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Davis Leatherworks Simple Notebook Cover.

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by bullet08, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. bullet08

    bullet08 Loaded Pockets

    May 20, 2014
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    i never really carried any notebook before. never really carried a pen before either. but lately, i have been interested in fountain pens for whatever reason. purchased two TWSBI fountain pens and have been enjoying them a lot. since that i have couple of pens, i thought it might be nice to carry a notebook to write something into. nothing major, just little things here and there.

    after reading and searching for the perfect notebook, i found Field Notebooks (FN). after carrying FN in my left back pocket for few days, i realized that it won't last too long in that location. i'm sure it will survive the pocket well enough, but it was getting bent in all the wrong places and noticed i was trying to keep the page flat enough to write on. so i looked further into what will help the situation.

    that's where Davis Leatherworks Simple Notebook Cover (DL) came in.

    there are lot of options when it comes to cover for FN, but it seems that the price and value of DL can not be beat. the purpose of the cover is to protect the FN so it will be in rather usable shape. and DL does fine job of doing it. after using it few last few days, i have noticed that that FN is rather in good shape and i do not have to try to get the FN flat enough to write on, it's always flat enough.

    i purchased DL cover in Horween Burgundy Dublin. i wanted Horween English Tan Dublin, but they were out of it. Burgundy leather is more or less red. you can tell this well enough, but i'm color blind. it looks brown enough to suit my need. the leather is nice and thick. has good "leathery" smell to it.

    the finish wasn't exactly perfect, but it's nothing i would complaint about. at $21, it's cheaper then buying leather tools and large piece of leather to make my own. most of the edges were straight. however, the corners were not well rounded. the leather edges were not finished, none of those dark stuff like on a belt or other leather goods.

    as the name implies, it's a simple cover. it has two slits and hole on top and bottom center of the cover and one rubber band loops around it. so you have a rubber band exposed to the outside. then there is another rubber band tied to the middle of the outside rubber band to hold the notebook closed. really simple system. this rubber band system works well enough, however, i think it would have been better to have the "binding" rubber band holding the notebook inside of the cover like Midori. since i keep my notebook in the back pocket, this exposed rubber band is getting caught on the pocket button often enough. two more hole would solve this issue. another issue is the other rubber band that is holding the cover closed. since it's tied to the "binding" rubber band on outside, opening and closing the cover will move the whole rubber band system up and down and side to side. easy enough to adjust and get it centered, but doing that every time can be annoying. if left alone, the rubber and is untidy and off center. i'm sure it won't cause any specific issue, but still unsightly.

    in conclusion, it a nicely prices, in fact least expensive, option i have found for the FN or other similar sized notebooks. it functions fine, and made out of quality leather that is amazingly nice. finish can be improved, and the rubber band system can be improved, but at this price i think it's not a major issue. as the name implies, it's a simple notebook cover.

  2. BeanbagsRgreat

    BeanbagsRgreat Loaded Pockets

    May 27, 2014
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    I've been following this guys work for awhile now, check out hollows leather as well, both extremely talented guys.

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  3. Cthulhux

    Cthulhux Loaded Pockets

    Jan 19, 2014
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    Those Davis Leatherworks are some pretty cool products. I was just looking at their site and it's nice to see at least affordable stuff. It sounds like he puts the quality in where it matters at the sacrifice of the cosmetics. So at least a belt can actually cost less than the pants they are holding up! While Hollows looks like great stuff, sometimes I don't want to pay that much more if I'm really just looking for the same quality belt but willing to pay half (or less) the price for less detail.

    I had a lesson about leather quality from different brands. DECADES ago, I bought a simple leather belt from Banana Republic (this was when they sold cool stuff... before selling out). Used it constantly... was my only belt when I wasn't wearing a suit. Then several years ago I bought a Levi belt to replace it. Looked the same and I figured how different can it be?? It's just leather... :oops: . Yeah.... That belt showed more wear and tear in six months than my old BR belt.

    Thanks for the review!
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  4. GatorMedic

    GatorMedic Loaded Pockets

    Jun 8, 2013
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    It seems most covers for Field Notes use the rubber band to keep them closed. Personally I detest that. All the ones that don't have the rubber band are more money than I care to part with. So my FN remain naked. Isn't that big of an issue for me since I only pocket carry at work and it doesn't get used much there. Still wish there were more affordable options out there though... Glad you found one that works well for you.

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