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Did you put your EDC to work today? (part 3)

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by cowsmilk, May 16, 2015.

  1. FiaOlleDog

    FiaOlleDog Loaded Pockets

    Oct 27, 2017
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    Used my Nitrile gloves and wound dressing from my EDC to provide first aid (together with other pedestrians) to an older man who has had a circulatory insufficiency and fell onto the street. He was injured on the head (laceration) with blood all over his head and jacket.

    While one lady ran to grab her car first aid kit (they are mandatory here) I was able to just pull out my sterile wound dressing from my EDC and, after applying Nitrile gloves, put this onto his head to cover the wound. Offering a second pair of Nitrile gloves to the lady that helped provide first aid was very well appreciated (also the car first aid kit contains those she simply forgot to put them on).

    As this happend in a town ambulance was on scence in a few minutes, who took over further treatment.

    Key take aways:
    • I was amazed that we were four people in total taking care of the casualty: two providing first aid, one lady helped the gentlemen to lean back and not fall again on the street, one other lady to call 911 (well it's 112 here in Germany) - all of us where within a few yards when this happened, and anyone responded.
    • Not sure if the spontaneous reaction would have been the same in a larger city ... according to statistics things are getting worser the larger the population in a place is; despite the fact that it's everyone's duty by law to provide first aid (at least call 911).
    • Carrying a first aid kit with medical gloves (2 pairs) has proven itself to be helpful. Refilling took place as soon as I was back home.
    • Self-protection (gloves, making sure traffic doesn't "hit", etc.) is important and can easily be forgotten - sometimes with very bad consequences for first responders.
    • If things would have been worse, I would had have my trauma kit (includes a TQ as a last resort) close by. The ambulance took about 6 minutes to be on scene - that's fast, but still double the time one takes to bleed out with a larger wound.

    Of course there is always a dumb person close by ... in this case we had an middle-aged women who couldn't pass the accident as the street was partially blocked. The only thing she did was using her horn and screaming at us that we should move away as she needs to drive home. I asked her to please make a turn and use the street next to this one when she started arguing ... I left here alone, but noticed the car registration. Still considering if I should file a complaint with the local police.

    Summary: keep your first aid kit as part of your EDC, and a trauma kit (even if it's just a SWAT TQ + gauze) within reach - and don't forget to use the medical gloves.
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  2. RogerStenning

    RogerStenning EDC Junkie

    Jul 3, 2010
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    Regarding your last point re the idiot, as they happen all the time here. Utter self-centred idiocy. Personally, I'd report it, if for no other reason than to ensure such bad behaviour is noted on her file, should she do that again, so that more appropriate action may be taken by the Police.

    Regarding the bullet points:

    I've seen people walk past casualties over here, which I think is disgusting behaviour. Even if you can't do first aid, you can help, either by performing traffic control if it's required, or by helping keep people back, to let the first responders who DO attend, get on with helping the casualty. Regarding the first aid kit/trauma kit. Yep, and I do. They're attached to my work bag in two tear-off pouches. If I change to a smaller bag, the trauma kit goes with it (it's a habit, one I recommend to everyone).

    Well done for helping the gentleman, by the way!
  3. thegrouch314

    thegrouch314 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 10, 2015
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    I had to use my EDC yesterday (I know the thread says today but I didn't have internet yesterday).

    I was driving with my two young cousins (9 and 10) to take them on a day out. We were travelling down the motorway at about 85 mph when my head gasket blew. I was able to pull onto the hard shoulder to check out the engine. I wasn't sure what the fault was at first. I thought it was a radiator hose or something so I used my Fenix LD09 to light up the engine so I could see what I was doing. I also had to use my Vic Spartan to open up a couple of cases in the engine. If we're just counting on body EDC then that's it, aside from using my phone to call out the rescue truck.

    If we're also counting in-car EDC then I was very glad I had the stuff I did. I keep a hi-vis vest in the drivers side door packet so at least when I stepped out to check the engine, I was a little more visible. I also keep a waterproof under the seat because it was pouring down. I had the tools to open up the compartments and water to try and refill the radiator to limp her home. I had extra coats to keep the kids warm without the car heaters and a portable charger to keep my phone juiced to call the rescue truck. Although I didn't need it, I was glad to have the fire extinguisher in my door pocket. I was a little concerned about the engine catching fire because it was so hot. I figured it was unlikely but I'm still glad I had it, just in case.

    I was very glad I had what I did. I wasn't able to repair the car but I was able to keep myself and my cousins safe while we were stuck. We were only 3ft or so from lorries going 60mph and cars going up to 95mph.

    The only think I wish I had that I didn't was a piece of paper with the breakdown cover phone number and policy number. I used to have it in a CD organiser on the drivers sun visor but since I got a new car that doesn't have a CD player, I don't need the CD organiser so I forgot to put the paper back in. It wasn't a big problem since I could look it up on my phone but if I didn't have my phone, I'd have been screwed.
    I'll be putting that piece of paper in the car as soon as I get it back