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Can anyone help me manually set my new G-Shock?

Discussion in 'Watches' started by Fusilier, Nov 23, 2009.

    Fusilier Loaded Pockets

    I just received a GW-1500A that I bought here on EDC. The watch looks brand spanking new and I quite like it. It is a Solar Atomic watch but I think that because I'm in Nova Scotia, there is precious little chance it will pick up enough signal to self set.

    So I manually set the watch. My problem is now I can't seem to get the small digital display to agree with the analog hands. When I set the watch time on the little digital dial, the watch will then set the analog hands to be exactly one hour later. DST is set to off. International time display is set to the same time zone as the watch (CCS in this case so it is one hour later (i.e East) of NY. The kicker is I think I had it set right when I first took it out of the box but now I cannot get the times to match.

    I've found and read the instructions and it doesn't seem to cover this except to suggest DST is set wrong and I think I have it set right (i.e OFF).

    Any help is welcome.

    photomic Loaded Pockets

    Fusilier Loaded Pockets

    I'm not sure I fully understand what I did but I think I've figured it out. Here's a summary:

    This watch, apparently, will NOT even try a radio time set unless the time zone (city code) is set to one of the US time zones.
    I live in Nova Scotia so my time zone (city code CCS) is actually 1 hour East of the Eastmost US zone (NYC).
    I think I had set my city code to my correct zone and then set my watch. The digital and analog displays matched and worked fine. I ensured DST was set to off.
    I then tried messing around with the radio time sync to see if it would work here. I changed the city code to NYC (just to get it to even try).
    The manual says if in a US city code, Auto DST is (or could be) on. I didn't actually check this setting but this may be where my problem lies.
    I got 1 to 3 bars for a signal strength but it would still give me an ERR code that the time sync didn't work.
    Sometime after messing with the radio time sync I tried to manually set the time and this is when the hour difference problem occurred.
    I eventually tried radio time sync again, gave up, and reset my time zone/city code to what it should be for my area.
    The problem is fixed.

    I think that when I had set the city code to NYC, DST Auto might have been on and that might have been the problem.

    Anyway, thanks for looking and thanks for the ideas.

    watchcollector1968 Loaded Pockets

    Its been a while since I had this particular model...so let me see if I remember. I think that model has a seperate hand setting mode. So, set the digital time how you have been doing and it sounds like you have done that.

    So, in normal time keeping mode...NOT setting mode...push the mode button like you normally do to get to the alarm, stopwatch and so on. Do this until the little digital display says "H.SET"....this should be the "Hand Setting" mode. Now push and hold the adjust button until the little digital display blinks...now you can set the hands independently, just set it to match the digital time....then hit the adjust button again to get out of "setting mode" and go back to regular time keeping.

    chris in mo Loaded Pockets


    I had an issue with my G-shock and the hands being off from the digital time. I set the watch on top of my magnetic money clip and it apparently wreaked some havoc on the analog portion. I had to use the H-set function to re-sync the analog hands to the digital time. I have not had any problems since (i also have not put the watch on top of the money clip since).

    rueingeni Loaded Pockets

    Just a comment about radio time... Nova Scotia is further away than anywhere I've tried it from, but sometimes the radio sync is very touchy. On my G-Shock, the watch has to be absolutely still while it is receiving-if it's on my wrist there's a very low chance that it'll get the signal. It also can depend on where you are syncing from... try different rooms in the house, different locations, etc. Finally, the signal works much, much, much better at night than during the day.

    Fusilier Loaded Pockets

    Heck, so far I'm impressed I have even got a signal at all. I'll try again with the radio timesetting but because I have to set the city code/time zone to NYC, even if I got it to synch the time, it will be one hour off. I'd then just, theoretically, change the hour setting and expect the minutes and seconds (yep seconds count) are already correct.
    There appears to be no way to do a radio synch with the watch set to my actual time zone/city code.