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Cant find my perfect tool

Discussion in 'Keychain Tools' started by Ady, Oct 5, 2011.

    Ady Loaded Pockets

    I'm looking for something titanium, maybe around 2.5 inches with the usually prybar / bottle opener etc.

    I've honestly spent hours and hours looking for something suitable but am having no luck, anyone have any suggestions?


    ATF Loaded Pockets


    tonester Loaded Pockets

    what he said. Atwood has plenty of titanium pry tools. i believe Shrade also has a similar tool.

    Ady Loaded Pockets

    I don't see any prybaby's (or much else for that matter) for sale on the atwood site, am i missing something? do you have a link? I've been watching the blog in the hope i can grab something.

    The shrade is tempting but may be a little to big

    ATF Loaded Pockets

    Atwoods are always popping up here on the forum.

    Ady Loaded Pockets

    Ah well, not too many more posts and i'll be able to view that bit :)

    JAfromMn Banned

    PockeTool X and TT pocket tools are two makers you should check out. I own tool's made by both of them there very high quality.

    Chief-Yeah Loaded Pockets

    the Titanium Key Tool comes to mind . . . here
    Btw . . . they also have factory seconds $7 cheaper . . . here
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    Agree with JA. TT PocketTools worth a look [ link ]. Couple of products with tool functions and the size you specified, at a reasonable cost. Well-made. HOWEVER, made of S30V heat-treated stainless steel, and not Ti like you wanted. But still, they weigh next-to-nothing.

    Breck Empty Pockets

    Schrade Ti Pry Tool

    Great balance between size, weight, and multi-utility. The cutter is a huge plus, and something you don't find in many other tools of its type.

    3.25", though, not 2.5"

    Ady Loaded Pockets

    Thanks all, off to work in a sec so i'll have a look a little later tonight

    Bellasdaddy Loaded Pockets

    Not ti, but check out pockettoolx's brewzer. They recently changed steel and lowered the price.

    Magnaminous_G Loaded Pockets

    I don't own anything by Atwood or anyone else who is a celebrity and expects fan boys to spend all day on his website desperately waiting to buy whatever he feels like making that day. As a result, I recommend either the Schrade Ti Pry Tool or the Boker VAT Ti Tool. Both are the size you are looking for, titanium, and have a cap lifter and pry. Both are excellent and widely available.
  1. LOL
    love this post!
    The VOX tool looks cool, i might look into one soon for myself (dont see the point in having a bunch of hex head sizes on a tool when it seems it'd be pretty much useless)

    Max Archer Loaded Pockets

    I get the impression that that's the result of a bunch of obsessive collectors and not really Atwood's fault. I know a bunch of people who do similar limited-run handmade items that sell out quickly just like the Atwood tools. It's really a shame such things become "collectable" and it becomes impossible for normal people to own and use them.

    artaxerxes Loaded Pockets

    Can't find your perfect tool? That's the EDC mentality in you talking! Every time you think something is perfect you find some fault with it and search for something better! Join the club.

    t33nguyen Loaded Pockets

    +1...hello my name is Tyler and I'm an EDC'aholic,if there's such a word,:)

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    Ady Loaded Pockets

    Sorry I've put this pic up in another post but I think I've found it..

    Scottyzedinosaur Loaded Pockets

    Whoa! What is that?

    Ady Loaded Pockets

    JDR Titanium Baby Pacu