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CRKT Knives: Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Knives' started by EraserDude, Oct 8, 2012.

    EraserDude Loaded Pockets

    I'm pretty new here and I haven't seen much talk about CRKT knives. Personally, I EDC the Stainless Steel Drifter and I really like it.
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    In my opinion....they make ok blades. :) not amazing. But workable blades. I also own a drifter....never use it....but I have one. :)
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    I have only used one CRKT knife in my life. It used to be single worst folder I had ever used. It slipped into the second worst slot eventually after trying something else. I cannot say that others are as bad or not since I have not tried them.

    EraserDude Loaded Pockets

    Just curious... what was the first worst slot?

    Sriracha Loaded Pockets

    I like some of the knives they offer. I carry a WalMart edition Ripple occasionally. Its a great knife. It is like the original ripple, but with lesser steel at half the price. I also have a big M-16 or something.. its the big guy with the double guard. That knife is a brute. I abused the heck out of it and it still works great. I also have a few with unusual locking and opening mechanisms. I believe one is called a Snap lock. The blade rotates out from the scale side and is a frame lock. The grind is really thick on the blade though. ok for a money clip. On a different knife, the blade slides through the handle. That one I can open quickly and makes a great light knife/ money clip. The steel is mirror polished and it looks cheap, like its plated? But it is sharp! Some people get all hung up about what steel is used for the blade. I have no problems with any of my CRKT knives. They offer good bang for the buck, and lots of collaborations with makers with different styles and unusual locking and opening systems. I hear the Drifter is a good one!

    Enjoy your knives!

    Sriracha Loaded Pockets

    Just curious, what style of CRKT gave you a bad experience? Was it just one, or multiple?

    Sriracha Loaded Pockets


    only joking.... easy there fan boys!:rofl:
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    Well, it was the only knife I have ever rolled the edge on. I have made fences with knives and have done a huge number of other tasks since the 60s and never rolled an edge. I rolled it cutting some Elm Tree saplings. It was a Sanrenmu 710 that someone gave me. Not only did the edge roll it cracked as well. I am afraid to say anything after the above post. I used to rate the M-16 as the worst knife to do work with.
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    Blerv Loaded Pockets

    Like Boker (at least mid-low priced ones) most of the cost seems to go into cool designs. I prefer product that aim to deliver performance at expense of looks :). To each his/her own.
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    I put them in the middle. Not the greatest, not the worst. I don't own any (that I can recall) though, though I have handled some.

    I'll not own any in the future, I'm afraid, particularly the M-16. Too many memories... the M-16 was the one that we found with my buddy on his final hike (R.I.P., buddy).
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    The German Boker work knives used to be seen once in awhile in Ranch country. They where were considered very good when used for what they are designed for.

    There are some really high performance products that also have good looks. :)
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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    Prefer the larger folders available thru exduct, over any of the CRKT folders.

    The little Dogfish neck knife was fine, though....well worth the $.
    Since I can't stand stuff around my neck, I gave it to billybag.
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    Blerv Loaded Pockets

    Totally Jon :). The German Boker line is a different breed to the stuff coming out of Taiwan and it should be for multiple times the price. There are definitely knives that hit looks, performance, and price. Imo knives like the Spyderco Sage and Benchmade Osborne should be much more expensive.

    It's just the typical CRKT is style-driven. Not a bad thing depending on standards and goal.

    Zookie Loaded Pockets

    I personally love CRKT knives.

    I have a g10 drifter and it is one tough SOB!

    Also have a Mcginnis that is an incredible.

    calebklyne Loaded Pockets

    I had a drifter and was pretty impressed as it was so cheap. I also had an ignitor and it was ok but I paid nearly the same price for my para2 and I have yet to own or use a better folder including a crk and Emerson's

    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I haven't owned any yet. But I am interested in many of their designs, esp. when it comes to their multi tools. Since many of their designs are a little "out there" they seem to be the kind of tool that once they are in your hand they either seem like the best tool ever, or the biggest piece of junk ever.

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    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    While they haven't been at the top of my list, I own a CRKT K.I.S.S. and Bear Claw and both are serviceable blades.

    Boker knives vary. The number and nature of the collaborations they do make it hard to dismiss the company unilaterly.

    I absolutely love the
    1. Boker (Jesper Voxnaes) Gnome, Pry Mini and Pry Mate
    2. Boker (Tom Krein) Pocket Bowie
    3. Boker (David Mosier) Mosier ... swedgy goodness.
    Would love to add the following to the herd
    1. Boker (Jesper Voxnaes) Bob, Rhino, Rhino Calf, and Mega Mini to the herd.
    2. Boker (Tom Krein) PSK
    3. Boker (Jim Burke) SOB
    4. Boker (Tom Blackwood) Pipsqueak
    5. Boker (Andy Fitz) Fitz Carbon Kneck Knife
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    I think CRKT is about on par with Boker - they make some good knives and some bad knives. They are a good 'entry-level' knife.

    I must confess that my first modern pocket knife was a Buck Odyssey and I thought I didn't really care for the modern "tactical" knife. However, I later picked up a CRKT Mirage for a good price at a pawn shop, and I decided to give "tactical" folders another try. The Mirage really was a decent knife, as was their Crawford/Kasper folder. The M-16 line was really pretty "tacticool", in my opinion, and did not impress me. After I made the jump with CRKT, I later discovered Benchmade and then Spyderco.

    I think CRKT's best ideas are their fixed blade knives, though. I do still have a CRKT Neck PECK that I got years ago. I consider it to be one of the best conceived neck knives ever, but do I wish it were made from a better steel. I have seriously considered picking up their Ikoma Keydashi or the Doug Ritter survival kit knife that they make.
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    Syclone Loaded Pockets

    I own a few CRKTs

    SS Drifter-seems like a solid knife for 15 bucks!

    Delegate Gentleman- Still can't get used to the fire safe but like the knife

    M16 tanto was my EDC for a year before I got the Drifter.

    Drifter has been replaced by the Mcustas.:p
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