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Combat boots?

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by rat-7, Dec 2, 2012.

    rat-7 Loaded Pockets

    I know there have been several posts on here about footwear but I was wondering who wears combat boots? I wore (and walked) everywhere in them when I was in the infantry. Now I look at hiking boots and I realized I never give good old military issue combats a thought.

    deepsea Loaded Pockets

    My opinion is to go with whats comfortable for you. I have walked more than a few thousand miles and have tried many different boots. The best ones I found for me were some Merrel boots that they quit making around 6 years ago, they would last me for about a year. If I would have known they would have stopped making them I would have purchased 20 pairs.(Not kidding one bit.) I tried combat boots and they were ok if I did not have much weight on me but my job had me carrying a 115 lb to a 145 lb pack. The combat boots were very painful for me with that load. Take it from me, if you ever come accross a pair of boots that treat you good buy several pairs. My search still continues...

    Not exagerating, here is a couple of pics when I was working as a back country ranger in Alaska. My normal load out would include a saw, pulaski, sandvick, rifle and ammunition, weeks worth of food ect. and sometimes a box of nails, paint, stovepipe ect.



    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    DeepSea, you used the past tense when talking about being a back country ranger. Do you no longer do that? I mean, it sounds like a really cool job. Judging by your avatar, I guess maybe you have a more lucrative job welding under water. Yikes! But I'm sure the money is much better.

    Anyway, Rat-7, I have some really light weight boots, including some recently purchased Rocky CT4s. They are awesome, but I wouldn't want to hike with them if I had a load on. I mainly wear Redwings at work. Super durable, but again, not great to walk in. For genuine hiking, go with a real hiking boot. Like DeepSea, the Cone family prefers some sort of Merrell, but any name brand boot will do if it fits.

    Modern light weight combat boots are indeed a marvel, but I would rather be water boarded than have to hump a load in a pair. Just guessing, of course, as I've never been water boarded. But still...
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    rat-7 Loaded Pockets

    We used to do 13-20km ruck marches with 30kg of gear and another 35kg of C9 and ammo load out. Always in standard 90's issue combat boots. I understand the Canadian forces have upgraded their boots but I still covered a lot of km in those standard boots. Lots of guys I served with switched to Danners but I was fine with standard issue.

    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    Well, I've never worn combat boot professionally, so I'm no expert. I am, however, in HD work boots 10 hours a day six days a week and do a fair bit if hiking. I imagine that standard issue Danners are a bit more robust than the current crop of combat trainers which are barely more than sneakers. That said I love mine, they are fine for day hiking and what not. Plus, for a nitwit like me they are just plain tacticool. I just wouldn't backpack with them.
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    Blitzkrieg Loaded Pockets

    I got into combat boots years ago in high school ROTC. I've had a pair of Bates ICB boots for 8 years and they're still going strong. I made the mistake of buying a pair of Wellco boots as backup and I'm nowhere near impressed. That being said, you really gotta try things on to see hour they fit and how they support your feet. I like the ICB boots because of the heavy Vibram soles and the ankle support. I'm not one to look at the sneaker style boots they have now because they just don't have what I'm used to. I tried a pair of the Converse ones once, it was like hiking in boots without any grip.

    bigguy02 Loaded Pockets

    I use Rocky 10in Paratroopers at work and love them. I did a pretty intense 2 week long training course (multi mile runs, pt for hours, cell extractions, riot training) and wore them the whole time with no real complaints. After about 22 hours of use though I have to get them off my feet.
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    Yetitrician Loaded Pockets

    I have to wear "combat" boots for work. I have now for 14 years. Close to everyday thats like 61500 hours of experience. I've worn quite a few. I also have experience with hiking boots and other styles of boots. If you are asking for opinions I will give you mine.

    To reply to your statement, I would say try a pair of Danner Boots.

    To give perspective on my statement read the following!

    For military style boots I've had Danner, Corcoran, Matterhorn, Rocky, Bates, Belleville, 5.11, Red Wing, Blackhawk, and White. The only ones I have resoled were the Danners, and the Red Wings. The newer Red Wing Boots I have seen weren't built the same as the originals I have. I still wear the Danners I had resoled, they were the second pair I owned first pair I traded to a buddy because Danners are known to stretch and get loose. Second pair I bought narrow and after break-in threw in insoles and perfect.

    I have had hiking boots too. Vasque, La Sportiva, Asolo, Merrell, and Irish Setter. The irish setters are my Bow-Hunting boots bought them cause they were the lightest waterproof boots sold at the time, and chasing elk is hard work, and lots of hiking involved.

    I don't consider the new soft soled offerings to be boots.

