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CRKT M21 14SF went down :(

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Bushey, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Bushey

    Bushey Loaded Pockets

    Nov 12, 2013
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    Maybe this will finally teach me to put my knife deep in my pocket instead of clipped on when I am rappelling, but my new CRKT M21 14SF took a 70 foot fall on to concrete (in the coned off area luckily), and is now pretty busted up. Miraculously, the blade is unharmed, but both screws holding the scales together snapped off, and are now stuck in the threaded holes, and the liner and one scale is bent pretty good... right after I re-centered the blade too:( It appears as though the auto-lawks feature *might* be undamaged, but I can't get it to lock up. I was only able to recover one of the spacers, and I found one screw but it was snapped off so I tossed it and didn't bother looking for the other one.

    I feel pretty irresponsible for dropping a knife that far up on to a pedestrian sidewalk :eek: (i just keep telling myself that's what safety cones are for), so I count my lucky stars no one got hurt. Breaking a $65 knife is really the last of my concerns, but I definitely want to get this thing fixed - it's my favorite knife I've ever bought! Also, thanks to the lady that yelled up at me "Is this your knife?! I'll put it under the cone!" (probably so one of the many, many crackheads/mentally disturbed peds of our fine city of Seattle won't take it)

    So my question is, should I send it in to CRKT to see if they'll fix it, should i just throw it in the garbage, or are there any knife repair experts here that could help me out (compensation would definitely be in order... I have a Spyderco JB Rescue gathering dust, hint hint). I'm sure if the auto-lawks feature is messed up it could be a tricky fix, as well as getting it to lock up solidly after such a fall.

    I know fanny packs are pretty dorky, but I'm about to embrace my Maxpedition Octa like I never have before so this doesn't happen again! (it doesn't look nearly as dorky when I have a harness and equipment on me :oops:)

  2. KnoxButler

    KnoxButler Loaded Pockets

    Nov 17, 2013
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    I'm no expert but in my limited experience bent liners (especially if its the one with the lockbar) are usually unrepairable. The strength of the steel is significantly weekend when bent and bending it back and or heating it to bend it back will only make it worse. Also I would agree if the Auto-Lawks feature got tweaked in the fall it would be very difficult to fix. The screws would be relatively easy to fix, just drill out the sheared screws and re-tap the holes and fit new screws. But what I think it comes down to is, are you willing to trust a blade in which the safety features have possibly been compromised(IE the lockbar and subsequently the Auto-Lawks system)

    Again I'm no expert, there may be someone who can help you out, but I think at this point your best shot would be to send it to CRKT and wait to see if they will replace it. :bye:
  3. FenixArcher

    FenixArcher EDC Junkie!!!

    Oct 14, 2013
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    Aw man, that really sucks!
    Good thing that nice pedestrian hid it for you.
    I would contact CRKT about it.
    Otherwise, I would salvage the blade and any other parts that may still be useful.
  4. Wydern

    Wydern Loaded Pockets

    Jan 8, 2014
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    I agree with everyone else. Read the warranty see if its covered, and send it in. My only experience with CRKT's customer service was filling out the online form for a coupla clip screws that got loose and fell out. They shipped relatively quickly(6 days) and didn't mess up or decline what I asked for. Other than that I don't know what kind of reception you'll get.
  5. baja820

    baja820 Loaded Pockets

    Nov 4, 2012
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    any pics of the carnage?
  6. twogunmojo

    twogunmojo Banned

    Nov 3, 2013
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    write an email to crkt or better yet a real letter and send it along with the knife explaining who you are and what you were doing...best case scenario they send you a new one for free...worst case they tell you to buy a new one...

    l lost the one of the tool covers on my sog years ago so i just took the other one off...a month or so ago i decided to see if they stood by their warranty...the very helpful customer service lady sent me 2 brand new covers in black powder coat for my stainless steel power lock...

    sog 1 by ibescottfree, on Flickr