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Coins - how do you carry them?

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by Goliath, Aug 30, 2006.

    Goliath Loaded Pockets

    Ok, my wallet is driving me crazy. It's way too thick and that's mainly because the coins... So here's the obvious question; what do you do with coins? I'd like to have some with me for when I need to go to the restroom or something. We don't have one euro bills, only 5, 10, 20 and up...

    I'm looking for a way to carry some coins (couple of 50cents, couple of 1euro's and maybe some 10/20cents) without them getting lost.

    Who will save my day? :lolhammer:

    mrmakochan Empty Pockets

    Goliath Loaded Pockets

    Hmm... The squeeze purse (the one from amazon) looks like the best option so far. I like the one Jumpmaster pointed out too, but it seams pretty thick and it only holds US coins.

    Anyone using a combination of a money clip (or something similar) and a coin purse?

    GPE427 Empty Pockets

    While I really like the chawly coin dispenser (and need a few myself), Goliath needs one that will accept euros, a 1 euro coin, .5 euro and .2 euro are all just smaller than a quarter, .1 euros would fit in the nickle slot.  Mr Chawly should make a Euro version.

    I remeber pay toilets from Europe, I've also seen them in Mexico, I have never seen one in the US.

    Jumpmaster Banned

    :stupid:  I missed that...sorry...:(  They should make one compatable with Euros and such...I've always heard good things about them.

    I did read where someone made his own out of cardboard. That might work...though maybe not as elegant. Coins are a pain...I usually end up putting them in my SpecOps wallet and when it gets too full, I just take out some and put them in a jar.


    Goliath Loaded Pockets

    No problem at all. It gets me on a search quest for a EU compatible one :p

    Jeff9266 Loaded Pockets

    luigi Loaded Pockets

    I completely understand the problem, coins are an unsolved problem of my edc.
    If I put them in my wallet the wallet becomes heavy and bulky. If I use a coin purse or something I have to waste pocket space for it. They are heavy they take space, you get them everywhere, a complete nightmare!


    Deaths Head Banned

    I don't like keeping coins in my wallet.  The make the wallet bulky and heavy, and also coins sure do put a lot of stress on the wallet.  In all honesty, I don't like carrying coins in my pockets as well.  I actually keep a piggy bank and just save the coins up for a rainy day.  It take a while, but last I counted, I am up to $300 right now in a piggy bank.  I have something like that Chaley Changer in my car for coins.

    But if you really want to carry coins with you, here's what I recommend.  It is classy and durable, and it is made just for coins.
    Coin Catcher

    PocketLint Banned

    I'm asking because I don't know........why not just use your pocket?

    My wallet only carries paper money and credit cards etc. I put the change in my pocket whenever I get some, and when I get home I put it in a big bin. If I'm at work I put it in a part of my desk drawer. After I get enough change I exchange it for paper money. I hate change and I think everything should be rounded off to the nearest dollar.

    7k7k99 Loaded Pockets

    I never put coins in a wallet. I now carry about $2 worth of quarters loose in my pocket, any other change goes into a cigar box at home or in the coin cup in the car. I used to carry a small leather coin purse but now I carry so much edc stuff, that I have just gone to the loose quarters. All I ever need anyway.

    KevinB Loaded Pockets

    I'm the same way. I hate to carry coins. I have a couple of beer steins on my dresser. At the end of the day quarters go in one, other coins go in the other. Quarters actually get used for stuff, like washing the car. When the "other coins" stein gets full, I empty it into glass gallon jugs. Someday I'll figure out what to do with the jugs.

    But in Europe, coins are worth real money. We're not talking pennies and nickels. We're talking multiple dollars.

    Ideally I carry coins in the change pocket of my pants. All my jeans and most of my cargo pants/shorts have a change pocket. Some of my dress slacks even have a discrete coin pocket sewn into the regular right front pocket. I used to just keep coins in my RF pocket if I didn't have a coin pocket, back when I kept my cell phone on my belt. My new Razr I like to keep in my RF pants pocket, and I don't want the coins to scratch it. So I've been putting coins in my LF pocket, where they get mixed up with my keys/gadgets, folding reading glasses, etc. Not optimum. But I'm not going to carry a coin purse to use up more pocket real estate.

    Jeez, the trivia we worry about.

    Kevin B.

    P.S. I should add that I carry 4 quarters taped to a business card in my wallet for emergencies.

    LowWorm Guest

    My favorite spare coin solution is a pair of Roos. :D

    Seriously! That little zippered pouch is my best friend for keeping change.

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    Lunal_Tic Empty Pockets

    You carry a shoe for a coin purse, novel. :laugh:


    LowWorm Guest

    Mock me, scorn me! :(

    Picture the scene...loWWorm at Wal-mart, trying to buy a cheap soda, when she suddenly realizes that she's got change in her SHOOZ! The clerk blinks her eyes in disbelief...where did the customer go? She was standing there just a minute ago...? Sproing, up pops loWWorm with a handful of change deftly extricated from her trusty Roos.

    The crowd goes wild.

    Lunal_Tic Empty Pockets

    . . . but then realizes she's wearing sandals. :p I'm in a mood, feel free to ignore me. ;D


    Goliath Loaded Pockets

    Yes I've seen that before, but it's not really (well, really not actualy :p ) my style.

    It seems that most people have the same problem as I have, and carry only a few loose coins in the pocket. I think I'm going to try that and see if I like it.

    I like the idea of taping some coins to a buisiness card so I think i'm going to try that too!

    By the way, coins are 'real money' here indeed.

    50cents is around $.65
    1euro is $1.24
    2euro is $2.48

    It wouldn't be a problem if I only carried some 50cents, but I'd like to have some euro's on me aswell...

    charlie fox Loaded Pockets

    +1 for the Chawley Changer...I've got one in my pocket right now! ;D

    onlyonespyderco Loaded Pockets

    :laugh: :laugh: