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Discussion in 'MEMBER RULES, GUIDELINES & ANNOUNCEMENTS' started by xbanker, Sep 23, 2015.

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    EDCForum's Buy/Sell/Trade rules exist to protect buyers and sellers, and to make participation a pleasant experience. Please read and follow the rules completely. Failure to observe these rules may result in suspension or loss of B/S/T privileges. Serious or repeat violations may result in complete ban from the forum.

    The forum, its owner and staff take no responsibility for B/S/T content or transactions, nor will they mediate disputes. It is the sole responsibility of buyers and sellers to determine the acceptability of a transaction. Ask questions and confirm reputation of the other party to the transactions before committing to buy, sell or trade.

    After a transaction is completed, consider posting feedback in the Feedback section, for the benefit of future participants.

    1. A minimum post-count of fifteen (15) is required before members can "see" the B/S/T section.​
    2. To start and maintain a thread, members must have a +1 (or greater) Supporter badge. Badge(s) can be obtained here.​
    3. No badge is required to respond to someone else's thread.​
    4. Only EDC-related items or gear can be sold or traded.​
    5. Only member-owned items; no member-made items; no commercial or retail sales.​
    6. No firearms, illegal goods or services. It is the responsibility of the BUYER to ensure that s/he can legally acquire, possess and own an item in their jurisdiction.​
    7. Don't "step" on a member's listing, e.g. don't post negative comments about a listed item or its price, or engage in unnecessary "chatter" in a listing thread.​
    8. Members must display their nation (country) of residence on PROFILE PAGE if they participate as a seller, buyer or trader.​
    9. You must display a valid, non-disposable email address in your initial thread post and/or in the ABOUT YOU section on your PROFILE PAGE (under INFORMATION tab; edit PERSONAL DETAILS to add). Definition of disposable email address (link). Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail are not disposable.​
    10. Accurately and fully describe item(s), including flaws or defects. Clear photos that accurately depict item(s) should be included.​
    11. If listed on other forums, disclose that fact in the listing (forum name not necessary).​
    12. Items listed on any auction site are not permitted.​
    13. Thread title must include type of transaction, e.g. For Sale (FS), For Trade (FT), For Sale or Trade (FST), Want to Buy (WTB), Want to Trade For (WTTF). Full wording or just abbreviation is acceptable.​
    14. Only one active thread for each type is permitted, e.g. one FS, one FT, one WTB, etc. A thread is active for five days after its conclusion (last item is gone); this allows for post-transaction activity, e.g. payment and shipping.​
    15. When listing multiple items, include in a single thread. Add new items later by editing thread (including title if necessary).​
    16. An asking price must be included when listing is "For Sale" (FS) or "For Sale or Trade" (FST). Listings that are "For Trade" (FT) only do not require asking price(s) to be included.​
    17. Specify acceptable payment method(s). If Paypal is included do not require buyers to treat as a gift or as "friends and family;" doing so nullifies important Buyer rights and remedies. Do not ask Buyer to add 3.5% to cover Paypal fees; price items so fees are included. Asking Buyer to do either of these is a violation of Paypal's Terms of Service.​
    18. Limit thread "bumps" to once every 24-hours.​
    19. Buyers must publicly post an "I'll take it" in the thread. Use thread, forum private conversation (PC) or email for questions, but thread must evidence item has sold or traded.​
    20. After item(s) has sold, traded, or withdrawn, do not remove or alter pricing or other relevant information included in original listing post.​
    21. Edit thread to indicate when individual items have sold, traded or withdrawn. Once all items are sold, traded or withdrawn, "close-out" the thread by editing title to add "SOLD," "TRADED" or "WITHDRAWN." This gives members notice that thread is no longer active.​

    NOTE: general forum rules also apply to the B/S/T sub-forum. Use the REPORT button to notify staff of violations to general or B/S/T RULES.​


    We don't want that to happen and will try to help you avoid it. Here's the process:
    • Twice-monthly, a 14-Day Advance Notification of Expiring Badge, grouped by 1st-15th and 16-31st expiry dates, will be sent via private conversation (PC) to all badge-holders with approaching expiration.
    • If a supporter badge expires mid-B/S/T listing, staff will post badge-expiration advisory in the thread, and badge-holder has 24-hours in which to renew badge.
    • If badge is not renewed within the 24-hour window, thread will be removed from view and the member notified by private conversation of action taken.
    • The thread will be restored once the member notifies staff of badge renewal.
    The "Fine Print" EDCF is not responsible for the content of B/S/T threads. It is the Buyer's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information posted and evaluate the Seller's trustworthiness. EDCF will not be responsible for the success of transactions. We encourage participants to use the Feedback system. Before taking part in a transaction, check for feedback on the member with whom you'll be dealing. After your transaction is complete, please take the time to leave feedback. Doing so acknowledges members who are reputable and helps future B/S/T participants.

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