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Credit card swipe for mobile devices

Discussion in 'Electronic Devices' started by antman157, Aug 26, 2012.

    antman157 Loaded Pockets

    Does anyone use those mobile credit card swipes that connect to your iPhone or iPad. If so what company did you go with, or you would recommend? I do a lot of person to person sales and people have asked me if I accept credit cards. Seems like a convenient way to receive payments

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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    My brother uses the Cube. He swears by it and I heard Dave Ramsey recommend it this week on air. Not here in Canada yet or I'd get one.

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    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    Square @ Squareup.com


    cheaper than our shop terminal fees too & amex acceptance that is MUCH better

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    antman157 Loaded Pockets

    Great! Thank you all

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    batteryguru Loaded Pockets

    I use Android stuff, but I also use square. My only problem has been breaking the readers, of which I've been through three (never any charge to replace). The last one they sent me seems more rugged than the rest. Not sure if it's protocol from me breaking them or just a newer design.

    antman157 Loaded Pockets

    Well I just signed up with square so we will see how it goes.. Hopefully this will be more convenient since lots of people don't have cash on them

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    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    You will love it :)
    We ordered a second reader for shop (they sent free) a few weeks after signing up so in case I was on the road with mine. I also purchased a stylus for phone and keep both in a small zippered heavily padded pouch in my invoice zip up case. I use it probably 2-4 times a day, and have for several months. Almost everyone comments how cool it is :)
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    FortySix&2 Banned

    TomWelch Loaded Pockets

    If you go to art shows and fairs you see a lot of booths using
    these devices and services today. BTW, I'm now using a stylus
    on my Kindle Touch and the stylus has greatly enhance my
    navigating capabilities.

    indigo Loaded Pockets

    I have a friend that uses the propay Jac, but she said that when she interfaced it with her iPad lots of double records were popping up. I own a square, but haven't used it much since many of my shows don't have cel access either due to remote location or being deep inside a convention center where there is no signal. If you end up liking the square, I've noticed that there is a new cottage industry on little padded holders for them on ETSY. For those that keep breaking them, that might be an option for prevention.

    HawaiiZach Loaded Pockets

    I use square for a computer repair business. I have been using it since the beta years ago, they are a really good company. You can't go wrong wrong with them!

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    Orionsbelt0 Loaded Pockets

    +1 for Square. I run my business through it whenever someone wants to pay by credit card. Reasonable rates and if you have them send you the reader it is free.

    AB.AlexB Loaded Pockets

    I use whichever one Paypal sent me.
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    95yjinpa Loaded Pockets

    I use the reader from PayPal' works great, goes right in my account.

    wstamper Loaded Pockets

    I like to use the Square reader. I use it across the board on all my portable Apple devices with no complaints.
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    theMingo Loaded Pockets

    I've been using Square for almost 3 years now. Best thing I ever did at my repair shop. I don't get anywhere near enough credit card payments to justify a dedicated machine.
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    kd7dvd EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Not just fairs, but "real" stores, too. I bought a Prometheus flashlight in a brick-n-mortar store in Half Moon Bay, and my card got Squared.

    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    Yep we use it in ours in addition to our bank terminal, for the amex (and now discover!) but for most in store stuff we still use the printer one, its quicker.

    I recently went back and did a review and see square is making some decent $$ off us :)

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    Knightrock EDC Junkie!!!!!

    What do you repair?
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    theMingo Loaded Pockets

    We do computer repair, some high end server work, admin the local cable company's network, do Wired installs, Cell phone repair, pretty much whatever rolls into the shop.