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best pen for writing in a moleskine?

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by Mr_Dove, Dec 14, 2008.

    Mr_Dove Empty Pockets

    I was doing alot of writing in my moleskin for the first time last night. I started out with my current favorite the Zebra G-301. After writing about 1/2 page I realized that it was smearing alot so I switched to one of my G2 pens and wrote about 1/2 page with that one. It seemed to be smearing alot too. Next I wrote one sentence with my Zebra F-701 but the ink isn't dark enough and it doesn't "flow" at all. Lastly I tried my new Sharpie Pen and while the ink isn't as black as the G2 or the G-301 it dries very quickly and gives me a nice, solid line (unlike the F-701).

    Is there another pen that I should be using with my moleskine? How much time should I give the ink to dry? While I love the G301 I've found that its not highlighter friendly at all. Even days later the highlighter will smear the ink all across the page leaving a mess.

    I can't seem to find a perfect pen. I have pretty major complaints about just about every pen I've used.

    STHFNGLD Empty Pockets

    Hmm, thats interesting. I use the Zebra F-701 and F-301 with my Moleskine and it works perfectly. Smooth sailin... :D. However, I have also had good experiences with the Parker Jotter (Smooth, bold, dark lines that will never smear) Fisher Bullet Pen, and the Uniball Vision (which might smear more than the former two because of it's liquid ink, but nevertheless an outstandingly smooth pen). Although I barely use it, pencil works well. The only time I use pencil, though, is for sketches.

    Mr. Henk Empty Pockets

    Honestly, it doesn't matter even a bit. I'll bet the bic's will work just as well as Caran D'aches gold tipped fountain pens. It probally has more to do with your writing style than the pens you use. I use a Lamy studio most of the time, and sometimes a Parker sonnet which both write like a charm.

    XeroTheHero Loaded Pockets

    Having just picked up a Fisher bullet pen yesterday and using it to write, I would recommend one of those. They carry a $20 price tag, but they'll write on practically anything, and its the smoothest pen I've ever used.

    Crocodilo Empty Pockets

    The Fisher bullet space pen is the ultimate companion to a Moleskine pocketbook.

    Towanda Loaded Pockets

    This week, I discovered the Uni-Ball Signo 207. It's a gel pen, but writes much more smoothly than a Pilot G2 and the Signo ink is formulated to withstand most check-washing solvents. I like it much better than the G2. It's good for writing in a Moleskine or Piccadilly notebook, but lefties may encounter smearing problems.
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    r-ice Loaded Pockets

    the valiant lol... uniball power tank!

    choubbi Loaded Pockets

    If you like gel pens, I recommend this one too.

    If you want a great writing experience, get a fine pointed Pelikan M200 from Richard Binder (he tunes the nib to his personal standards, higher than Pelikan's) or a Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point.

    JB in SC Loaded Pockets

    In a ball point, the Rotring medium writes as well as anything I've tried. Some of the fine points drag too much for my tastes.

    yoyosma Loaded Pockets

    I'm with Choubbi and Towanda on the Uniball Signo micro 207. O0 The .5mm fine point does very well in moleskine.

    I'll use a pilot G2 but only the 05 finer point model. The 07 G2s smear.

    Charlotte Empty Pockets

    Pilot G-Tec C4 for me. Ideal for writing in my Moleskine.

    It's got to the stage where I really don't like any other disposable pen. The line it draws is really thin, but it' still so black that if you write fairly large, it's perfectly legible. It's also really comfortable to write with and not so expensive that you can't leave them lying about all over the place.

    wenestvedt Loaded Pockets

    Crocodilio, as much as I like my Space Pen -- and I keep it on me all day, every day! -- I find that it has a tendency to spit blotches of ink on my Moleskin pages. :7(
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    This pen looks very interesting. I usually like a bold heavy line, but occasionally I need to hand letter notes onto drawings or draw in fine lines. Where is a good place to pick this pen up?
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    I really like the idea of a Sharpie pen. Is the tip felt tip, roller ball, ball point, or something else?

    Mr_Dove Empty Pockets

    It doesn't feel like felt but its definitely no kind of ball. It feels like some sort of plastic or polymer type tip. I bought mine at Sprawl-Mart. I believe they come in black, blue and red although I've only seen black so far.

    Charlotte Empty Pockets

    The place I linked to is where I buy mine. But that's in the UK.

    storl Loaded Pockets

    +1 on the Space Pen. That's what I use to write in my Moleskines. I write fast, cramped, and sloppily, and never have problems with smearing or smudging. OK, my handwriting looks like smears and smudges, but that's not the pen's fault. :)

    PenRx Loaded Pockets

    Space pens rock, I do need to find mine again though. I pretty much use fountian pens exclusively, but when at work and need to go on the floor (metal fab shop, tons of welding, plasma cutters, laser cutters etc) I use a G2 Pilot. For a leftie it writes very smoothly and does not smear at all for me.

    I do find that moleskine paper bleeds and feathers badly with most fountain pens that I use though. The only ones which dont bleed really badly are fine nibbed pens with unsaturated inks.


    Crocodilo Empty Pockets

    Quite true. It is hard to find a suitable nib/ink combinations that works on the Moleskine paper.

    tm3 Loaded Pockets

    keep in mind that there is quite a bit of variation in the moleskine paper, so one pen may do great in a particular moleskine and really blow in another.

    i've had good results in my two moleskines with just about everything that i've tried, but so far this is my favorite: