them first.

    mlehto Loaded Pockets

    Same here!

    I have absolutely no room for any such thing in my pants.

    Hell I have had to resort to keeping an EDC bag in my car I have so much stuff.....

    mlehto Loaded Pockets

    Sounds like it's time to start carrying a gun!

    When your life starts being controlled by your fears you have hit rock bottom. Time to take your life back!

    OreoGaborio Loaded Pockets

    Save old cards... cut a wide wedge out of the bottom big enough to remove a bulk of your name & the numbers but leave the top looking untampered with, then sand off the magnetic strip on the back.

    Eyebedam Loaded Pockets

    No fake/dummy wallets for me. My work actually gave us all 1 for that purpose I gave it away to a little kid.

    KOKUSHI MUSOU Loaded Pockets

    CCWs are difficult to obtain here, but I hear that some officers that patrol particularly rough neighborhoods will willingly turn a blind eye to people carrying illegal weapons for self defense, because they're aware of how things are in those kinds of places. Not sure if they allow people to tote illegal firearms around though. I think it mostly applies to balisongs, automatic knives, and force multipliers.
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    RoboSim Loaded Pockets

    I carry five. If necessary, I can throw them all out in different directions as a distraction, giving me enough time to either run away or draw the steel and give them what-for.
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    Ogre Banned

    this. nothing of value in my wallet! no sir.

    Wil Empty Pockets

    I've never had my wallet stolen or been mugged so I don't know if it would work but I have a similar system.
    Where I live, the only place/time that will happen is where/when I take my second wallet. It just seems to always work out like that.

    My main or "kit wallet" has my drivers licence, Medicare card, Visa debit, fishing licence, White Card, AAA flashlight, mini lighter, lip balm, $30 in small notes and a flash drive on the keyring. Pics: http://db.tt/5O1We0hU and http://db.tt/U6Mm98ox
    That is all the stuff I always want on me. It's either clipped to my belt loop or in one of my front pockets.

    Then I have my fancy wallet with my Proof of (Identity) Age card, debit card with only "burn" money on it, club cards and "burn" cash. If that gets stolen I don't really loose anything important, just my lunch, beer and crapidon'tneedandshouldreallystopbuying money.
    My debit card can be canceled and replaced for free as with club cards, a POA card is only good for pubs and clubs really and only costs $25 to replace. I'll get another shot at the photo at least ;)

    I'm pretty happy with my system and am (happily) yet to see if it will serve that purpose. I'm going to go over it again this weekend to see if I can improve the idea.

    Sarky Loaded Pockets

    Just for fun... :)

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    I don't know if it is considered a dumby wallet, but I carry two, a thin one that carrys my cash, credit cards, and I.d. And that goes in the front, my large wallet carrys my kids photos, card tool, rigged pen and paper, emergency info, and my medical insurance cards, if it wasn't for them I really wouldn't need the wallet, but I ran out of room in the other, I also keep the large slot empty so if someone found it they would think I just didn't have cash or someone else found it first and just took the cash.. JR