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Best Benchmade knife

Discussion in 'Knives' started by benlg, Apr 12, 2010.

    Lord Bear Loaded Pockets

    Also they didn't charge a dime. Not even for shipping it back to me.

    LilTakkun Empty Pockets

    I have the 580 Barrage. It has the axis lock and an axis-assist opening. What more could you want in a knife? Except maybe an auto, but in most places you can't really edc those.

    Valerian Tea-powered admin

    The only Benchmade that I've ever liked is the Morpho. But that one I really like, it's very nice.

    somber Banned

    Doug Ritter M4 Mini

    Chains Empty Pockets

    The 630 is the only BM I own.Sweet knife.

    *jijoel* Loaded Pockets

    SERE Loaded Pockets

    I am so amazed that BM took this one out of production and discontinued the 610 Rukus.
    But I am very glad I've got mine ;-) I also own a 760bk LFTi, but you can't compare those two.

    I like the size (10.12”) and the smoothness of opening and closing of the 610.
    The S30V blade has a good looking Pewter finish and the handle nice Micarta and G10 scales.
    All this in combination with the design makes it HQ knife and my nr.1 Benchmade.


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    carrot Loaded Pockets

    Spyderco fans know their designers too: Walker, Schempp, Terzuola, Breeden, Jot Singh, Dialex, CLB, Janich and most commonly, Sal and Eric Glesser.

    surefire7 Loaded Pockets

    Just recently acquired the Barrage and really like it, however the mini-Grip is hard to beat.

    SF1 Banned

    I also have the original pre production model of the Benchmade McHenry & Williams 710 Axis lock with aluminum handles. Anyone else have one of these?

    thistle5 Loaded Pockets

    I'm pretty much Spyderco all the way, too. The one & only Benchmade I have is a mini-grip, it's purple (& that's why I got it, but it's a nice knife).

    benlg Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for all the suggestions, looks like its going to be the Benchmade 940 for me. The 710 looks nice as well but blade is a bit large, under 3.5" is what Im going for and perfect size for me.