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Do you wear a different watch for different occasions?

Discussion in 'Watches' started by JonSidneyB, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. echo63

    echo63 Loaded Pockets

    Apr 2, 2006
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    At the moment im wearing a cheapy timex that i have had for about 7 years, still going on its first battery
    i normally wear a Traser, but its currently being fixed (the second hand came loose) and having the battery replaced
    i should get it back on wednesday, cant wait to get it back on my wrist - it has been irritating me having to press a button to see the time at night
    after 4 years i really love my traser, and the tritium inserts in it
  2. jodj

    jodj moved on with life

    Apr 25, 2007
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    It's interesting that most folks on the thread sort of break along dressy/casual/beater lines. I've managed to scrape by in formal and casual settings with the one watch. That used to be a large Mickey Mouse watch (I'd buy 4 or 5 at a time to last between trips to Disney World), but I've caught the Seiko diver bug and now wear this most of the time.

    But I do change out watches for exercise purposes. I have a heart rate monitor watch for the gym; a cycle-computer watch which tracks speed and distance on my road bike; and when I mountain bike I wear a G-Shock Riseman with an altimeter to track elevation and descents. Anyone who's seen me wouldn't guess that I exercise alot, and I don't. But I do have alot of equipment, wihich includes wrist-worn devices. Since they all keep time, too, and so, I classify them as watches. Do others disagree? Do others switch between day-to-day vs. exercise/special purpose watches?