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Charging the 1.5V rechargeable AA/AAA Li-ion batteries properly

Discussion in 'XTAR (flashlights, battery chargers, batteries)' started by XTAR, Dec 30, 2022.

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    Some customers asked the questions about charging 1.5V rechargeable AA/AAA Li-ion batteries. For example, could these batteries be charged on a regular battery charger, such as, VC4SL, Energizer AA/AAA charger, etc.? As for the dedicated chargers LC4/LC8, designed for xtar 1.5V Li-ion batteries with indicator, can they charge other different Li-ion or NiMH batteries smoothly?

    The answer is No. To charge these 1.5V AA/AAA Li-ion batteries, it needs standard charging voltage around 5V, and keeps constant voltage charge. Not same way as a regular 3.6V Li-ion batteruy charging, or 1.5V as NIMH battery needs. Besides, you also couldn’t charge AA/AAA NIMH batteries on the LC4/LC8, because it will send around 5V straight to the batteries and destroy them.

    So please don't try to charge the special 1.5V Li-ion batteries with other chargers, or do mix-charging with other batteries. That would damage the batteries and chargers, even bring with other safety hazards.
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