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CRKT Hammond Dive Knife

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by lcranston, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. lcranston

    lcranston Loaded Pockets

    Jun 20, 2006
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    This will be my first attempt, so go easy ;).  This will be a little of DIY, a little review, and a good find IMO.  I am not a diver.   I was looking for a poor man's knife with a blunt somewhat chisel tip.  I like the looks of the Graham Razel and the Atwood Bug Out Blade, but was running short of cash due to X-mas.  I did a search for blunt tipped knives and came up with a special at Knifecenter


    Stolen from the website are the specs:

    Hammond A.B.C. Aqua 2604: Blunt Dive Blade, Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge
    Blade: Cutting edge: 3.25" (8.26 cm)
    Thickness: 0.16" (0.40 cm)
    Steel: AUS 8, 57-58 HRC
    Knife: Overall length: 8.38" (21.3 cm)
    Weight: 4.7 oz. (133 g)
    Hammond A.B.C. Operators' A.B.C. Sheath (included with knife) Material: Zytel®
    Overall length: 5.37” (13.6 cm)
    Width: 2.50" (6.4 cm)
    Weight: 3.4 oz. (96 g)

    The knife itself fits the hand well and is grippy enough to use wet.  The scales on the knife are black, but an extra set of yellow scales and a torx wrench were included to swap out handles.  The handle has holes to reduce weight and inhance grip.   As stock, the knife has a double beveled tip that is blunt and thin at the end.  The knife is double edged.  The stock knife had one plain edge and one serrated.  Both edges stopped about 3/4 from the tip.   I didn't take pictures as soon as I got it and I sharpened the plain edge all the way to the tip so I could use it for more efficient slicing.  The blade is coated with titanium nitride and is a shinny black. 

    The sheath is sandwiched zytel and incluses a removable clip, extras Chicago screws, and flat plates for multiple different mounting options.  I used one of the flat plates and the velcroed magazine carrier from a Maxpedition MPB to attach it inside my MPB. The plate holes also line up with the holes on my Gerber Yari sheath, so the clips may work with other knife sheaths as well. The paperwork included also indicates the sheath is setup to accept rubber thigh straps. which are not included.

    I have only had it about a week, but I have used it to change out a license plate, wire a cable box, light prying, and miscellaneous cutting tasks.  The serrated edge does well on rope/cloth and the plain edge as modified slices well.  The finish has some wear marks, but none appeared to have gone through to the steel itself.

    All in all for 24.95 a good deal and a good knife.  The sheath alone is worth a lot in my book.  I also do some kydex work and plan to use the spare stuff for other knives.  My only reservation is there is also a hole at the base of the blade that works well to rest your thumb in certain grips, but also may be a weak spot if using the knife for heavier prying.

    Here are some pics: