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Best inexpensive EDC pliers

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by bryan123, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. bryan123

    bryan123 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 15, 2016
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    Here's what's available for EDC pocket-sized pliers as far as I could find:

    Knipex Cobras XS 4" and 125 5"
    Channellock 424 4.5"
    Crescent RT24 4.5"
    Irwin Vice Grip 5"

    The Knipex models are more expensive but remember that they should last freakin' forever because the heat treat is best in industry. You'd probably save money in the long run.
    I don't usually use the term "heirloom quality" to describe pliers but it seems to fit with the Cobras.

    The real question is which pliers would take second place? Anyone have any experience with the Knipex alternatives? BTW I own the Knipex XS and 125.

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  2. Reidar Chr. L. Guttormsen

    Reidar Chr. L. Guttormsen Loaded Pockets

    Jun 6, 2015
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    I have recently purchased the Knipex Cobras XS 4" and I was surprised how good they are. Excellent build quality. Only other pliers in the same size I can think of is the pliers that come with some small multitools. Both Leatherman Style PS and Leatherman Squirt PS4 are good for small tasks

    from my S-A-M-S-U-N-G S9+ via T-A-P-A-T-A-L-K
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  3. earthman

    earthman EDC Junkie!!!

    Jan 12, 2014
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    I've never really considered those to be pliers to be honest, more like grips.
    My Swisstool contains a great pair of pliers, not cheap though but the whole tool is worth it.
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  4. ghbrumbaugh

    ghbrumbaugh Loaded Pockets

    Oct 30, 2007
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    After loosing my fair share of items over the years, I don't carry anything in my EDC that's not replaceable. All my Knipex and Wera stay at home. For small pliers and cutters I really like King TTC, Japanese made, great quality, low cost $10-$15 for most items.
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  5. EZDog

    EZDog EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Dec 3, 2012
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    So here are some tiny Crescent Pliers next to the 125 Knipex and as you can see they look like little toy pliers really overall.
    They actually work OK and are probably easier to carry in the end but.......
    Also here is a 4" Wrench or "Spanner" as some might call it and a 4" pair of Dikes or Side Cutting Pliers.

    I can easily carry all of these in the biggest Skinth Magnum along with an HDS Flashlight,Giant MT ,a seperate small ratchet,a smallish 1/4" drive bit holder and extension and other stuff!

    The Knipex is just the way to go if you can only carry 1 and want it to be the best and they are not that expensive in the long run to me for what you get.



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  6. parnass

    parnass Loaded Pockets

    Mar 29, 2006
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    The top 3 pliers in the photo are made by Knipex and are high quality. They are a Pliers Wrench, Cobra, and Combination. The Combination pliers contains a good wire cutter.

    Below that is a red grip Chinese Crescent which is mediocre quality. The 2 pliers with light blue handle grips are Channellock. The bare chrome ignition style pliers are Proto 331. The handles are slippery, but you can buy these with plastic grips, too.

    The slip joint pliers with the blue/red grips are made in USA by a little known company named ProAmerica, model 7005, and can be used to cut some small wire. My Channellock slip joint pliers (2 pairs) don't want to cut wire.
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  7. Lateck

    Lateck Loaded Pockets

    Jan 31, 2011
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    My Knipex Cobra XS (4") ride in my pocket all the time. To me, the 4" (100mm) size is what matters. I do also carry a 3" Small Adjustable Wrench - Titanium, in my other pocket.
    I have not looked at any of the other tools mentioned. But, will now :bundle-of-joy_throwvertical: