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CountyComm Bac Sac?

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by Finnigan, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. eholland

    eholland Loaded Pockets

    May 19, 2009
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    Guys, I rarely like to spread the word on bad experiences with vendors, particularly when my bad experience might be a fluke and an exception to the rule. However, I see this mention of County Comm customer service and felt compelled to share my bad experience albeit, a year ago, a bad experience nonetheless. I placed an order (under $30.00) paid for the items and within a day or so (before the first item was even shipped) placed a second order for different items. Two separate transactions, two separate shipping fees and I clearly understood when I placed the second order that I would be paying a separate shipping charge for the subsequent purchase. 3 days after receiving my first order, the second order hadn't been shipped. I tried to call them and after 2 days of no answers, I emailed their "Customer Service Department" and explained the situation (I had placed 2 orders, only receiving one). I received no response to my email and they refunded my second order, in full, with no explanation. When I sent an email asking why my second order wasn't processed, I received no reply whatsoever. I love their products. They have something there! I would have likely continued to spend a few hundred dollars a year with their company but I gotta tell ya, I don't expect to be pampered and coddled by a company nor do I expect them to treat me as if I were their make or break customer but any company that treats any customer with such lack of regard over what should have been a routine business transaction deserves to have the word spread about its serious flaws. We, at this forum, are good, loyal people to not only each other but to the products and services we so rely and I believe we owe it to each other and this forum to share those bad experiences when they are out of the norm. Thank you to those who do.
  2. Deanster

    Deanster Loaded Pockets

    May 29, 2007
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    Follow-up on the Bac-Sac: I'd love to love it, but it's just not quite right for anything I do, and has a couple showstopping flaws that I would never have realized without actually owning and using the bag.

    So, I still love the look and feel of the Bac-Sac - the dark heather green, the double top handles and the thick cinch cord are fantastic. Probably the best-looking bag I own, overall.

    However, there are a couple major problems, at least for the way I use the bag.

    The #1 issue is the cotton lining, which somehow manages to get in the way of everything, because it's just lining the interior loosely. It catches the edges of everything I put in the bag, both on the way in and the way out. Similarly, the lining material forms the pocket portion of the exterior zipped pockets, so getting anything into or out of them is shockingly challenging. It routinely takes me 20 seconds or more to fish my keys out of the external pockets, purely because of the lining. Every other bag I own, I just reach in and grab what I need. 5 seconds, tops.

    I also find that the undifferentiated interior and the differing shapes of the top/side access is a problem. Tossing my iPad in works fine (once I get it past the lining), but if put it in the top and then attempt to access it from the side zipper, it's remarkably difficult to get out past the zipper opening, and I've had the same problem when I put a DSLR in the bag from the side and then attempted to get it out the top - it wasn't oriented right, so getting it back out became a hassle. What should be a versatility feature of dual-access ended up just infuriating me. There also isn't a sleeve to keep my iPad separate, so it ended up routinely sitting at an angle in the bag, which seemed much more-vulnerable to bending forces or other damage than when it's safely flat against the back of other bags.

    The interior mesh pocket for pens, etc. is excellent, as long as I only attempt to use it via the side zipper - trying to toss a few pens in through the open top of the bag just resulted in them all falling into the bottom of the bag, unless I happened to have the bag tilted so the top of the pocket was 'up'.

    Last but not least, the unpadded shoulder straps were an issue once I had more than a few pounds in the bag. I usually don't have an issue with minimalist straps, but these just landed poorly on me, perhaps more because of overall geometry than the actual materials.

    I'd love to see a version of this bag without the liner material, with the side zipper lengthened, a sleeve of the same canvas as the bag to hold an iPad against the back of the bag, the exterior pockets lined with the same canvas as the bag itself, and perhaps an adjustment of strap geometry. It's SO CLOSE to being an excellent bag, but the loose liner was a showstopper.

    I'm considering just cutting the liner out, but without fixes for the other issues, I'm probably better off just selling it at this point.