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Casio has a G-Shock Smartwatch under development!

Discussion in 'Watches' started by Moshe ben David, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Moshe ben David

    Moshe ben David Loaded Pockets

    Jun 30, 2015
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    All my fellow fans of the G-Shock....

    Just spotted an article describing work underway at Casio for a true Smartwatch version! It appears to be in the rectangular format, heir to the original series 5000...

    One other interesting point in the article is Casio making a limited edition metal body 5000 series; with the case and (maybe? if I'm reading right?) a bracelet that is 'aged' in a tumbling process to give a patina of wear...

    Here's a link for y'all: https://www.digitaltrends.com/wearables/casio-g-shock-smartwatch-ryusuke-moriai-interview/


    Moshe ben David
  2. aicolainen

    aicolainen Loaded Pockets

    Jan 7, 2017
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    Yeah, the aged steel square g-shock peaked my interest, but with insane pricing and possibly very limited production numbers I think it's a lost opportunity to make this a classic. The stone wash suits the g-shock line better than the polished steel versions

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