    SOOO.... What I've determined in my experience to be must haves in any boot are
    1. A tough leather(that usually means thick by the way) lower with some form of toe and heal protection.
    2. A Solid sole, Vibram has the best track record with me.
    3. A shank of some type.
    4. WaterPROOF

    Standard issue military boots are made by the lowest bidder. EVERY manufacture making a MilSpec boot clone is fixing something wrong with them. My suggestion is to NOT buy something an entire market developed around replacing! That means no standard issue milspec boots. The high end aftermarket milspec boots are great. They will last you a long time with proper maintenance.
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    RC2814 Loaded Pockets

    I bought a pair of Altama 8 in. LITESpeed boots about two years back, and I was glad I did. Originally, I wanted to use them for airsoft, since everyone on the forums said that you should invest in boots with good ankle support (so 8 in. or higher), but I never did end up playing *shrug*. Bought them in the winter when they were on sale, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made. I used to wear the classic Converses before that, and they were pretty much destroyed since I had been wearing them for three years straight. New pairs didn't fit right, but I couldn't keep wearing my onld pair since they were being held together with duct tape and that wasn't cutting it. But when I wore those boots on campus, it was amazing. My feet were relatively warm and always stayed dry unless I stepped it water past six inches (never did, never planning to). And they were just amazingly comfortable, had great padding and balance, and were so light that I never felt encumbered when I ran to class. I definitely appreciated the tread that kept me from slipping on many unavoidable ice patches. Also kept me from twisting my ankles a few times from just random missteps. It's not just great for bad weather, but also for work. I got a job working at my university's ticket office, and dress code was black, white, and possibly a splash of red. I hate wearing dress shoes, so I asked my boss if my boots were good enough to wear. She said they were, and I was rewarded with comfy feet for repeated four hour sessions doing multiple tasks. My view on combat boots, especially from good brands, is that they were designed to handle some of the worst crap the planet has to offer, so it's good enough for a college student who hates the cold, but prefers it to heat.

    If I had to list some problems with my boots, it would be minor stuff. One is that they take a little longer to lace up than my Vans, which I just slip my feet into when it's warm enough to wear. They also make marks on my calves, so you can see where the tops end and where the blood flow was slightly restricted. And I can't wear them in the summer since my feet would get too hot and boots look weird with shorts.

    TL;DR: Altama 8 in. LITESpeed boots = Warm ankles, dry feet, and no impediment on my ability to run from zombies.

    defuse kit Loaded Pockets

    I love my USMC Bellevilles. I can go anywhere and do anything in them. Run a couple of miles or hike dozens more, I can do it in those easily.
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    ac7ss Loaded Pockets

    I swear by my 5.11 A.T.A.C. boots. I have to wear ANSI toes at work. These are very comfortable. However, they only last about a year, as the soles are softer than Vibrams.

    Sent from a remote location using smoke signals.

    DESTRO Loaded Pockets

    Solid gold right there!

    I was in the military for 13 years and although we were issued new safety boots on a regular basis, I would just go out and buy my own. Sounding like a tax money wasting fool, I tossed many a brand new pair of combat boots straight into the trash only after saving the only good part, the laces. As mentioned above the aftermarket is making some remarkable footwear that surpasses regular issue by leaps and bounds. If I needed a duty type boot I would buy something aftermarket. If the footwear was intended for mainly hiking, I would not consider a duty boot to fill that mission.

    Y.Tribe Loaded Pockets

    I have 3 pairs of these German Combat boots. And I swear by them. I bought them all second hand in a surplus shop and wear them every day. Compared to 'walking boots' their a little heavier but are still a hell of a lot more waterproof.


    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    I had a pair once, I had them just before I grad high school, but then I gave them to my cousin who was going into the usmc, I don't remember who made them but it was a swat boot, I think they were great, I tried red wings but gave them back I worked with them for tree days and was in pain, so ended up getting into Carolina's? It's been a while but I think that's they were, but I've been in hiking boots for the passed 10yrs, no need for the heavy duty.. JR

    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    I've been wearing jump boots for about 15+ years. 10" Carolina's with zippers in the sides, full uninsulated leather. That is, when I can't wear sandals for whatever reason which is about half the year. Most footwear is a pain in the instep for me so I wear as little as possible. The zippers mean I don't have to spend half an hour getting in and out of them and the laces mean I can have them tight where I want it and loose where I need it. Gussets keep the water and other gunk out.

    I don't know what I'm going to do when my current, last pair wears out. They're no longer made and finding a suitable replacement has so far been an exercise in frustration.

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    I wore Army-issue boots back in the 80's - the basic boot issued when you get your initial gear as well as jump boots. In '91 I was issued a pair of desert boots. I liked the lightweight nature of the boots, but they didn't wear well and weren't terribly supportive. These days I've settled on the Belleville Khyber boot (link below) as a very comfortable compromise between light weight and good support. I haven't humped an 80 lb ruck while wearing these boots, but then most people won't on a daily basis. The boots are made with a load-bearing sole, however.

    Link: http://www.bellevilleboot.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=68

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    pmew Loaded Pockets

    Haix airpower P10

    I have worn them on duty everyday this year, standing in everything from rivers, peat bogs, sea water, sewage, diesel, refuse, broken glass and needles, climbing fences and trees, chasing people, driving and most importantly of all ..... spinning on chairs.

    Dead comfy. No wear and tear apart from unavoidable scuffing on the toecaps, they polish up fine though. And will bull nicely without much effort for when I have to go to HQ.

    uh60crewdog Empty Pockets

    being in the army now one would thing I couldent wait to get into something other than boot but mil and civvi world I swear by my belleville 390des. the 390s are pure indestructable wear the almost every day in the stan, its winter now so I traded in for the belleville 950mcb's becaues they have the gortex.