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davem's EDC pocket rigs

Discussion in 'Show us pics of your EDC!' started by davem, Sep 13, 2010.

    davem Loaded Pockets


    1. Bausch & Lomb - 20X Triplet Loupe Magnifier
    2. Tru-Nord Model 150C Brass Compass
    3. McFeely Pocket Wrench II
    4. Maratac EDC-Key Screwdriver
    5. EXOTAC NanoStriker
    6. Arc AAA-P flashlight
    7. Eddie Baca custom 3" Ti Marlin Spike
    8. Pico Pen
    9. True Utility Twiststick
    10. TEC Accessories Inchworm
    11. Atwood Whistle
    12. CountyComm Split Pea Lighter
    13. Sunshine Products Cash Can (contains 2 rolled-up $100 bills)
    14. Leatherman Squirt PS4
    15. County Comm Pico Widgy Pry Bar
    16. Gosol Nail Clippers
    17. P-38 Can Opener
    18. AG Russell Field Tweezers
    19. CountyComm SERE Pocket Saw
    20. Spyderco Hawkbill Ladybug

    Cable is a CountyComm A&P 6" Cable Key Ring
    Chain is Berkeley Point Small Link Stainless Steel Safety Chain
    Clip is TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip

    I unfastened the cable to get a better photo.

    bobbyc Loaded Pockets

    I saved this picture and the contents listing to my computer so I can stare at it. If this is your pocket rig, you must have some. . .pretty deep pockets.

    Which of these gets the most usage?

    Thanks for sharing!


    Togami Empty Pockets

    If I might ask, how do you carry this on your person?

    davem Loaded Pockets

    davem's EDC - light duty


    This is my EDC rig - light duty. This is what I carry in my pocket if I am wearing a suit or wool trousers. It has just the essentials:

    1. Spyderco Ladybug Jester
    2. Fenix LD01
    3. Inka Pen
    4. Gosol mini nail clippers

    davem Loaded Pockets

    davem's Car Key Ring


    This is my car key ring. I keep it as light as possible to protect the ignition switch.

    1. car key
    2. Photon Freedom Micro Covert
    3. Swiss-Tech Utility Key
    4. Valiant Concept Key Chain Pen
    5. Bersa Thunder .380 Safety Key

    davem Loaded Pockets

    Thanks Bob! I've used all of these tools at different times under different circumstances--some more dire than others--and it's quite handy. The most use goes to the Arc-P, the Pico Pen, the Squirt P4, the nail clippers, trweezers, and the Spyderco.

    davem Loaded Pockets

    Hi Togami, it's quite stocky at times but hangs into my front pocket nicely when clipped from my waistline or belt while wearing jeans or shorts. If out at night in colder weather it'll ride in my jacket pocket. If I'm carrying a briefcase or satchel it'll go in there.