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Do you use Grimlocs?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by Turtle75, Dec 24, 2009.

    Turtle75 Loaded Pockets

    If so let me know how you use them. Pics if possible.


    RockyNomad Loaded Pockets

    I use them on my Maxped Lunad to hang things on. However, I have recently discovered web dominator and am looking to buy some as a replacement. I guess you have to consider the use. Grimlocs will hold more weight and web dominators are better for lighter items and keeping your straps or a water bladder hose in place.

    Turtle75 Loaded Pockets

    The next order I make is going to be for some web dominators!
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    tower Loaded Pockets

    Yes, do keep the bladder hose in place. :D :idiot2: :lolhammer:

    Turtle75 Loaded Pockets

    I thought of that too, but my existing straps on my Maxpedition Falcon II takes care of the hydration hose very well, and well placed.

    As I have thought about the uses for the Grimlocs, I realized that I can use them to hold my GPS in an area that I could see it, possibly not having to grab it, in order to insure i was along the right direction.

    P35 Loaded Pockets

    use them (2) to hang things on my Fatboy, one holds one side of my paracord grab handle
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    revs Loaded Pockets

    I have Grimlocs and web dominators on the way. Want to try both.
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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    Haven't used Grimlocs....yet.

    But I use several of the Web Dominators....for the usual uses, plus keyring holder,hang the Maratac AAA on,and to lash extra stuff to my vest.

    And really like the removable Annex Clips,for rapidly attaching pouches to MOLLE,etc. And I carry a couple spares for strap repair/splices,for fairly lightweight stuff.

    But I'll get Grimlocs,next order!

    ----Gnarly :evilgrin:

    Bubba Loaded Pockets

    I use grimlocs a lot for holding gloves, hearing protection, hats, and other things I might be taking off / putting on over and over. The grimlocks open and lock easily (even one handed), and offer greater access than a carabiner.

    I like that they attach separately from the main load bearing section. So when I remove something from one using just one hand, I can leave the grimloc open and know it won't fall off of my gear. I can leave it open to quickly re-attach whatever it was holding if needed

    I usually have at least one on my pack somewhere in back and one on the shoulder strap (I also use them for the hydration hose)
    I have one on my range bag and my travel bags (airport friendly)

    bblatt11 Empty Pockets

    I use grimlocs and web dominators on my just in rucks. One bad strap snag was enough to convince me to order several dozen dominators from Mil-Spec Monkey. I use a grimloc to hold down my Camelbak tube, but my other grimlocs are used as tear away d-rings to secure lanyarded (inot even a real word) earplugs, knives, lensatic compass, and odds and ends that I'd like to keep hung on my gear but might need to tear away in a hurry. I would not suggest using dominators for holding any weight though. Good stuff all around.

    Jeriah Empty Pockets

    When I want to carry a 3L CamelBak and my Kifaru E&E at the same time, I use 4 Grimlocs to connect them. I slot the Grimlocs onto the E&E and then hook them through D rings on the CamelBak.

    I also use one to secure the hydration hose to the shoulder strap.

    I mostly use web dominators for strap management.

    patches152 Loaded Pockets

    strap management? securing hydration hose? i didn't realize these were an option! a lightbulb just went off over my head. so many ideas, so many concepts! so many accessories i can now purchase!!!!!!! :roof:

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    question about grimlocks - I've been hesitant to buy them since i'd be worried all the time of my gear getting snagged on something and falling off without me noticing, any chance of this happening or am i just paranoid? :rolleyes:

    patches152 Loaded Pockets

    Maxped site says they break away at 80lbs. That's quite a bit. I think you'd notice it.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    ok, and then i guess part 2 of the question would be: Are there situations in which you don't want something to give way with 80 lbs? ie someone grabbing something off your bag and running? Or is that just the tradeoff of not worrying about snags?

    solocanoe Empty Pockets

    they are neat. probably more value in a pack of 4 than most MaxP accessories....

    you can put stuff on your packs without having to put them "in" the packs...granted, mostly it's a ballcap for me, or I'll clip my keys into one...but mine don't seem like they'd break apart accidently. (and no one's gonna grab my sweaty old ballcap anyway. :p)

    havz Empty Pockets

    I have 2 of them that hang on either side of my Tactical Gear Medium Modular Style Assault Pack. I hang things like gloves, my work hat (baseball style), Keys. Pics later, I am at work.

    ERCCRE456 Loaded Pockets

    I haven't tried them yet, but I have 2 (or is it 4?) coming throught the mail. I don't have anything to attatch them to, but the CountyComm EOD bag is coming trough the mail in the same order.

    deeker Loaded Pockets

    I hang my keys, a whistle and a Glo-Toob from mine - on various packs. I have also rigged a couple of them up on some webbing over my sunvisors in my truck. They are quite handy little things. I have never had one open unintended before.
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    tower Loaded Pockets

    Yeah, I have a couple attached to my EDC Fatboy, but I'm not sure why...

    ...except I sometimes pick it up by them. :shrug: