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Best Benchmade knife

Discussion in 'Knives' started by benlg, Apr 12, 2010.

    benlg Loaded Pockets

    What do you guys think is the best or is your favorite Benchmade folder? Looking to pick up my first one. Im more of a Spyderco guy and my favorites are the Paramilitary and Caly 3 (for reference). Any input would be appreciated.

    ethernectar Empty Pockets

    Osborne 940 for more casual wear and the Presidio 520 for more heavy duty stuff. Or the Griptillian for the price-conscious. Right now carrying one of the new "Bone Collector" series. While I think the name is a little over the top, the knife is a pleasure to carry and use. Find a dealer near you that carries a good selection and see what fits.

    RockyNomad Loaded Pockets

    I started with the Griptilian and love the knife. I carry it the most out of my knives although right now I'm carrying a recently purchased G-10

    zenpolock Empty Pockets

    I have a Griptilian, 530 pardue, and a 913sbkd2. all of them are great, and i carry at least one every day - the griptilian makes its way into my pocket most often.

    Buckles Loaded Pockets

    my favorite benchmade that i own is my 100SH2O. The combination of the X15 steel and g10 scales is awesome.

    p99fan Empty Pockets

    I've carried a mini-grip (plain drop point & thumb stud) for years, and still love it. Mel Pardue makes a great knife.

    Dohboy Loaded Pockets

    Benchmade 940 it's a lot of knife in a compact package.

    SF1 Banned

    An AFCK of Mini AFCK from the mid 90s. Very well made, really...just as good as customs as far as fit and finish. Super smooth action, great lock-up. Fantastic knives. I have both, and carried the mini for a couple of years, daily.

    coop1957 Empty Pockets

    Benchmade Mini Griptillian 555 Sheepsfoot blade shape. Cuts like a nuclear powered light saber but not as heavy.

    Cobra 6 Actual Loaded Pockets

    Used a Benchmade 910 for over a decade (I think this is now called the "Stryker"): 3.7" tanto D2 blade with G10 scales. The black oxide coating is a little worn, but otherwise this knife is still going strong. Before my recent retirement I even cut a few birthday cakes at the office (Nope, no one had a knife there but me ... now that I'm gone they probably use a wooden ruler to cut a cake ... scary.). I still use it almost daily while doing chores.

    RoadLessTraveled Loaded Pockets

    Benchmade McHenry & Williams 710 but I have to say that the BM Heckler & Koch 14205 is growing on me.

    I expect an Axis-lock knife to close easily but I have been carrying the 14205 for a couple days and I am constantly amazed at how easily it opens with either hand. [It has never opened by accident or while in my pocket]

    Chocula Loaded Pockets

    I am pretty happy with my BM 530 for edc and a 14205 variant (thick green g10 handles) for fun. I also have a Boker exskelibur to round out my little collection of light/medium/heavy knives.
    To be honest, the 530 does not have the most useful blade shape (a spear point) but it looks nice and is super thin and light. the 14205 is a bit excessive for edc but again I like how it looks and functions.

    if you want to get a 530, check gpknives.com. As far as I know, they have the lowest price for a new one. In my opinion the knife is not worth the usual $70-85 you will find in most stores.

    Lord Bear Loaded Pockets

    Fixed blade...210 Activator. Folder...3100 Auto Benchmite.

    buckshot Loaded Pockets

    I dont know if I can choose just one favorite. I have a 710 and I love it, it goes and and out of my EDC rotation fairly often. I have 3 Griptilians and I love them too, light, durable, and very comfortable to use. I also like the 940, I regret the day I sold mine, and I have an old AFCK which and an 806D2 both which I like and carry on occasion too.

    carrot Loaded Pockets

    More of a Spyderco fan here too.

    I have tried out a LOT of Benchmades, never found any I was 100% satisfied with. Closest was the 530 (thumbstuds too hard to use when wet), then Mini Griptilian (handle slightly too small), then Griptilian (hollow handle offers awkward balance).

    Personally, not a fan of the 710. Handles are awkwardly shaped for me, slippery and overall knife is way too bulky to EDC. Similar issues with Rukus.

    Still looking for a Benchmade that will suit me. 940 Osborne, Nimravus and Morpho are probably next up on the list to try out.

    Lord Bear Loaded Pockets

    If 710 was slippery Nimravus will be too. Maybe different now but Benchmade's G10 handles were always on the slippery side. Rukus due to handle design wasn't a problem for what I do and is a keeper. 940 Osborne I highly recommend. Cannot speak to Balisongs. (Never used em) Agree that no Benchmade ever came to perfectly suit. Except 940. Came REALLY, really close. Only folder EVER where I didn't worry about the tip. Even when sharpening.

    carrot Loaded Pockets

    Nimravus has a deep finger groove and looks like more aggressive jimping so I'm hoping that helps. The new ones use machined aluminum handles, which seems like a nice change of pace for me. Got my fingers crossed on that one because I am in love with the design. Unfortunately a lot of Benchmades broke my heart when I actually handled them, loved the design, but execution was wrong. A few examples being the Skirmish, Deja-Voo, LFTi, 710, Rukus, Rant Bowie (the original Red Class model).

    Did like the 480 and the 210, but too small for my tastes.

    Lord Bear Loaded Pockets

    Right right, the later Nimravus's had much deeper choils and the Presidio style alum handles. (Have Presidio Auto and the handle WILL NOT LEAVE your hand unless you let it!) Probably a much better design than my 1st generation Nimravus and Cub. Both had M2 tool steel. Most excellent. But slippery.

    swpatter Loaded Pockets

    My EDc is a Benchmade Osborne 960 , Love the knife, and the company with their lifetime sharpening program, and warranty. I refer to Nutnfancys review as the source for my decision.

    Lord Bear Loaded Pockets

    Noticed something. Benchmade fans seem to know their designers. Hm..
    Their cust svc is also topnotch. 10+ yrs ago I sent in a folder I'd *cough* dsmbld *clears throat*.
    Alright alright I confess! I'd Disassembled it. I callled and they said send it back. Then they sent it back. No questions asked.