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Best way to store headphones/earbuds?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by sbiner, Jun 14, 2009.

    sbiner Loaded Pockets

    Hey there edcf! I was wondering how you guys store your earbuds on the go. I usually stuff mine into my pocket the way it is, because it is fast, and I've heard coiling the cord isn't good for your headphones. So, how do you guys store your headphones? What is the fastest way to store it?

    I recently broke my audio technica headphones because I stored it in that specific way. They were heavy on the bass, clear on the mids, and accurate on the highs. They also had good sound isolation, and it was gold and brown, perfect to match with my red zune. I need to make sure something like that will never happen again! :doh: :sigh:

    wenestvedt Loaded Pockets

    Mine are coiled loosely in a round Altoids tin. Wait, no, now I use a translucent, round container that a roll of 3M electrical tape [in high-viz orange!] was packed in.
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    landwire Loaded Pockets

    When coiling cable of any sort, over simplified, there is a right way and a wrong way. There are far more variations of the wrong way then the right way.

    The gist is that each cable has a natural twist in it. When coiling something, you want to go with the natural twist. The wrong way and variations is going against the natural twist/curl or coiling the cable tightly against an object of sort.

    Now with cables dealing with a signal/power being sent through, it becomes important to do things properly. The general rule is that the smaller the diameter, the more critical it becomes. They are more prone to breaking due to coiling tightly against something. Higher quality cables will also give way and break but takes a little longer. Still no excuse to not doing things right.

    A little side story, in high school, I took a TV occupation class. We spent several days just learning how to properly coil the cables to the cameras and microphone. We couldn't touch the cameras until we could coil the cables correctly. As an added incentive, we was told that if were caught doing doing it wrong , the instructor would flunk us and be immediately dropped from the class. No clue if that was true or not, but no one ever did it wrong afterwards.

    SALT Loaded Pockets

    I usually use a baby soda bottle or a mini eye glass case.

    Has anyone tried these? BUDTRAP

    choubbi Loaded Pockets

    for a pair of expensive custom earbuds I have, I use a Fisher Space Pen Bullet case, it fits the earbuds without taking too much place.

    I also bought cheap auto-retracting cable earbuds at Dealextreme, but the sound of the earbuds is really crappy, I'll try to solder decent headphones on the cable, because this cable management method rocks !

    sbiner Loaded Pockets

    that is some great info, your professor sure was strict. Would you mind telling us how you were instructed to wrap the cables of the cameras and microphones? The same rules might apply to headphones.

    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    I coil mine loosely around three fingers, similarly to the advice below, there will always be one 'natural' direction for the cable to coil, so go with that.
    Three fingers is a pretty arbitrary number, but fits the wee 'pocket' that the headphones came in fine, and keeping them in that stops them getting tangled up in other devices.

    It really pains me to see how most people coil headphones - leaving them plugged in to the ipod or whatever, then coiling them tightly around the device so the cable/jack connection gets pulled tight and ruined, and then they complain when they break and they have to spend another £5 on another set of crap headphones that sound horrible (if you broke them that regularly, you wouldn't want to spend money on a good set either...)
    I will be sticking to the couple of pairs of headphones I use (one set of pocketable in ear headphones and a better pair of headband ones) and taking better care of them :)

    islandson Loaded Pockets

    Here's a simple answer to your problem/question. coil the wires after use, including jack and buds, insert into a plastic medication container-the kind that pharmacists use for medications, and close. simple. easy. the best part, zero cost. i mean, if you are not on meds, then chances are you know someone who is. ask for their old pill container. nuff said.


    Buzzbait Loaded Pockets

    I just stuff my ipod and buds into a CoutyComm watch taco case, and toss the case into my backpack. I can't imagine having to remove the buds from the ipod, store the buds away, and then store the ipod away separately, every time I'm done listening to my ipod. Life is too short to be that anal.

    Brangdon Loaded Pockets

    Currently I have a small lady's purse with two zip pockets. The smaller pocket takes ear-buds and the large takes loose change.

    My current belief is that loose change needs to be stored separate to credit cards because otherwise the coins bunch up and when they overlap the cards it makes the whole wallet take more space than it needs - most of that space being empty. I class ear-buds as coins because they are bulky in a similar way, and not flat. Paper money is flat, like cards. I think my ideal wallet would have two side-by-side sections, one for cards and one for coins.

    My purse approach isn't entirely successful, partly because the coins can make it too heavy. I may have to revert to carrying spare change in a separate shoulder-bag, in which case I'll probably use a smaller pouch for the ear-buds and maybe put some first-aid supplies in there too. It's an on-going search.

    jemhouston Loaded Pockets

    One set of earbuds cane with a nice case. I've also seen a little case you can wrap the earbud cord around. I've also used a 35MM film case to store them. I'd check the travel section of Wally World, Target or drug stores for a small case that you can use.

    nick nitro Loaded Pockets

    I travel a lot....so i went with the pelican case for the ipod. its great, just big. Not a pocket item. Fits nice in the end pocket of my emdom brief case..

    Gorbag Loaded Pockets

    I use my MP3 player alot at work (it helps keep the voices in my head quiet) and I've found that the container from the UtiliKey works great. I can stuff my player in there, and then coil my earbuds over the top of it. I wind up with a very compact and tough little package to stuff into my bag with the rest of my jun...er, gear.

    Mister Scribble Loaded Pockets

    A few years ago I bought some really cheapie earbuds that stored in a clever way. The buds came with a little round plastic case. Inside the case was a round solid wheel with a thumb depression on the top flat side of the circle. The bud and cords could be wound around the round solid wheel and reeled in or out using the thumb depression.

    It's probably a common thing but I had never seen it before.

    jp2515 Loaded Pockets

    When I bought Sony headphones a long time ago, they used to come in that style winding case.

    Zwiebelkeks Empty Pockets


    I use an old credit card that I cut in half to wrap my earbuds and just throw them in my pocket. No tangled cords anymore!

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    I worked in an electronics store (a non-chain, high end store) and we had a huge selection of Sennheiser and Grado phones. Here is what I recommend for earbuds:

    An Altoids tin would work fine, but there are good soft side cases out there--Radio Shack (err...the Shack) has a few zippered cases for memory cards and USB drives that will work well. Caselogic sells them too. Get one of those and FOLD the cord. Do not wrap or coil the cord as it can cause shorts in the line. Notice that all of the higher quality phones come folded and not coiled. One exception to this is the phones that have the standard circular coiling cases, because they are not kinking the cords but rolling them evenly. They are less likely to short. The coiled case is actually the BEST way to store earbuds because even folding them can kink the cord.

    jehan60188 Loaded Pockets

    RockyNomad Loaded Pockets

    This is my method as well. Fits perfectly unless you have one of the larger touch models.

    wenestvedt Loaded Pockets

    I have some clear, 3" or 4" diameter plastic tubs that held 3M High-Viz Yellow electrical tape (which, entirely aside, is awesome stuff), and my earbuds coil up loosely in there. Best of both worlds, I think.