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CR123-powered beacons, flashers, etc.

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by kirbysdl, Jan 8, 2013.

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    kirbysdl Loaded Pockets

    In short, what are the options besides the somewhat spendy Glotoob Lithium?

    Must haves:

    - Single CR123A power
    - Wide-angle visibility
    - Not simultaneously larger than and more expensive than the Glotoob Lithium. One is ok, not both.
    - Keychain-style carry/attachment option (not clip-only)

    Would be nice to haves:

    - LiFeP04 compatibility
    - Varying intensity for different use cases
    - Small overall size
    - Durable, splash-resistant or better

    If the battery requirement seems odd, it's because I've chosen to consolidate everything on CR123s. I know there are a ton of safety beacons/flashers/etc. out there that use coin cells or AAA/AA cells, but I'm looking for CR123-based products. Thanks!

    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

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    kirbysdl Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the link! Bigger and more expensive, but cool nonetheless. I especially like the glove-friendly mode switch and the multiple color options on the single device.
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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    Solarforce host, a P60 drop-in LED w/ strobe mode, and a Solarforce lantern head.
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    kirbysdl Loaded Pockets

    Something tells me that's again likely both larger and more expensive than the Glotoob solution. Is that untrue?

    Thanks for the ideas, anyway. That lantern head is really interesting. =)

    EDIT: The price seems comparable to the Glotoob Lithium's ~$45 selling price, but it would be considerably larger. Is there a lantern head for E-sized Surefire flashlights?
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    Blerv Loaded Pockets

    Why not a small 123 light with a custom diffuser?
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    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Not a commercially built one, that I'm aware of.

    You can get a one-cell Solarforce host, a 3volt drop-in, and match that to the lantern. It'll be pushing the $45 cap, but also give a lot more options overall.
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    Rrrino43 Loaded Pockets

    My 47 Quark mini Ti 123 just arrived today and I love it to bits.
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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    I dunno diddly about Surefire lights....had two, years ago....both were a FAIL.
    I'm sure they're better now, but I dunno about E-sizes or lanterns for them.

    I was just reading your post, scratching my head, et pitching out a $45 alternative....And: I have nothing against GloToobs.


    The Solarforce solution I mentioned gives you several options a GloToob doesn't.

    A small 123A light that unscrews from the lantern, as a stand-alone light, if needed.
    A stand-alone light with....hmm.....4 modes + strobe?
    Choose: Floodier LED....or Throwier LED? (Either will work great with the lantern head!)
    A stand-alone light with ~200 honest out-the-front lumens on high?
    A stand-alone light, with lantern on, whose 2nd gear is still gonna be brighter than a GloToob?
    Whose 3rd or 4th gear, with lantern on, will light a good-sized camp?
    Moonlight mode for inside the tent?
    5 speeds to choose from?

    Not trying to argue, et I hope this helps!
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    reppans Loaded Pockets

    I have that Inova 24/7 above, it is great for the blinky/flashy thing, but it sucks for anything else. I'm with the other folks that suggest getting a decent flashlight that will multitask - the essence of EDC. Spend a bit more, but get a much more versatile tool.

    I would suggest the Eagletac D25C Clicky for this purpose since it has the best selection of blinkies I've yet seen in a light, not to mention is tiny in size, has a long running moonlight, and is one of the brightest 1x123s out there for a reasonable price.

    Blinkies are: strobe, variable frequency strobe, SOS, fast SOS (looks like a random blinky), 10 sec beacon, 0.5 second 100% blinky, 1 second 50% blinky.

    Lastly, here's a wallet-carry diffuser/reflector that I use for lantern duty while camping and during black outs. Taped to the back of the card are colored discs of plastic film that I can lay on the lens for emergency signaling.... CLICKY.
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    el chupacabra Loaded Pockets

    What's wrong with a glotoob lithium? I love mine.

    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I have one as well as an emergency blinker stashed in my bag. Pricey, but pretty tough for what you're paying. I do hate their UI - I think 13 modes is absurd overkill. But as beacons go, all you need is a blinking light source - and you can manage that with any ten of the 13 pre-sets.

    Another possibility to explore is a cr123 headlamp that also has a blinker or strobe function. I'm not a big fan of Zebra lights because their UI gives me a headache, but it can be used as a headlamp or has a blinker function. I've used a Princeton Tec "Remix" with strobe to mark a position before, but the Remix uses 3 AAAs.
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    kirbysdl Loaded Pockets

    Hi folks, thanks for all the ideas and thoughts. I'm sorry I didn't mention that I already carry a couple lights. I'm merely looking to expand my capability by adding a safety blinker similar to those used by bikers, joggers, etc. I'm pretty down on bad unitaskers as well, but on the other hand I really appreciate purpose-built tools that excel in their niche, especially since I can often find alternate uses for such things.

    @el chupacabra, in the end it's probably down to the Glotoob Lithium if I want to hit all of the desired characteristics... and that's not a bad thing. I don't have anything against it as a device. As something I'd have to purchase it seems a bit expensive, but as this thread shows there isn't a real apples-to-apples competitor for it so they can pretty much charge what they want.

    @reppans, did you build that reflector yourself? If not, where did you get it?

    Lastly, if anyone knows of an E-sized lantern attachment, that would be pretty awesome for power outages and such. I'm not against the idea entirely, but I can't see myself using it as a safety flasher. Thanks!

    el chupacabra Loaded Pockets

    Kirby if its an consolation, I loved mine so much I bought a second. They are handy little buggers.

    reppans Loaded Pockets

    Business card, piece of aluminum foil tape and on back 2 twisty-ties w/clear packing tape to set angle and provide integrity.
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    kirbysdl Loaded Pockets

    I just went looking for my old A23 model last night. My excuse was going to be "might as well get a CR123 one if the battery is dead." Now I can't find it at all, which is arguably a better excuse for the same outcome. ;)

    @reppans, thanks!